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Boys MSN Names

Boys MSN Names

The Girls MSN Names category includes Names and Nicknames picked for use by girls, we've collected all the cool, cute, and sweet girly names under this section. Enjoy the Boys MSN Names!

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MSN Names about Boys

The names on this page are all about boys! Girls can use these names (or personal messages) to express different feelings about boys (maybe you hate them, or maybe you love them!). Enjoy the boys names and nicknames.

  • Boys can be handsome, they can be smart... they can be cute but they can break your heart!
  • Girls Are Better Than Boys, We All Know It, Boys Try too Hard, But Still Don't Show It!
  • Boys are like Rubix cubes, twisted and complicated, but once u get one right, they are perfect
  • Boys are great! and every girl should own one.
  • Guys are air for me, and without air I can't live
  • Boys Never Give Thier Heart Away They Play Us Girls For Fools, They Wait Until We Give Our Hearts And then They Play It Cool!
  • Boys dont fall for me, I trip them :P
  • Boys are like math books, they have lots of problems!
  • Boys are like flies, they come and go every 10 seconds
  • Boys are like cake, theyre there for a while all sweet n tasty... and then theyre gone, leaving u feelin sick
  • Boys are like nappies... hard to change and full of sh*t

More Girls Names

Maybe we'll add more boy names that diss and insult boys in the future, if you have any names that hate on boys, be sure to send them in to our MSN Names. In the meanwhile, check the next page for more awesome Girls names, sayings and quotes.

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