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free olympic winks featuring you!

Free Beijing 2008 Olympics winks for MSN / Live Messenger

Sunday, 10 Aug. '087 comments4

With the 2008 Beijing Olympics off to a spectacular start, it's time to break out the free goodies for MSN and Live Messenger. We kick things off with a collection of 8 free winks from Microsoft. These aren't just ordinary winks, but customizable photo winks where you can add your own picture to an Olympic athlete's body.

Winks for the Olympic games 2008

All you need to do to get your free Olympic wink is visit the Reveal your inner athlete website and answer 8 simple and quick questions to reveal your natural athlete type. There are eight different results that you can get based on your answers, and you will get a Messenger wink representing that athletic type.

Head over to the Reveal your inner athlete website to get started.

Now, we can imagine that the quiz may not give you the results that you want, so here are the correct answers to get the wink that you want:

  • Weightlifter wink - A A A B B B A A
  • Soccer player wink - A A A A A A A A
  • BMX rider wink - A A A A B B B B
  • Long jumper wink - A A B B A A B B
  • Ping pong player wink - A A B B B A A B
  • Tennis player wink - A A A B B B B B
  • Diver wink - B B A A B B A A
  • Eater wink - B B A A B A B A

Once you've finished the quiz, simply upload your photo and your animation will be created for you. Simply click on the Share on Messenger button to install the wink. Please note that you need to be signed into either MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger. The tool also only allows for JPEG images to be uploaded.

You're also free to take the quiz 8 times in order to get all of the winks. Once the wink is installed, you should receive the following confirmation message:

Congratulations! You've successfully installed the wink and can share it using Windows Live Messenger. Just open a conversation window in Messenger, click the Select a wink icon and select your inner athlete wink from the drop down!

Some of these Olympic games winks are quite funny, so try it out and share them with your friends. We'll have more free Olympics related stuff for you shortly. In the meanwhile, you can check out our sporty emoticons from our online emoticons gallery (all free of course).


User comments

Helo said:20 Jan '10

How I can download this winks? I don´t know how! Can you help me, please?

Anonymous said:20 May '09

great and lovely try it know .

Anonymous said:03 Sep '08

VERY COOL! Thanks for sharing these :-)

Anonymous said:27 Aug '08

i don't have a picture? what should i do?

Anonymous said:27 Aug '08

its very crazyyy!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:16 Aug '08

This is alright but what about a person running? Like a 100m? That's what I do....

Anonymous said:16 Aug '08

these are good, but i want some emoticons or smileys, can you add them?

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