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WLM 2010 coming soon

Windows Live Messenger 2010 download coming, leaked screenshots

Wednesday, 27 Jan46 comments

It's been been close to a year since the current version of Windows Live Messenger 2009 was released and a new 2010 version will be arriving very shortly.

Messenger 2010 logo
Visit the WLM 2010 page

Download Windows Live Messenger 2009

Windows Live Messenger 2009 RC released, ready for download

Sunday, 21 Dec60 comments

A new Release Candidate (RC) for Windows Live Messenger 2009 has been officially released and can now be downloaded from the Windows Live Essential site.

Windows Live Messenger 2009

Download Live Messenger 2009

Windows Live Messenger 2009 leaked, download the WLM BETA

Thursday, 28 Aug57 comments

A newer version of the Windows Live Messenger 2009 BETA has been leaked on to the Internet. This latest version carries the build number 14.03921.717 and has a slew of new features and changes since the first version of WLM 9 was leaked.

Live Messenger logo

Free Olympic winks featuring you!

Free Beijing 2008 Olympics winks for MSN / Live Messenger

Sunday, 10 Aug7 comments

With the 2008 Beijing Olympics off to a spectacular start, it's time to break out the free goodies for MSN and Live Messenger. We kick things off with a collection of 8 free winks from Microsoft. These aren't just ordinary winks, but customizable photo winks where you can add your own picture to an Olympic athlete's body.

Winks for the Olympic games 2008

Live Messenger 9 BETA to close

Windows Live Messenger BETA closing this month, Download WLM 9.0

Saturday, 07 Jun12 comments

Since the Windows Live Messenger 9 BETA was leaked last month, there has been no word from Microsoft. An email was sent out to official BETA testers this past week, letting them know that the BETA program will be closing by the end of this month.

Chat and donate to your cause

i'm charity update, get the hidden i'm emoticon in Messenger

Saturday, 05 Apr11 comments

As March 2008 came to a close, here is an update marking the first anniversary of the i'm charity initiative. It was last March when Microsoft launched the i'm initiative using a special hidden emoticon, and it is progressing very well.

According to the official website, $854,397.63 has been raised for charity so far. This comes down to a monthly average of $71,200 being given away to charity thanks to the i'm emoticon initiative. This is a significant donation on Microsoft's part and the trend will hopefully continue, with donations reaching the million dollar mark in the upcoming months.

Are you making a difference? Every conversation counts!

Windows Live Messenger 8.5 Update

Forced Messenger 8 upgrade coming, download Live Messenger 8.5

Saturday, 23 Feb39 comments

The official Messenger blog reports that users of Messenger 8 running either Windows XP or Vista will soon be asked to upgrade to Live Messenger 8.5, the latest public version of Messenger.

Download Windows Live Messenger 9.0

Windows Live Messenger 9.0 BETA still active, download Live Messenger 9

Sunday, 03 Feb204 comments

The BETA version of Windows Live Messenger 9.0 (which was leaked last November) is still active and being widely used by a large number of users. In this article we discuss the big new features and you can grab the download link for Messenger 9.

MSN Messenger News

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Windows Live Messenger (often WLM, fka MSN Messenger) is one of the most frequently updated IM clients available today, with its feature list growing larger with each new version released. Historically, released are made several times a year and fresh features are added in each new version of Messenger. some of the new functions included Winks and Animated Emoticons introduced in MSN Messenger 7, Voice Clips in version 7.5, Shared Folders and a new name in Live Messenger 8.0, and lots more exciting stuff in the latest Windows Live Messenger 9.0!

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