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MSN Name and Nickname Tricks

In this section we've got some cool special effects and tricks you can apply to your MSN screen names!

Reversed Nicknames

Thanks to special characters, you can now reverse your MSN nicknames!

Reverse MSN name trick

To be able to reverse your MSN screen name you need to put a special character in front of your nickname. You can download this special character in a a text file and paste it in front of your nickname, click HERE to download it. Be sure to open the file in Notepad (not Wordpad) to be able to see the character and copy it to your MSN name.

Special MSN name font

You can also change your nickname font to something other than the standard font in which the are displayed!

font for msn names

As with the reverse MSN names you need to copy and paste a special character in front of your MSN Messenger nickname and everything after that character will be reversed. Alternatively you can place the character at the end of your screen names to reverse everything after it. Download the MSN nickname character

Special characters in MSN Nicknames

There are also special characters you can use in your nicknames to make things more fun!

Special characters for Screen Names

Download the text file and open it in Wordpad (not Notepad) and you can copy the characters and paste them in your nickname. Download the Screen name characters.

Visit the main MSN Nicknames section for more cool screen name stuff!

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