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make your own aim buddy icon

Buddy Icon Maker, Make your own buddy icons for AIM!

Wednesday, 2 Jul. '0856 comments3.76

Our online Icon Maker now supports the creation of AIM Buddy Icons!

Make AIM icons!
Go make an AIM buddy icon!

Make an AIM icon

Ever seen someone who has a nice custom buddy icon on AIM, and wondered how this person makes their buddy icons? Now you can use our icon creator to create a personalized buddy icon for AOL Instant Messenger.

You can make a new AIM icon from just about any picture or photo you like. You can use your own pictures and photos, or any other images. A new buddy icon can be made in 3 easy steps:

  1. Load your picture or photo in the Icon Maker
  2. Create and save your new Buddy Icon
  3. Add your new Buddy Icon to AIM

The created icon is ready to be added into AIM, you can add it from the Expressions settings page. Your new buddy icon will work correctly with all versions of AIM that support custom icons. Currently you can load GIF, JPG and PNG images into the icon editor, with more formats being supported in the near future.

Our Buddy Icon Maker is free to use. It works online straight from your browser and you can use it to make as many icons as you wish. Not only can it create AIM buddy icons, but it can also make emoticons and Display Pictures from your images.

Now you can make your own buddy icon and roll with style thanks to our Buddy Icon Maker! Making icons has never been this easy, we hope you enjoy using this tool. Please do not hesitate in sending us your feedback via our contact form.

If enjoy creating your own personalized icons then stay tuned as we will be adding different types of Icon makers in the near future.


User comments

Kamren said:04 Aug '20

Hi I'm Karmen.
I have so much in common! 😁😃😂

Vesace said:01 Dec '18

Hey! Vesace here with another video!

Anonymous said:01 Dec '18

This thing doesn't work, neither dose my son!

Nathan said:25 Jul '16

Omg I am confused.

taylor1919 said:05 Feb '11

i never tried it yet should i

Anonymous said:09 Dec '10

Why someone on my buddy list can't see my ICON?

Anonymous said:21 Nov '10

thank you this great program. I can make my own avatars and buddy icons.

Anonymous said:12 Sep '09

okay i made my icon but how do i get it on my aim?

Anonymous replied:22 Sep '10

it's mad confusing...Not!

Anonymous said:16 Aug '10


Anonymous said:02 Aug '10

I have a problem. I can't see my buddies icon! Why is that? When he can see mine???

Anonymous said:19 Jul '10

i need new aim buddies female aim buddies that stay in the bay area.

some guy said:28 Apr '10

when i put a gif file the picture doesn't move. How do i fix this?

Anonymous said:30 Oct '09

where is setting on aim?
i cudn't find it

Anonymous replied:19 Apr '10

go to your aim setting, under file.. and click expressions.. and from there you can browse your aim icon and save it.

Anonymous said:10 Feb '10

OMG this is soo easy I love it

KHALIL123 said:10 Jan '10

I LOVE THIS, IT IS AMAZING. I was looking for an easy to use aim icon creator and then I found this website, it rocks.

Anonymous said:07 Jan '10

I initially had a little trouble saving it :(, but i did it and was SO happy with the icon!

Anonymous said:13 Dec '09

This thing is the greatest icon maker for aim, so many people need it and I highly recommend it! thanks for making it available for us.

xxPATERNOxx said:04 Oct '09

Its not working ! It's not even in my pictures folder!

Anonymous said:20 Sep '09

I made my icon, but I have a Mac. Will how can I get it to be my icon. Help mehhh.

Anonymous said:04 Oct '08

i keep trying to set my icon but its saying that the file is too big, yet i used the icon maker to minimize it...

Anonymous replied:19 Mar '09

Im having the same problem

Anonymous replied:25 Aug '09

omg me too, idk why its doing tht

Anonymous said:22 Jul '09

still fiqurinq out how tOo do an icon !!

Anonymous said:04 Jan '09

PEOPLE!! Chill out.

Okay if your aim buddy icon has already been made, then go to your aim and click on edit-settings.

Then go to expressions and in the right hand corner there will be a picutre of your current icon, under that click browse.

Now it will bring up a box with all your files, find the aim buddy icon that you made and saved and click it and then click save.

It will then change your icon.

Chelseeeeeeeeeaaaa replied:16 Jul '09

Thaaanks :]
You actually helped.

joe jonas'' GF said:31 Dec '08

yea how do u put it on aim expressions or something after u save it?

Anonymous replied:20 Mar '09

Go on AIM the program, then go to edit and at the bottom click settings NOT EXPRESSIONS!!! Click on the tab that says "EXPRESSIONS" You will see a pic of your icon... Click browse which is under your icon pic. It will show you a window of all your files... next, find your icon that you made & saved on your files... Click on the picture of it and then hit save... TADA!

Anonymous replied:15 Jul '09

thankss soo much. yuh helped meh a lott.! thankss. = )

Anonymous said:21 Jun '09

for me, it saves it as a png file, and you can only use
gif jpg or bmp, as icons. wtf

Anonymous replied:21 Jun '09

duh, i forgot to set it as a buddy icon,
problem solved

Anonymous replied:08 Jul '09

hey i have that same problem how do i fix it -.-???

Anonymous said:04 Apr '09

hahahahah u losers keep tryin to make an icon its like so easy my little sister made one and she is only 5 hahahaha u dumb a**** hahahaha

Anonymous replied:13 Jun '09

wow thats not messed up at all.. u need to really just stfu. =.= yea i can do it. but thats REALLY messed up

Anonymous said:21 May '09

put some more animated display pics

Anonymous said:07 May '09

its not difficult. really. just look at the comments with all the instructions. follow them step by step, and its nottt that hard.

Anonymous said:17 Apr '09

this takes forever!!!!!!

Anonymous replied:03 May '09

im with yu girl friend

i am gothic girl! said:25 Apr '09

hey you guys stop FIGHTING! omg! and anonymous stop being a stupid ******! ya'll CHILL!

Anonymous said:04 Dec '08

where is the icon maker at?

i am gothic girl! replied:25 Apr '09

i think you click download!

Violet said:18 Apr '09

I got my icon done aswell except that after I created my buddy icon from here it says the image was to big so i resized it like 3 times smaller and it came out crappy looking. Hmm does it only support certain picture formats even though mines was Jpg ehh works for now thanks great website btw.

The imfamous said:17 Apr '09

OMG, Yes it actually worked, and for all u haters stop hating plz, yall know that yall do not need to be calling anybody a ******!

READ THE DIRECTIONS! said:16 Apr '09

everyone needs to chill out just read the directions and there u go... an icon! try reading for once!!!!!!

Wascodiamonds11 said:06 Apr '09


Anonymous replied:11 Apr '09

mehh2!!!!! thtss soooo weiirdd!!

Anonymous said:04 Apr '09

its so funnie reading u guyses comments hahahaha u guys r o cluless!!!!!!!!!! ahahahahah lol lol i made mine and it took me like 3 mins it was so easy

Anonymous said:22 Jan '09

OK, I made my own icon but no one else but me can see it. Why?

hailey!@#$%^&* replied:28 Jan '09

maybe because you didn't do it right! you need to be able to press OK and then it says sure you sure you want it to change? and you have to say yes!! okay?

Anonymous replied:07 Mar '09

o____0 It was just a question...

Chiquita Banana said:04 Mar '09


Anonymous said:25 Feb '09

why can't i see mu icon pic on my aim?

Anonymous said:19 Feb '09


lalaland said:14 Feb '09

umm i don't know anything and u cant do anything here o.0



Anonymous said:07 Feb '09


Anonymous said:16 Jan '09

how to do this thing?

Anonymous said:27 Dec '08

i just made my own aim icon, it's not that hard!

Anonymous said:23 Dec '08

i NEED to make my own icon how do you do it?

blahh! said:25 Nov '08

how do u make ur own iconn

Hannah said:26 Oct '08

i know how to but i just want to make one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:16 Sep '08

I have followed all instructions to make and save a buddy icon using a picture on my computer. However, when I try to save my buddy icon it is not shown in the options.

Anonymous said:01 Sep '08

here's how you do it:

  1. click the example up above.
  2. find the pic you wish to use.
  3. make it into an AIM buddy icon.
  4. save it
  5. get on AIM and open settings.
  6. choose the preferences tab.
  7. click browse and find your AIM icon.

that's all there is to it.

Anonymous said:20 Aug '08

i agree with these people, how do you do this?

Anonymous said:20 Aug '08

i could make the icon but getting it on AIM is the problem!!!!

Anonymous said:17 Aug '08

where is the freaking icon maker??? i need help!

Anonymous said:11 Aug '08

how do you put the icon on aim after making it and saving it to your computer?

said:02 Aug '08

you should be able to write a text with the picture, hope you can add it

Anonymous said:20 Jul '08

can someone tell me how to put the buddy icon into aim after i make it? I already made it and saved it on my computer, thanks.

Anonymous said:18 Jul '08

how do i make my own?? i want to make a buddy icon from my pics

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