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Windows Live Messenger 9.0 BETA still active, download Live Messenger 9

Sunday, 3 Feb. '08187 comments3.97

The BETA version of Windows Live Messenger 9.0 (which was leaked last November) is still active and being widely used by a large number of users. In this article we discuss the big new features and you can grab the download link for Messenger 9.

While Microsoft has been silent on the whole issue, no further BETA versions of Messenger 9 have been released since the very first BETA version of Live Messenger 9.0 was leaked by a user shortly after the testing program started.

There is no word on when the final version of Messenger 9.0 will be released to the public, but the fact that users have not been blocked from using the 9.0 BETA indicates that there are no major issues with the newest version of Messenger. When released, WLM 9.0 will replace the current Live Messenger 8.5 as the very latest Messenger version.

New features

WLM's features are growing at a faster pace than any other IM client, and this version adds many new and exciting features, including:

  • Animated Display Pictures

    This is a feature that has been vastly requested since the days of MSN Messenger 6.0 when the "Display Picture" feature was first added. Users wishing to use GIF animations as display pics have had their wishes granted in this version.

  • Signature Sounds

    Messenger 9.0 also introduces a brand new feature in its Signature Sounds. In a nutshell, this allows you to choose the sound that your friends hear when you sign-in or send them a message. Quite a cool and innovative feature!

  • Contact Sounds

    These are sounds that you can assign to your contacts, and the sound will play each time that contact messages you. Great way to tell who has just messaged you by just hearing the sounds played by messenger!

Download Live Messenger 9.0

You can download Windows Live Messenger 9.0 (build 9.0.1407.1107) for free from any of the links below.

September 2008 update: a newer BETA build called WLM 2009 M1 is now available for download.

We have verified the installer's Digital Signature (and you can do so yourself once you have downloaded it), and this is the official Windows Live Messenger 9.0 installer from Microsoft.

June 2008 update:
Several new download mirrors have been added as some of you were having trouble downloading the file from the original link.


User comments

Anonymous said:25 May '12

window live stealer wls(beta)

Anonymous said:14 May '12

Essentials emotes are sh#$t. lol. I like that it integrates with your social networks and such, though, so not sure I want to delete it...

Anonymous said:29 Jan '12

0.9 version is bogus and blocked

Anonymous said:18 Jun '11

اريد ان انزل ناشنجر جديد 2009

Anonymous said:10 Oct '09

I deleted msn :L and now cant get it back and when i download the new one it dont work :S

Anonymous replied:04 Nov '09

same wif me!! i cant get MSN back..

xiao_p replied:29 Dec '09

me also... wan how 2 get b@ck?

Anonymous replied:21 Jan '10

its either u have no disk space or ur computers r messed!!!!

Anonymous replied:14 Jun '11

this is crazy, same with me, i want messenger 2009 now i can't even get the new one.

Anonymous said:14 Jun '11

i HATE essential i want 2009 NOW!!!!!

Anonymous said:26 May '11

I don't even know how to download

Anonymous said:29 Apr '11

i dont no how to download it!

Anonymous replied:08 May '11

I think this is Windows live messenger Beta. Another words,
My name is Kristin. I Like everyone in my life.

Yours Truly,

شاهر said:02 Mar '11

Shaher is a bit confused here!

mami said:28 Nov '10

shumm i mire bee msn

Anonymous said:23 Aug '10

is this the msn where you can talk to your facebook friends on it?

Anonymous replied:09 Nov '10

Nah thats 2011. not this one

besi said:15 Jul '10

how ca i download him please

besi said:13 Jul '10

i like it, i want so much have him because i love him.

carlos said:08 Jul '10

is I like messenger 2009

Anonymous said:04 Jul '10

jebem ti mamu u sisu

Anonymous said:27 Jun '10

please help me.... i cannot use MSN in my new MacBook
tell me how

blablabla said:14 Mar '09

i hate the messenger from 2009

Anonymous replied:19 Mar '10

mirror 2 download MSN Messenger v 8.5

Anonymous said:05 Mar '10

ku karin e nanes me download kit mutt :@ qifsha motren :@

RR said:29 Dec '09

I have tried to update the MSN becaue I can not sign in, I can not download the new version, Nor will the old verson uninstall, What do I do?

eng said:16 Dec '09

i dont find my acount when i used messenger

=] lauren[= said:03 Dec '09

i need to download messenger the newest one but i do and it neva does wot shall i do :S

soso said:15 Nov '09

when i start to open my email they told me to download the new version of the new messenger i dont know how !!

ttb replied:21 Nov '09

when i open my id then it is not open due beta . i wont to fimish beta but i dont know how is this possible plz tell me how i open my id

random replied:23 Nov '09

well all this stuff sounds pretty bad so i think i'll juat stick with the old 1 (when i can get it working again)

Anonymous said:19 Nov '09

all u gotta do is go to this website
and then click on "download messenger now". its full proof bcoz its thru windows live and its free. hope this has helped.

Anonymous said:06 Nov '09

it hav many problems in installing

Anonymous said:21 Oct '09

its fantastic but i cannot use it it have many proplems in installing

SuSu said:20 Apr '09

why i cant open ma msn
its sayes u need 2 up dat so i updated then its say after updating . cant instell
i waited 1 houre 2 it say cant install wtf

Adam_thegame@hotmail replied:20 Oct '09

Same here. For 2 weeks i tried to sign in but it said msn wasnt available until I instal the newest version but once I did. I'm back to square one.

Anonymous said:17 Sep '09

o motren e msn ::@:@:@:

Anonymous said:16 Jul '09

can u plz have the new msn

Anonymous said:10 Jul '09

bharvi gand phar doon ga teri

Anonymous said:03 Jul '09

shum i miR msn ama me veq mu kan ma let me dowload
qeta shumm mir qaooooooo

hatomi said:08 Jun '09

T_T i hate how my windows live messenger went out of date i couldn't update so i uninstalled it what should i do?

Anonymous said:04 Jun '09

msn is the worst thing everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! its so stuffed uppppp

Anonymous said:25 May '09

pls teach me how to do dis stuff, cos am trying 2 do it and it proving somehow hard.

Anonymous said:02 May '09

hey how i ll download dis?

=D replied:04 May '09

i also don't know......

Anonymous said:19 Apr '09

will this goes with windows and me yes your no

Patrick said:17 Apr '09

i just whant the bloody url for the latest msn and its sending me to differant bloody webpages and there sending me back argg ffs

Anoy said:16 Apr '09

why i cant install MSN 9 !!!!!

Anonymous said:14 Apr '09

hey am ahving the same prob ...i dun see it in the add or remove programme

Anonymous said:25 Mar '09

LOL it doesn't let me sign in unless I update it.
Damn it, thats exactly what i DIDN'T want it to do!

Anonymous said:22 Mar '09

it's good and nice and i think its better than any thing

Anonymous said:22 Mar '09

thnx its to good. and nice

tanmel4 said:22 Mar '09

WOW... no one has said anything about this Windows Messenger 9.0 being good... damn :( i think i'll wait and just get the 8.5 then... :(

mohamed (zamalek sc) said:20 Mar '09

its fantastic but i cannot use it .... it have many proplems in installing

Anonymous said:18 Mar '09

okay, so my comp crashed in december,
we took it in to get restored in january,
and when we got the comp back
we had the latest msn installed on it
and when i tried signing into msn for the 1st time afte getting it back
and a message came up sayng that in order for me to continue use of msn i needed to pay, 25.95/mo or 125.95/year

i never payed for it, and ever since then whenever i open msn my contacts arent there, i tried to addthem and nothing happened, i loged in with a different account and nothing happened.
i have the original messenegr on my comp and it works fine, so does messengerfx, but the windows live doesnt work
i even re downloaded it and it still dont work


daisee said:13 Feb '09

someone): this is daisee i will help you start on your computer
2.then click control
3.when then control panel go to add or remove programs
4.when on add or remove programs scroll through the list and find msn or windows live messenger
5.then click on it and click remove then read the guide and as the guide tell you it will say uninstall then you click it and it will totally remove from you computer and last go on the net and find a new version and download ect...and if you succeed of fail tell me and sorry if it does not work

luve you all and if any wun needs help i noo EVERYTHING about computers iv been working with them for over 13 years

Amused replied:16 Mar '09

you "noo" everything, and yet you can't read that he said he already checked in there, and the program is not listed.

They should delete a couple entries in the registry probably. help them with that.

Anonymous said:12 Mar '09

tungi qa po bani aje ni mir aa

musicislove said:11 Mar '09

need help to dl windows live 9.0

Anonymous said:18 Jan '09

oh gosh if i do not install this freakin messenger am gonna die how can i install it ?? plz someone answer me

Anonymous replied:03 Mar '09

if its the new one got to program uninstall and live essentials and click on messamger

robert said:27 Feb '09

it cool i like it is it better than yahoo

Anonymous said:25 Feb '09

hey i have windows live messenger 9 and i dont have services. please help me.

Anonymous said:24 Feb '09

i dont no wat is my code

Anonymous said:21 Feb '09

Arh!! **** it!! I downloaded the 9.0 version but I cant even open my msn. I tried to download again but they say i downloaded but its not working. stupid messenger

Someone): said:01 Jan '09

i've uninstall the whole window live messenger and now i can't install it back. when i tried to install, it'll says "you have a latest version of window live messenger" & they'll asked me to uninstall the lastest version of window live messenger first then download it again. but when i go to the "add & remove program" i dint saw any window live messenger. why is this so? someone pls tell me. i want my window live messnger plus back):

Anonymous replied:23 Jan '09

plzzz plzzz plzzz if u no how 2 sort this problem out tell me how i relli want msn back but the same thing happens 2 mee soo pls if u doo let me noo
thanks alot if u doo

Anonymous replied:03 Feb '09

Help!!! i have the same problem!! f*** mthis messenger

Anonymous replied:12 Feb '09

I have a same problem as above. but it might a shortcut somehweres in the folders or something like but I can't find everywhere on my laptop:(. Please help me or I will be gone mad!

Anonymous said:11 Feb '09

its good for msn for me haseeb hahahahahahahah

A Person (: said:11 Feb '09

well when i downloaded it on the msn actual website it was frankly shxt so i uninstalled it but the problem you maybe having is its not called windows live ... its called sumthinn like aMSN or summink so....

uninstall that one..hope this hepled

Anonymous said:02 Feb '09

this better work because if it dont i am oin to go bad ok and i have been looking for long time

Anonymous said:02 Feb '09

this new msn is crap... i can't see my emoticons nor can i uninstall it... plzz anyone that knows how to do it let me know (: you'll do me a big favor coz i just got my computer formated and its giving me the sh*ts :@ the old msn was way better :) thnx

some person replied:02 Feb '09

What you need to do is go and download the very latest version of Windows Live Messenger 2009, don't get the old BETA one. Go here to get the newest one. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said:31 Jan '09

i neeeeed colour versionn or 9.0 beta !
itss S**T

Anonymous said:17 Jan '09

I think the original one is better.

Anonymous said:16 Jan '09

It will not sign me in. Whats wrong?

God of Metin2 said:11 Jan '09

I Am Going to Test it
If you play metin2 You Can't Beat me

Lvl 75 Status: Merried
Rank 1

Anonymous said:10 Jan '09

ku jeni bre shqipëtarë gezuar 2009

I said:06 Jan '09

It doesn't work at all... I really wanna download it because my friend has it but it just doesn't seem to work. Maybe it's because my computer is kind of old...

Anonymous said:04 Jan '09

How do i get my name in color? i'v got msn + beta but it still don't work... This is Sh** i can't even uninstall it n get windows live messenger 8.5 back ... HELP!!!

Anonymous said:31 Dec '08

i cant uninstall 9.0 beta..
i dun wan to reformat my laptop :'(

xxx said:30 Dec '08

why my new msn live messenger cant change name's colour?>

Anonymous said:28 Dec '08

hey..!!! what s that mana mx??

boolun said:28 Dec '08

many ppl have problems with this version
i couldn't uninstall it either
so i just had my pc formatted :( haha
i think 9.0 beta works better cuz it have plus for that version

Eagles said:27 Dec '08

MSN is the best!! I love how it is so easy to use.

angel said:26 Dec '08

i can't download it, any help?

face NIXA ZIZU said:25 Dec '08

xaxaax i am on face and i do this :D

Anonymous said:23 Dec '08

you can get colour just download plus for beta. i've done it

Cutie. said:19 Dec '08

You Guys Are Retarded But You Gave My Mom And I A Great Laugh!! Especially The Guy Who Wrote " Yo Dude This Thing Takes 6 years To Come Out ..Whens It Coming?" and The Guy Who Wrote.. for the guy that wrote that "some people are noobs", mate u probably think you know a lot by downloading stuff. you prob the noob yourself. do u even know who was the first person to even use the word noob online? yeah thats right, google it" Lol... We Had A Blast Reading These.

uninstall please?!?! said:19 Dec '08

how do you uninstall it???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:@

i absolutely hate it you cannot get yor name in colour so i have no f****** idea what my friends r called!!!! coz they all hav ther name in colour!!!!!!

how the h*** do you uninstall it!!!!!????????

Anonymous said:17 Dec '08

I'm confused. Actually, which is the newest version of windows live massenger?

sikamino gate"0" said:16 Dec '08

den anoigei more !!!!!

Anonymous said:12 Dec '08

Why don't my emoticons work???? Also I cant see my contacts' dp. I hope they fix these bugs.

Anonymous said:10 Dec '08

how good is this...?? what new features are there??

Anonymous said:06 Dec '08

for the guy that wrote that "some people are noobs", mate u probably think you know a lot by downloading stuff. you prob the noob yourself. do u even know who was the first person to even use the word noob online? yeah thats right, google it

Meyli said:04 Dec '08

please somebody help me to download the msn 9.0... cause i got this version but i've got a problems with my msn.. :S so if somebody can help me... just write!

Frustrated said:27 Nov '08

i agree with c , i'm fiding more pblms with the new messenger than the old one, i can't see my emoticons, some scripts won't even work and i cant unistall it, neither can i download the old version back, please help me take this thing out.....

Jade said:25 Nov '08

Well i couldn't even count how many times that i tried to download MSN Messenger [no matter wat version] . It always give me a irresponsible reply.. Please make it work. And IT IS NOT MY COMPUTER'S PROBLEM, i've check 100++ times already. How sad.. And it works when it's 8.0 version, once i download 8.5, i can't even online.

Anonymous said:23 Nov '08

the download took foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. omfg. :|

Anonymous said:22 Nov '08

Can someone please give me a site to download the 9 msn messenger.

Anonymous said:21 Nov '08

MY SMILEYS WONT WORK!!!!!!!!!!! :(

c said:20 Nov '08

well i intalled it and it wont work it says the service aint ready and wen i went to reinstall messenger 8.0 it wouldnt accept it because i have i newer version i went to uninstall 9.0beta...and it wont uninstall at all...can anibody help?

olive said:16 Nov '08

my smilies don't look the way their supposed to their a different one and i cant see them in the conversations ether i see their shortcut. PLZ HELP!!

Brownee said:10 Nov '08

For some reason you have to put like a billion spaces after the emoticon shortcut in order for it to show.... another ridicilous bug they need to fix

Anonymous said:08 Nov '08

My emoticons won't work either and I have loads, but apart from that it's nice, I like it.

Anonymous said:07 Nov '08

this latest version of messenger is very very goood

anonymous said:07 Nov '08

urgh,this better work because i've been looking for ages and nothing seems to be working:@ argh,i'm so annoyed.

Anonymous said:01 Nov '08

My Emotions Wont Work; Can Anyone Tell Me How To Get Them Showing?

Jenny said:30 Oct '08

It takes to long to download and now i cant find the icon!!

ashie said:21 Oct '08

i m not sure if its wokring but i wish it is anyway xx for u all bye bye

aboyousef said:13 Oct '08

thank you very much it is very good

Anonymous said:11 Oct '08

how di get my emoticons to work on it ?
plz help

Anonymous said:11 Oct '08

It is quite good BUT I WNT MY SIGNATURE SOUNDS !!!!!!!! =@!

Anonymous said:11 Oct '08

This is the crappiest version ever. The colours are horrible. You cannot change the top of the message windows. Disappointing. I'm using the original again.

patatas reoyla said:08 Oct '08


Anonymous said:07 Oct '08

i want to download this windows live messenger 9.0!!

cool hashim said:05 Oct '08

yo people this thing takes 6 years to come out... what hell i am bored, whens it coming?

semsem3 said:04 Oct '08

how do i download Messenger 9 from rapidshare, it's not working!

Anonymous said:03 Oct '08

why can't i download anything. it only says that this installer doesn't have a digital signature... pls help somehow...

tony said:01 Oct '08

can anyone tell me why i cant download anything from microsoft?

zizo said:26 Sep '08

hi guys, the new msn is very cool & please work on it with some good features!!

zac efron said:26 Sep '08

my new msn is gone, what can i do, i need to talk my freinds and family!!

Phillie said:22 Sep '08

Hey This Msn Is Alright... Theres A New Leak, Yes Another One WLM 9.1

marc karam said:17 Sep '08

damn it, i can't do it is so hard
to download it :@

MENO BOSS said:15 Sep '08

hi i am MENO BOSS and i have finish the installation of msn!

Anonymous said:15 Sep '08

it takes tooo much time to download!!

Anonymous said:12 Sep '08

to install it click one of the links with a star on it, easy and i hope this is good!

MissWay_Yagami said:10 Sep '08

Everybody has the same problem with the Signature Sound, I think it is because the 9 version is Beta. We'll have to wait for the full version :)

jamilia said:10 Sep '08

hey it rocks and it's very nice!!!!

Anonymous said:06 Sep '08

idk how to install 9.0 beta, someone help me out?

Anonymous said:02 Sep '08

how i can install this messenger in vista?

Jack said:26 Aug '08

Love it :)

more download links here

Jack said:25 Aug '08

I just got this, its awesome, nice smooth graphics and when you log in, the 2 min things go heaps faster, making you feel like its working harder and faster, I recommend this for anyone who likes a change,
but seeing its beta, use at your own risk ;)

Emily said:24 Aug '08

I cant even get on to it plz tell me how i can ive been trying for 1 hour now and cant even get on to it :@

Megan said:20 Aug '08

Is This The One Where You Can See Colour In People's Name?

Haris said:19 Aug '08

When is the new version coming out?

Syed Bilal Shah said:15 Aug '08

i haven't tried it, but i would like to try it!!! and thats very nice

john said:11 Aug '08

how do i get the newest version of this?

Ami said:05 Aug '08

hi it is taking so much time for downloading?

Anonymous said:03 Aug '08

hi, the download link seems to be broken, can you please fix it.

Anonymous said:01 Aug '08

It is very very very very nice

muhammad said:28 Jul '08

this messenger is very cool, and i like it very much.

Anonymous said:25 Jul '08

the new version is good, so i advise all people to use it.

bashkim said:24 Jul '08

very nice download, thank you.

Lateef said:20 Jul '08

I need this messenger. Lateef

im not anonymous ok? said:17 Jul '08

i think this msn is good la~~~
i haven't tried it, but i would like to try it!!!

browny from bahamas said:15 Jul '08

well i guess its working, but my internet is down right now. but its easy, you just click download!

Anonymous said:15 Jul '08

Guys, it's a beta.
Of course the ones that you download of some other site have either got viruses, or they are just absolutely rubbish and don't work.
Wait until they have the proper 9.0 out! It'll be much better and well worth the wait =]

Peace x

Chaldean Gurl said:12 Jul '08

how do i download this messenger?
man i got the new 1 but i need this one, someone tell me how to download this messenger?

Anonymous said:09 Jul '08

is this the newest msn messenger 9.0? I would like to download it

monica said:26 Jun '08

I have windows live messenger beta, and in tools have seen the option: signature sound, but my contacts can't hear a thing!! can anyone tell me why, please? thanks

Anonymous said:24 Jun '08

the download links work great, 9.0 is the best chat program in the world.

addz said:19 Jun '08

have i been ripped off by paying £6 to activate msn 9 beta?

samantha said:09 Jun '08

someone help, i want n need it x

WangYang said:07 Jun '08

great, the new download links are working good for me, all my friends are using the newest WLM 9.0 and it's really fun. Everyone start downloading it now haha

Nabz said:07 Jun '08

I wanna download and use the new windows live messenger 9.0, i need a good download link, please help!!

Anonymous said:06 Jun '08

how can I download this live messenger 9?

killah said:04 Jun '08

where can i find a good downloadin software...dis is 2 long man i swear down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:31 May '08

how do u download it tell me tell me tell me xxx

Anonymous said:26 May '08

why cant I download the newest version of windows live messenger?

Umair said:25 May '08

carroooo said:21 May '08

hey...can i use this version ...very nice and special ...but how i can download it ....?

michelle said:19 May '08

how can i download msn?? somebody pls help me get the latest msn

sibele said:16 May '08

quero fazer um messenger

PiRATE KiNG said:15 May '08

Damn, what the hell would happen, If you put a direct downoload link for WLM 9?

Anonymous said:13 May '08

Why don't you just put up a simple download link??

Anonymous said:06 May '08

yeah this so cool.... this is the newest version, 9.0 BETA.

Anonymous said:06 May '08

do you know what version is the newest on wlm?

crowom said:06 May '08
this link is working

Anonymous said:19 Apr '08

good and very enjoyment, i like the messenger 9 beta very miuch, thanks for the download

Nat in Australia said:14 Apr '08

So does anyone have a positive site or link to download Windows Live Messenger 9 or not? I have searched everywhere, only to find you have to pay for it or it doesnt work, or you have to download additions with the program. Please someone give the right answer. We all want the right place to download from.

Anonymous said:06 Apr '08

perfect, windows live messenger 9.0 is the best messenger out there today.

Anonymous said:04 Apr '08

omg what's up with the signature sound... i keep changing it but it still doesnt work!!

Anonymous said:01 Apr '08

the site 2 download msn 9.0 is

Anonymous said:01 Apr '08

whats wrong with all of you guys? i just downloaded it from the rapidshare mirror and it works fine. just click the download link and follow the instructions on the page to start downloading the installer.

Hamid79 said:29 Mar '08

thanks for the download links george, they worked great!
I really love the new messenger 9, i hope it is made final for everyone soon, so we can all install it

george said:28 Mar '08

or u can download from another link:
and it's working too, i prefer this link. good luck

george said:28 Mar '08

look guys you can download it from
it's free, wonderful and it's working! enjoy it !

Anonymous said:26 Mar '08

how do you download this thing help someone help, i want to install windows live messenger 9.0!!

Anonymous said:20 Mar '08

it doesn't even work
it don't start after download and installed it

NIKOLA_HACKER said:20 Mar '08


Anonymous said:13 Mar '08

isn't it freeeeeee dudessssssssss

Anonymous said:09 Mar '08

some of you guys are really just a bunch of n00bs, seriously

dpaunovic said:09 Mar '08

hello guys, i love this new messenger 9, please keep up the good work!! (ps it needs more emoticons)

Tylky said:09 Mar '08

My signature sound doesn't work, when someone signs in, their custom tune doesn't even play, yet it works for them when I sign in!

Anonymous said:07 Mar '08

it doesnt even work

Anonymous said:01 Mar '08

give me please a site were to download 9.0 cause my pc is fucked u and i cant delete msn 8.5 so i has to be a "newer version" so just give me the link pls

Eliezer Brasil said:29 Feb '08

Send parameter for silent install to tks.

Eliezer Brasil said:29 Feb '08

I need parameter for silent install. TKS!!

dani said:26 Feb '08

it didnt work yall, somebody help!!!

souna said:25 Feb '08

plz help because i can't install in pc the Messenger 9

Anonymous said:25 Feb '08

im meest this msn :S

Anonymous said:24 Feb '08

how do i download Messenger 9 from rapidshare, it's not working!

Joe said:23 Feb '08

how do i download it then

Timmy said:22 Feb '08

umm.... just click on the download link up there and get it :|

Anonymous said:21 Feb '08

Hey Can Any One Tell Me Where To Download Windows Live Messenger 9.0

MWA said:21 Feb '08

how can i download it??

BillyJ said:18 Feb '08

What's not working? the download link? It works fine for me, just downloaded WLM 9 :D (btw, you guys should add smileys for the comments here!)

Anonymous said:18 Feb '08

what the hell! it is not working!!! help ?!?

Anonymous said:14 Feb '08

its nice i like that so much

Alio said:14 Feb '08

hell ya this 's cool

Anonymous said:11 Feb '08

heyy how can i add this

ross said:11 Feb '08

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