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Windows Live Messenger 2009 leaked, download the WLM BETA

Thursday, 28 Aug. '0853 comments4

A newer version of the Windows Live Messenger 2009 BETA has been leaked on to the Internet. This latest version carries the build number 14.03921.717 and has a slew of new features and changes since the first version of WLM 9 was leaked.

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This version of Windows Live Messenger (dubbed M1) is not completely new as private testers have been using it for quite some time. An even newer version (M2) of the WLM client is expected to reach official BETA testers in the coming weeks.

It's immediately noticeable that this BETA version is significantly different to the one that was leaked last November, with a fresh look and brand new features. Reports also indicate that this is far from the final version of the Messenger client, which is due to be released later this year or in early 2009.

Here are some of the highlights of this version:

  • New design

    Microsoft is determined to give WLM a new look with every version, and this time is no different. The design has been updated with lots of new shiny and glossy effects (such as glowing text, fade effects and so on) added to the interfaces.

    Display Pictures have been moved to the left side of the conversation window and sent messages now have bullet points next to them to make them more distinguishable. Other controls in the chat window have also been moved around and the message typing indicator now shows an animated speech bubble which is quite cool.

    The emoticon and wink buttons have been moved to the bottom of the text entry area. The add and modify emoticon windows have also been updated to include the new Vista look, making them look better. We did not find any new hidden or secret smileys in this version of WLM.

  • Favorite contacts

    This is another new feature that allows you go group your most frequent contacts together for easy access. These contacts are shown before all others in the list.

  • Groups

    Groups are a new feature in this version. A Group allows for a group conversation with multiple people where you can share photos, documents and other files with everyone else. You can even set a custom Display Picture and message for that group, making it a great feature for networked collaboration between Messenger users.

Other miscellaneous changes since Windows Live Messenger 9.0 include the removal of Shared folders and add-ins. Chat bots (or agents) also have a new robot icon to differentiate them from your human contacts. The font used in the Messenger interface has also been changed.

Download WLM 2009

We've got several different mirrors for you to download Windows Live Messenger 2009 (build 14.03921.717). Start downloading by using one of the mirrors below:

  • Mirror 1 | 18.5 MB | RAR File | JCXP.NET
  • Mirror 2 | 18.9 MB | RAR File | WinExperts| password: winxperts08
  • Mirror 3 | 18.9 MB | MSI Installer | RapidShare
  • Mirror 4 | 18.7 MB | RAR File | RapidShare
  • Mirror 5 | 18.7 MB | RAR File | LiveShare

Finally, please also note that this is a private BETA version and no support is available. Things can go wrong with the software and you're downloading it at your own risk. Things that may go wrong include crashes, incompatibilities, bugs and malfunctions.


User comments

Anonymous said:14 May '11

hi, i want to become a member here. is that possible? thanks.

Anonymous said:26 Mar '09


Anonymous replied:01 Feb '11

You can do this on Messenger live :)

..... said:26 Sep '09

wah dl so long for what

also cant use wan

what the hack la

faking people only

hai ya

3Mm0 boy @@@ said:07 Sep '09

this msn cant dowload at ma comp

Anonymous said:06 Sep '09

Can you help me to download Windows Live Messenger 9.0-Beta for me because i cant find it and I'm Fully Deaf Woman

Anonymous said:16 Jul '09

how do u download msn beta?? plz tell me!

Anonymous said:04 Jul '09

So many comments; I am confused:(

Anonymous said:07 May '09

can n-e one tell me where you can get free downloads font for Windows Live Messenger

Anonymous said:19 Apr '09

iesaddsa sweet i love do nuts how to downlad

عبد said:07 Apr '09

أنا نزلتو بس ما طلعتلي قائمة الكونتاكتس رجااااء المساعدة

i cannt see my contacts

Anonymous said:03 Jan '09

what font is used on the screennames and personal messages??? someone telll me plzzzzz

Sophie! replied:26 Mar '09

it is > Segoe UI .. And if its not! then its the closest one!

Anonymous said:24 Mar '09

Its Beta fellas.
Why dont you wait till it comes out as the original version.
By the way previous one isn't so bad

Annoymous said:21 Mar '09

WLM 9 gave me so much trouble I went back the my previous. Shame.

Beckyyy x said:09 Mar '09

Ive downloaded 9.0,, but i cant see names in colour,, does anyone know how to install the colour stuff ? xx

Anonymous said:08 Mar '09

thanxxxxxxxxx more of beauty

dfdfsd said:08 Mar '09

bfgfg rfgggggggggggggggg fsrf rf fffff f f df erf egh rur ur ef uf ufuhedf dghfh jgdu gf kiiqltqGT V weuHCB BCE URYH EI UIR dfhgdfj

argh!!!! said:27 Feb '09

omg nia
my pc cnt download said:21 Feb '09

.msi file doesnt install, just starts and the closes

elaine said:17 Jan '09

LOLZ ^_^ this is the newest msn in the world? -.-

Anonymous replied:21 Feb '09

can we be frineds i am new to windows live messenger

eiw said:20 Feb '09

thank U for wlm 2009

Anonymous said:23 Jan '09

la2 wlo 7abibi chou enta feye2 w raye2

Anonymous said:26 Nov '08

It's totally retarded that we can't see our custom emoticons. Hope it's fixed soon.

aaanypersonudunno replied:06 Jan '09

ewww,rly???o-o"you cant see ur custom emotes?how retarded!!! hope they have a plus for this.

Amy said:03 Jan '09

what is the font used on the interface??

yasmin said:02 Jan '09

i really like it because if someone adds u and u dont no them u can send them a rude wink or something

Anonymous said:26 Dec '08

اشطة يا مااااان
thaaaaank u

d said:25 Dec '08

how do i download it

Anonymous said:25 Dec '08

i like it, can i download it?

Anonymous said:19 Dec '08

ya hay la version oficial de wlm 2009

Zvone said:06 Dec '08

i don't understand this,i instal the 9.0 version of msn beta and i can't turn it on becouse the newer version is out and i can't sign in becouse i haft to download the newer version and i don't need a newer version of msn beta.....why??

Tigzie said:21 Nov '08

It's alright... I don't care about the name and whatever. I just hate not being able to see my emoticons before they're sent... it kills the whole convo...
and yeah windows live plus 4.79 is compatible with this msn.

the colours look nice :) but the emoticon thing is getting to me :( I hope they fix this is another version or something.

tshimbi for dominica said:15 Nov '08

it does not work.someone please help me tell me what u do.give me are help so i could know what to do to dowload it ok.

rami said:13 Nov '08

i can't see my emoticons.. does somebody know? i think its a bug

mohammad said:10 Nov '08

thanks for the download

tigger said:03 Nov '08

yes its an ok name! but i must say its intresting 2 look at

arslan said:24 Oct '08

m so hppy 4 ma new msn haha

Anonymous said:22 Oct '08

cheers it done me very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ivanma said:20 Oct '08

shiiiitttttttt don't download it

Annemarie said:12 Oct '08

when i write a shortcut theres no my emoticons, they are here, but they doesnt show up -.-'
and is there a plus version for WLM 2009?

stranger said:11 Oct '08

wht the pass of this mirror 2?

Anonymous said:10 Oct '08

Hmm... I can't recieve or send smilies that I uploaded :( Hope that will change... Can any of you..?

Anonymous said:07 Oct '08

Nice messenger and good for talking with a lot of people in the world anytime anywhere.

wtf2007 said:01 Oct '08

Whats the password, for the rar on mirror 2?


master said:30 Sep '08

wow! i like it and i would like to download it now please.

Anonymous said:30 Sep '08

Can anyone tell me how I can open MULTI MSN with WLM 2009 version???

Anonymous said:27 Sep '08

thank you for posting this download.

g.r.a said:27 Sep '08

this wlm makes me angry, i keep getting disconnect errors!

Anonymous said:23 Sep '08

Yes...! it's very Interesting... but how will I download it...???

Anonymous said:20 Sep '08

وشلون انزله وهو كويس او لا

Anonymous said:18 Sep '08

i am crazy about. it is very funny?!

Anonymous said:15 Sep '08

wow! i like it and i would like 2 download it now please.

Anonymous said:10 Sep '08

جميل جدا ونفسى انزله عشان اللى عندى قدم جدا

Anonymous said:09 Sep '08

no coment yess my dreams

Anonymous said:28 Aug '08

thanks for the download, but i thought it was going to be called 9.0? i guess 2009 is an ok name as well.

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