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windows live messenger 8.5 update

Forced Messenger 8 upgrade coming, download Live Messenger 8.5

Saturday, 23 Feb. '0835 comments4.02

The official Messenger blog reports that users of Messenger 8 running either Windows XP or Vista will soon be asked to upgrade to Live Messenger 8.5, the latest public version of Messenger.

The upgrade will happen in two stages: First, users of earlier versions of 8.5 and Messenger 8.1 will be encouraged to upgrade to the latest version. Some time after this, those who have not upgraded from BETA versions will be forced to update and install the newest Messenger. If you do not update, you will be blocked from logging in.

The final 8.5 version is the most secure and stable version available, giving you the safest and friendliest experience. It is also probably the last version of Messenger v8 to be released.

Download Live Messenger 8.5

It's also mentioned that the upgrade prompt may take several weeks to reach all users, so if you don't want to wait, you can install it manually. To do this, download Live Messenger 8.5 from below and install it yourself.

The Live Messenger 8.5 update will use the new Unified Installer from Windows Live, which is different to the installers used in previous versions of MSN Messenger and Live Messenger 8.1 which were released some years ago.

MSN Messenger and Live Messenger no longer supports Windows XP 64 or Windows Server 2003, so if you use these Operating Systems, you will need to download and install Live Messenger 8.1 or stick with the 8.5 BETA version.

One final tip for those of you upgrading, display pics and custom emoticons are sometimes deleted accidentally during the upgrade, so it's a good idea to backup emoticons.

Live Messenger 9.0

A small clarification, although Live Messenger 9 is the latest Messenger BETA, Windows Live Messenger 8.5 is the newest public version that is stable to use. With this 8.5 updates occurring in March, it raises the question of when Microsoft plans to unveil the final version of Messenger 9.0 to the public. While this version includes a lot of cool new features (like animated display pictures), it might be quite some time before it is finalized and released. If you want to start using this version now, you can download live messenger 9 BETA.


User comments

Anonymous said:26 Apr '11

بليز ابى احمل ماسجنر وندوز لايف ماسنجر8،5

Aiylah said:11 Jan '11

sounds to me like it's just going through
it's problem stages they need to fix. , Maybe this
is just the testing phases they are doing with it
right now letting people try it and who ever does comments about it letting them know about the
issues that's what i think anyway.
I wouldn't worry too much about it just wait
a while longer to try and when you do leave them
a comment telling them about what happens
hopefully they get the bugs in it all worked out
soon good luck with it guy's

tmoonn said:24 May '10

mirror 2 download MSN Messenger v 8.5

Anonymous said:04 Mar '10

hi this new messenger is great :D

Anonymous said:29 Dec '09

i agree with you there teatoo,

Anonymous said:23 Dec '09

Como baixar então o messenger 8.5

Anonymous said:26 May '08

hello! im frank and i would like to say try it and you will love it, messenger 8.5 is great.

orazaliy replied:15 Nov '09

where would i get the 8.5 messenger tell me please

orazaliy said:15 Nov '09

where can i find men messenger 8.5 without problem every time i download one forces me to download latest one which i do not like

Anonymous said:13 Nov '09

um hey can anybody help me? its not dowloadingg ???

Anonymous said:12 Nov '09

i tried to upgrade to 8.5 but it is not comming up why?

cengiz said:11 Nov '09

i cant even upgrade. I accept it but while its downloading it stops and doesn't upgrade. it even gets to 100% then goes back down to 0% and wont upgrade. As u can guess i cant get on msn now anyone can help please?

SEVGUL LAPE said:06 Nov '09


Anonymous said:16 Feb '09

this new messenger is great

Anonymous replied:17 Aug '09

hi how u going @#@##$@#%$

Anonymous said:02 Aug '09

plzzzzz i want to download windows live messenger 8

clayton said:24 Mar '09

when i sigh into messenger it keeps telling me i need to upgrade to the new version yet when i click on the 'get it now' button it starts download and the it uninstall itself. why does that happen?

blahhhh :! replied:20 Jul '09

cause it will upload it again.

Benny said:16 May '09

how do ya download the new meesenger!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:17 Apr '09

love to dance have about you

Anonymous said:04 Apr '09

its nice but hard to download

Anonymous said:18 Mar '09

okay, so my comp crashed in december,
we took it in to get restored in january,
and when we got the comp back
we had the latest msn installed on it
and when i tried signing into msn for the 1st time afte getting it back
and a message came up sayng that in order for me to continue use of msn i needed to pay, 25.95/mo or 125.95/year

i never payed for it, and ever since then whenever i open msn my contacts arent there, i tried to addthem and nothing happened, i loged in with a different account and nothing happened.
i have the original messenegr on my comp and it works fine, so does messengerfx, but thewindows live doesnt work
i even re downloaded it and it still dont work


Anonymous said:10 Feb '09

Where is the Download button?

zack replied:11 Feb '09

The download link for Windows Live Messenger 2008 is in the middle of the page with a star next to it, just click it.

vea said:24 Nov '08

how do i download for free 8.x and 9.x

Anonymous said:15 Nov '08

dose not work you just transfare me to windows site to sty houres for pullshit

besoo said:07 Jul '08

it is very good, thank you for your beautiful links and good for us.

Anonymous said:06 Jun '08

i need to download beta live messenger please, where is the link to download it?

Anonymous said:28 May '08

you dont even have a direct link to download window live messenger 9.0! we need a direct link to the WLM 9 beta!

X-LiLaImZ-X said:01 Apr '08

is it free to install messenger 8.5?

Slimmy said:29 Mar '08

yeah sweet, i'm finally going to download messenger 8.5 and install it, i'm on msn messenger 7.5 right now, but i think it might be time for an upgrade and get the newest and latest features.

no point in resisting!!

rina bali said:28 Mar '08

y have u changed around my comments i just put i still dont like it and you put long live msn messenger!!!!!!!!!!! hu iz it???????

rina bali said:27 Mar '08

i still dont like it, long live MSN Messenger

nina said:27 Mar '08

thanks it worked!!!! lol but i prefer MSN 7.5

amii x said:27 Mar '08

i agree with TEATOO what he said but rina bali u dont need to say those comments which are bad would you like it if someone said that to your website or myspace!!!!!!!!!!! go HOME!!!!!! :)

rina bali said:27 Mar '08

i dont like itz a massive joke!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:27 Mar '08

i dont really like it because i downloaded it then i even tried it out it wont even come up all it keep on sayin is install when IVE ALREADY INSTALLED IT!!!!!! WHAT KINDA JOKE IS IT!!! >:(

^_^ said:25 Mar '08

I agree with TEATOO!

TEATOO said:26 Feb '08

Messenger 8.5 isnt too bad, but MSN Messenger 7.5 was the best.... I don't like Live MSN 8.5!!!

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