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live messenger 9 beta to close

Windows Live Messenger BETA closing this month, Download WLM 9.0

Saturday, 7 Jun. '0812 comments4.42

Since the Windows Live Messenger 9 BETA was leaked last month, there has been no word from Microsoft. An email was sent out to official BETA testers this past week, letting them know that the BETA program will be closing by the end of this month.

Download still available

The good news is that users who are already using Messenger 9.0 will be able to continue using it after the Windows Live Messenger BETA closes on Saturday, the 24th of June. However, it will no longer be available to download after this closure. So if you haven't already downloaded Windows Live Messenger 9.0, it might be a good idea to do it now. After downloading the installer, you may keep it for future installations on your computers.

Another BETA starting soon

The email also states that over 1000 suggestions and bugs have been reported, and the Messenger team will be looking at them and making changes over the coming months. Another Live Messenger 9 BETA will be coming up later this year, with the final version most likely being released to the public in late 2008 or early 2009.

There is no telling what Microsoft has in store for the next BETA, but we hope that most of the cool new features such as animated display pictures remain in the latest version of Windows Live Messenger.

Regardless of changes made to the next BETA version, WLM 9.0 looks to be the biggest and best release of the client yet. With all of its new features, it may even be enough to convert the die-hard MSN Messenger 7 users who have not updated to Live Messenger 8.


User comments

nitty said:07 Oct '09

how do i download the msn 8.0

anoyed said:17 May '09

how do i DOWNLOAD this MESSENGER!!!

Anonymous said:21 Apr '09

nice msn....very good new version is very good;)

shannon said:24 Jan '09

same her,and how do you the download to work

Anonymous said:11 Dec '08

hello i needa messenger to chat with my friends i dont have 1. so i will thanks fulll of you . there is nothing more . please just give it please

Anonymous said:11 Dec '08

i need a messenger to chat my friend

Anonymous said:05 Aug '08

nemate si pamet mamu vam jebem jaaaa!!!!!xDD POZZZ by jebac

Anonymous said:28 Jul '08

merci, you did your best, so many thanks.

Anonymous said:24 Jul '08

damn msn, i can't download it :S

Anonymous said:21 Jul '08

nice msn... i have fun when i chat on this version of it

Anonymous said:20 Jun '08

Is it closing this 2008?

Anonymous said:18 Jun '08

very good, but where is the latest beta version?

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