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Windows Live Messenger 2009 RC released, ready for download

Sunday, 21 Dec. '0857 comments3.9

A new Release Candidate (RC) for Windows Live Messenger 2009 has been officially released and can now be downloaded from the Windows Live Essential site.

Windows Live Messenger 2009

This release has the version number 14.0.8050.1202 and the BETA tag has been dropped. While there are many changes since the last public BETA release, most of these are bug fixes and no major new features have been added.

Download the Live Messenger 2009 RC

You can download the newest version directly from the Windows Live Essential website. Downloading and installing it is a short and simple process.

A quick note for those of you with a slow Internet connection: While the Windows Live Installer is approximately 1.1MB in size, it downloaded a further 30MB worth of data during the course of the installation.

At the end of the installation, you will also be asked to set your default search engine to Live Search and set MSN as your homepage. You will also receive a prompt to create anew Windows Live ID, in case you do not already have one or wish to create a new one.

WLM 2009 overview

Changes and new features

As is seemingly customary with every WLM release, the user interface has been redesigned yet again. Pop-up toasts have also been redesigned and now have a cool transparency effect, the IM window has also been changed. This time the sign-in screen layout has also been changed, and a new Messenger application icon has been introduced. There are also new icons in the UI and for the tray area. The new contact notification dialog has also been changed, and is much more clear to use and navigate.

Those of you who enjoy using emoticons will be glad to know that the extremely annoying custom emoticon bug has now been fixed, all of your emoticons and smileys are now displayed correctly as you type them in your messages. This new build also includes over 20 brand new animated display pictures and status icons that you can use.

Unfortunately the signature sounds feature that allowed you to set your own custom sign-in sound has been removed. This is most likely due to the fact that annoying or offensive sounds could be chosen by some users to abuse the feature, it was a novel idea while it lasted. You can still assign sounds to your contacts, but they will only play locally on your computer.

Other changes include:

  • You can now save shared photos
  • Contact status (such as Online, Away, Busy, etc.) is no longer shown by default
  • Many new contact list layout options
  • What's new list now shown in IM windows
  • Over 200 bug fixes since the last BETA version
  • Update to Windows 7 jumplists
  • Windows Live SkyDrive replaces the old Sharing Folders feature
  • built-in polygamy (multi msn), not confirmed yet
  • and many more small changes

Microsoft has been putting a lot of effort into the Windows Live Messenger product, which has come a long way since dropping the MSN Messenger name. We hope that they continue to make positive changes and improvements to WLM as we approach the final public release of the client, expected in February 2009.


User comments

tomsimm said:13 Nov '11

cant get my web cam on messenger

popolita said:29 Jun '11

i love ayuu aesta wak is are is moder

Anonymous said:24 Jan '09

I would like it better if it WOULD STOP SIGNING OUT EVERY 2 F**KING MINUTES

Anonymous replied:26 Feb '09

calm down and dont swear could be little kids

emma replied:25 Jun '11

like me i am a little kid i am 30

brian said:08 May '11

can someone help i have msn and wen u click to chat to a friend msn shuts down how can i fix it

Anonymous said:29 Mar '11

I love the facebook chat integration with messenger.

Anonymous said:26 Mar '11

windows live mensenger

kk said:09 Mar '11

msn it the best i wish i had it on my mobile

scorpio said:19 Feb '11

who ever is at Microsoft creating these programs for MSN Live or Windows Live etc. needs to go back to computer school or wherever they came from because they are creating more problems for people than what they are worth -- they should be fired and their little ass kicked out the door!!!

jeanne said:20 Nov '10

msn window live messenger 2010 free download open

Anonymous said:05 Oct '10

i love it.

maria said:02 Oct '10

i want to download the 2009 one and it always says there was an error for installing the toolbar

hajimoto said:27 Sep '10

i want the new messenger!!!

Anonymous said:18 Jan '10

ya ok but i still not seeing the multi-msn:@

ambot said:18 Jan '10

i cant use my old version in my laptop!!!!!!!!!!!

ambot said:18 Jan '10

its a big problem for the newest version for me.

Anonymous said:08 Jan '10

how do i get it ???????????????

Anonymous said:26 Oct '09

can i downloade this if i have .NET???????????

jb said:23 Oct '09

it wont let me do it

Anonymous said:18 Aug '09

good it .............

sumaya said:11 Jul '09

i realy like itss fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:05 Jul '09

The new messenger is good i thiink. Realli helpful and i love the colour in the name. Changed liife on msn better :)

HEROOOOO said:21 Jun '09


max said:30 May '09


roy said:13 May '09

i love you two day more than tomorow !!!

Anonymous said:05 May '09

you changed my msn live messanger and i want to know why i cant get on messanger to chat i will go to a different enternet if this is not fixed

Anonymous said:22 Apr '09

very beautiful hahahaha!

kire gvg said:17 Apr '09

treba da senapravi po dobro zosto nekoj nemozeda se snajde kade sto pisuva za dase istalire ne biva toe od mene

kire gvg

Anonymous said:15 Apr '09

i want to downloud msn

Zainab said:13 Apr '09

sorryi have no idea about it

Anonymous said:13 Apr '09

its fantastic but i think its a bit tooooo much

u will never no XP said:03 Apr '09

The latest version i guess still ok lah

snowangel said:01 Apr '09

at top of this web page

snowangel said:01 Apr '09

go here to download it Visit the Windows Live Essentials website and download the installer

snowangel said:01 Apr '09

forgot to mention th im having trouble with my web cam ever time i connect with my daughter in MS. it flickers all the time and the picture on hers disappers to and have to click out and click back in and ok each other all over any suggestion

snowangel said:01 Apr '09

i love the windows messenger 9 but it would be nice if they had and uninstall in the package with it but if im not misstaking it is listed in the control panel as Windows Live Essential that is the uninstall for all of you

Anonymous said:19 Mar '09

hiya i don't no where to download it.

Anonymous said:18 Mar '09

ill see then ill judge

Anonymous said:09 Mar '09

i love the new version it is awsome and stop swearing there could be kids!!!!

Anonymous said:08 Mar '09

why i cant download windows live messenger?

tony said:01 Mar '09

it is greater,but i cant send my camera and ricive camera with this new messenger.

vannie said:01 Mar '09

having problems downloading

jade said:28 Feb '09

how du u fxxkin sign in

Anonymous said:25 Feb '09

2 many problems wiff it

Anonymous said:20 Feb '09

I love this version latest version

Anonymous said:18 Feb '09

It won't install for me. I am running Windows 7

yazmin0708 said:18 Feb '09

i love the new version

Anonymous said:10 Feb '09

is it colloured like msn live plus

Anonymous said:17 Jan '09

Where is the multi msn?!!!!!!

Anonymous said:16 Jan '09

This messenger is just superb.

sexmachineforchristy said:13 Jan '09

still 1 big bug and that keeps falling out:@

Anonymous said:11 Jan '09

the new wlm is wonderful. it is sad that they removed the sig-sounds, but I hope they'll return someday, somehow :)

WLM2009 is cool and I would rate it 9/10

Quince said:11 Jan '09

i want the signature sounds back, i had calabria as my sign in sound. My friends said It sounded like a party was starting everytime i came online lol i wish they would bring that back :(

Hilary duff :) said:02 Jan '09

I love it but how do you get it

YoBrogtg said:02 Jan '09


YoBrogtg said:02 Jan '09

Post a Comment Bro Yo

Anonymous said:01 Jan '09

its good!! i like it.

Anonymous said:22 Dec '08

I don't like the new interface layout much.

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