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i'm charity update, get the hidden i'm emoticon in Messenger

Saturday, 5 Apr. '0811 comments5

As March 2008 came to a close, here is an update marking the first anniversary of the i'm charity initiative. It was last March when Microsoft launched the i'm initiative using a special hidden emoticon, and it is progressing very well.

According to the official website, $854,397.63 has been raised for charity so far. This comes down to a monthly average of $71,200 being given away to charity thanks to the i'm emoticon initiative. This is a significant donation on Microsoft's part and the trend will hopefully continue, with donations reaching the million dollar mark in the upcoming months.

Are you making a difference? Every conversation counts!

How can I help?

All you have to do is place one of the charity codes below into your Messenger display name and a donation will be made on your behalf everytime you start a conversation. Here are the emoticon codes:

*red+u		American Red Cross
*bgca		Boys & Girls Clubs of America
*naf		National AIDS Fund
*hsus		The Humane Society of the United States
*mssoc		National Multiple Sclerosis Society
*sierra		Sierra Club
*unicef		UNICEF
*komen		Susan G. Komen for the Cure

The i'm emoticon doesn't appear in the main emoticon list, so it is technically considered to be a hidden emoticon. The emoticon works in normal conversations and also in your personal message, but remember that it needs to be in your screen name for your donation to count. Join in and help your favorite cause, this little green and blue emoticon can make a difference.

Please note that you need Windows Live Messenger 8.1 or newer to participate. This also means that users of earlier versions of Messenger (eg MSN Messenger) will not see the emoticon if you send it to them. They can receive custom MSN emoticons, so try adding it and sending it that way.

Spread the word!

You can also help out by spreading the word and letting more people know about the program.

Microsoft provides several ready made banners and a web application to make your own customized banner. Check them out on the spread the word section of the i'm website.


User comments

Anonymous said:10 May '10

This is so interesting!Its very nice too!!

The Real McCoy said:05 May '10

The charity initiative has now concluded.

Anonymous said:11 Oct '09

Can you put multiple ones in?

Anonymous said:02 Sep '09

this is good. please help! and it shows and cute I'm before your name

Anonymous said:26 Jul '09

3LLoOo its Soniaa =D

Sarah said:21 Jul '09

thankyou!! u really help us

deejay-styn said:20 Feb '09

hey, is there ANY way that i can insert an emoticon into my person message screen, or in my display name screen? any help wud be great :-D

nassima said:15 Jan '09

Hi every one, how can I put the i'm emoticon in personal message in msn? thanks

Anonymous said:28 Dec '08

how do you get the i'm emoticon?

Anonymous said:21 Jun '08

Let's hope most people ignore the "stop global warming" charity, since more and more atmospheric scientists are no longer afraid to speak out (at the threat of losing their funding) about the fact that global warming is one big sham courtesy of the UN and their spokesboy, hypocrite Al Gore, whose carbon footprint increased by 10% in 2007. Follow the money.

Could we also add some less ummm, liberal causes, say maybe Veterans associations, food pantries, shelters, the Boy & Girl Scouts? There are a few choices on your existing lists for us non-liberals, but it could be better.

Anonymous said:12 Jun '08

too many people put the i'm emoticon in their personal message instead of their display name. I think you should explain the difference... unless it's also ok to do so...

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