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GTA IV Display Pictures, Icons and Emoticons from Grand Theft Auto 4

Friday, 25 Apr. '0818 comments3.91

As one of the most anticipated games ever made is almost ready to hit the streets over the next few days, we've prepared a new set of Display Pictures and Icons to celebrate the release of GTA IV, go check 'em out!


All of you Grand Theft Auto fans can celebrate the release with these free display pics and emoticons.

Display Pictures and Icons

Here are some Grand Theft Auto 4 Display Pictures, Avatars and Icons. Right click to save them.

GTA IV Logo GTA IV game cover Another logo
Niko with a shotgun Niko Bellic Firing AK-47
Niko pulled over Smoking Helicopter shootout
GTA 4 Display Picture Niko Bellic Display Pic GTA Avatar
Police shootout GTA IV Rasta characters Policeman with a shotgun
Sniper rifle Elizabeta Dumping a body

GTA IV Emoticons

We'll have GTA 4 emoticons and smileys coming very soon, stay tuned.

More about GTA

GTA 4 is one of the most anticipated action-adventure games of all time, and was released globally on the 29th of April 2008 for the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3. While titled GTA IV, Grand Theft Auto IV is actually the ninth game in the series. The series continues to be successful, more than 10 years since the release of the original Grand Theft Auto game.

Got your own GTA pictures and graphics that you want to make into icons and emoticons? You can do that on our site with the free online icon maker!

You can use these free icons and avatars just about anywhere, from Live/MSN Messenger to MySpace and so on. We'll add more scenes and characters as they become available, including animated display pictures for Windows Live Messenger 9. If you want a specific MSN icon to be made from the game, you can request it through our contact form. Don't forget to check out the rest of our free emoticon collection.


User comments

gta free download 5 said:19 Sep '13

great, really great, but i want some more dp from sherv.

Cavid replied:21 Oct '15


Anonymous said:29 Oct '13

gta 5 is out now.

vercelli said:17 Aug '12

there's something missing.

HENRIQUE said:15 Jul '11


Anonymous said:06 Jun '11

these are really cool, need some for San Andreas too!

lautf said:23 May '10

great, really great, but i want some more dp from sherv!!!

laut said:23 May '10

what chese chir you see in te mesenher

Anonymous said:23 May '10

qe chicitos se te ve en el mesenger

ANONYMOUS!!!!!!!!!! said:21 Sep '09

Funny, weird and interesting!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:30 Aug '09

e bom e se vcs comsiquer o site mefala

Anonymous said:24 Jun '09

can i download gta 4

gta iv said:31 Jan '09

hoe doe je die downloaden

Ambuj said:11 Dec '08

I want to download GTA 4. Send at my e-mail id: ambujkoshi@****.com

KOOL said:01 Aug '08

THIS IS COOL, because I really want gta emoticons.

Darren said:17 Jul '08

They are good, but they are too big to add anywhere as an Avatar.

Anonymous said:28 May '08

very cool.... thanks for the great icons!

Anonymous said:21 May '08

this games is simply one of the best and it kicks alot of ass and is hella good

Anonymous said:26 Apr '08

great, really great, but i want some more dp from sherv.

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