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Make your own AIM buddy icon

Buddy Icon Maker, Make your own buddy icons for AIM!

Wednesday, 02 Jul76 comments

Our online Icon Maker now supports the creation of AIM Buddy Icons!

Make AIM icons!
Go make an AIM buddy icon!

Free GTA icons and pictures

GTA IV Display Pictures, Icons and Emoticons from Grand Theft Auto 4

Friday, 25 Apr19 comments

As one of the most anticipated games ever made is almost ready to hit the streets over the next few days, we've prepared a new set of Display Pictures and Icons to celebrate the release of GTA IV, go check 'em out!


Animated Display Pics available

Animated Display Pictures added in Live Messenger 9.0

Wednesday, 06 Feb45 comments

The new Windows Live Messenger 9.0 finally added support for animated display pictures by supporting the use of GIF animations! Check out these examples:

Animated display picture of Quagmire from Family Guy Animation of Homer Simpson choking Bart

Animated display pics and Avatars news

Display Pics are available in many different categories and types (like funny, love, cool and cute pictures), and we update these sections regularly. When new display pictures (or picture categories) are added, the news is posted here. We also create many different programs and tools for display picture usage, such as Display Picture stealers, backup tools, avatar makers, animators and creators, etc. Help and guides are also added when they're needed.

Windows Live Messenger 9.0 introduced an exciting new feature - Animated Display Pictures. The idea of users being able to have animated display pictures in MSN Messenger was frequently requested and this red-hot feature was finally added in Live Messenger 9! The addition of animation support in display pics injected fresh blood into the world of Display Pictures.

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