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Animated Display Pictures added in Live Messenger 9.0

Wednesday, 6 Feb. '0835 comments3.8

The new Windows Live Messenger 9.0 finally added support for animated display pictures by supporting the use of GIF animations! Check out these examples:

Animated display picture of Quagmire from Family Guy Animation of Homer Simpson choking Bart

Ever since Microsoft added "Display Pictures" to MSN Messenger back in 2003, users have been asking (or begging, in some cases) for the ability to use animated GIF images as their Display Pics. Some 5 years later, this wish has finally been granted - the new Messenger 9.0 allows animated display pics! Until now you could only download animated Flash avatars for Messenger through the few websites that are providing them (like Kiwee), but you couldn't use your own local GIF files as your avatar.

Messenger provides some default sample animated avatars, but they're not exactly very exciting. This is not a problem as you can select any picture that you please. Sherv.NET has always been a primary source of display Pictures and Avatars since the early days of Messenger, and you can now get all the free animated display pictures you need right here as well!

The features works very well with the GIF files animating smoothly in the IM window (you avatar does animate in the contact card as well). While this is a very noble feature, it could very easily become irritating to look at the annoying, seizure-inducing or nasty animations set by your contacts. Luckily, you can always hide their display picture from the chat window.

Also note that only users with Live Messenger 9.0 or newer will be able to see your animated pictures. MSN Messenger users can not see display pictures featuring an animation and will instead see a standard static picture. The avatar file size limit is around 200KB, and there doesn't seem to be a limit on the overall length of the animation. The maximum dimensions of a display image are still 96x96 pixels.


User comments

Anonymous said:25 Feb '11

i really find these animated pics very cool

Sara said:12 Dec '10

Iam searchin for moving display picss ! dunno how it got me here :/

Jenny replied:15 Dec '10

Yea me either!! is that tooo hard to find Moving pics i tried serchin but i couldnt find wat i wwwwanttt!

Anonymous replied:20 Jan '11

same here all i wanted was a moving avatar for my profile pic and on random searches i got my self in this!

cassandere said:12 Jan '11

good day every one!!

Anonymous said:16 Dec '10

cool but could not find any moving ones!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:01 Jan '09

i thought it worked on msn 8.0 too!

Anonymous replied:30 Mar '09


noongaaa replied:21 Sep '10

ROFLMAOPMP fits better :D

55500009993 said:29 Aug '10

that's cool!

Anonymous said:26 Jul '08

Don't understand how to use them, when I add a .gif then I just see the 1st frame in my WLM 9 :S

Anonymous replied:29 Dec '09

i got just the same thing

Anonymous replied:11 Aug '10

Same, it doesnt work

Anonymous said:14 Apr '10

where do we get the moving display pics from?? and if we want to make them how do we do tht??

Anonymous said:16 Feb '10

very cool!!!

Chrissy said:29 Jan '10

Had issues of the animation being stuck on frame 1 too >_>

Anonymous said:11 Jan '10

first save them as a picture, then go into msn and right click your name, then change display picture and browse... look for where you saved it and select it.

Lufos said:22 Dec '09

Where can i get some?

adel said:10 Dec '09

i like custard creams

A Dude replied:20 Dec '09

Same here :)

JERIEME BALLEZA said:22 Sep '09

GAGa ang nag work and law'ai pa hahahahahaha kadrei kamo

JERIEME BALLEZA said:22 Sep '09


Ryan said:09 Sep '09

Ugh, my friend cant see it moving but I can...

The A replied:21 Sep '09

thatmean that she doesn't have the new messenger

Anonymous said:25 Jun '09

this is so kewl tnx:)

Jellybean said:24 Apr '08

HEY, this site is awesome... I only have one bad thing to say... NOT ENOUGH 'FAMILY GUY' AND 'THE SIMPSONS' EMOTICONS!!!! LOL but no really, you should consider getting some more of those, they're really popular!

★ replied:09 Jun '09

.............. >_> ERICA?!

Anonymous replied:11 Jun '09

lol. Jellybean's an idiot

RD said:19 Apr '09

I want the normal pictures from msn 9.0.

Like the green MSN figure in the suit.

promugen said:18 Apr '09

apparently there's a frame limit when making your animated gifs... a 94.7kb, 20 frame 96x96 gif I've made doesn't run smoothly at all... so much so there's almost no point to using it. Disappointed.

Anonymous said:07 Apr '09

It's an interesting feature, but it's almost ten years late in being implemented. What i want to know is, how do i move the user images back to the right side (as with all the previous versions and virtually every other IM app)?

mellie said:13 Jan '09

I think the new feature is wonderful! however, does anyone know how the animated webcam display picture I have made can be saved onto the computer or accessed through a windows live messenger file in program files? please contact me

Anonymous said:27 Nov '08

Very nice & useful for all occasions & different & makes messenger more & more enjoyable

Anonymous said:29 Oct '08

Cool for I love the new gif icons feature, downloading live msn 9 is worth it just for the new animated DPs!

pam said:05 Aug '08

very cool type of funny gif icons to put in my messenger.

UMM YEA said:28 Jul '08

lol i have the same problem, why is it stuck on only one pic? IM SAD :(
please post something, i want the homer chokes bart one XD

jimmy-goat said:17 May '08

thanks, I needed a new animated display picture for my WLM 9, love them so much

abdullah said:07 May '08

so nice i like it a lot, please give us more animated display pictures, bye.

sadd said:16 Mar '08

thank you very nice we need more

adel said:16 Mar '08

I love the new gif icons feature

adel said:16 Mar '08

thank you it's very nice

Pete said:04 Mar '08

Amazing, thanks for the tip!

odair_silva75@hotmai said:29 Feb '08

oi bem voce muito feliz

n0ne said:16 Feb '08

I dont understand how to ise them, when i add an .gif i just see the 1st frame in my WLM9 :S

rts said:08 Feb '08

I love the new gif icons feature, downloading live msn 9 is worth it just for the new animated DPs!

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