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Putnam emoticon for facebook
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Christopher Putnam, a Facebook engineer. Chris is an engineer who worked on Facebook's chat and IM feature. He has been immortalized by having an emote of his face added to selection of facebook smileys. He probably put in a lot of hard work developing the live chatting system that is used by millions of people every day, so he definitely deserves his own emote! This is very similar to the Toivo emoticon which is a secret emoticon in Skype. Both of these guys are now famous Internet legends!

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User comments (100)

Jared said:12 Apr '21

I sent :putnam: to a girl and that's the story of how I lost my virginity!

envy.of.envy said:01 Aug '19

These emoticons are as of now the update pertaining to the extra like actions.

Anonymous said:27 Jul '17

:putnam: doesn't work for me.

Anonymous said:11 Apr '16

:putnam: it does work

Anonymous said:14 Feb '16

:putnam: is effective?

Anonymous said:07 Feb '16

:putnam: worked for me

Troller boy said:23 Jan '16

Cool Dude! I didn't know how to do Putnam before! I asked my friend but he told me he didn't know either! LOL

Anonymous said:13 Jan '16

Heart emojis

Putnam emoji said:10 Oct '15

This is beyond me! How this guy is so famous now?!

Anonymous said:30 Sep '15

:putnam: worked for me.

Anonymous said:07 Aug '15

:putnam: worked on small letters friends.

Anonymous said:03 Jun '15

:putnam: works if you don't write a capital P

Igor said:01 Jun '15

:putnam: does not work.

M said:27 Apr '15

You're quite right Mr Bond, :Putnam: is definitely a defective emoticon.

James Bond said:27 Apr '15

:Putnam: is ineffective.

cool said:16 Apr '15

There are some other emoticons that you do not yet settled here.

Jade said:14 Apr '15

It doesn't work! looks like this:

Anonymous said:29 Mar '15

:putnam: if this don't work I'm going to be sad and start crying!!

αѕιf said:24 Mar '15

:|] thanx. It's great. Now I have many things to do thanks a lot.

Anonymous said:20 Mar '15

I want a peace sign or hand peace sign emoticon.

JoJo Bae said:18 Feb '15

Hi. I want a Charlie Sheen icon please.

Carl said:01 Feb '15

I'm trying to find a "hug" facie for Skype. Anyone?

Anonymous said:30 Jan '15

Imtiaj ahmed said:29 Jan '15

☀ nice style, thank you.

sumit said:26 Dec '14

Nice style, good to learn it...

Otto Brinkmeier said:12 Nov '14

Thanks for adding a bit of interest!

Anonymous said:27 Oct '14

thnx... now i got this.... ♥♥♥

Ayesha said:29 Sep '14

hi dears....any one to guide me?

dilshad said:18 Aug '14


Anonymous said:15 Jun '14

wow... nice....thankzzz:)

Anonymous said:25 May '14

is also a code! I like it!

Abhishek kesharwani said:14 May '14

(Y) is also a code! I like it!

Anonymous said:06 May '14

It's a | not an I for the B| emote

Anonymous said:06 May '14

I can't get the sunglasses ones to work BI

daymmm said:19 Apr '14

It's a :putnam:

Anonymous said:16 Mar '14

does this work :hold hands:

Anonymous said:06 Mar '14

Are there anything new for phone symbols?

Anonymous said:17 Feb '14


Thakur Bittu Ram said:04 Feb '14

Amazing. I like these facebook emojis and emoticons. Thanks for showing complete information.

Aliyah said:29 Jan '14

It's :putnam:
Sorry for the wrong info!

Anonymous said:29 Jan '14

It's :putname:
This is what it is.

Anonymous said:02 Jan '14

I do not understand this ... My English is not good ...

Anonymous said:01 Jan '14

Jov R said:28 Dec '13

Kiss is :-*
also try ths :poop:

Anonymous said:26 Dec '13

How do you make new emojis for facebook messages?

Anonymous said:17 Dec '13

He added back doors into the code that allows NSA and other entities to not only collect all data but watch what you type in real time.

mano malik said:06 Dec '13


Anonymous said:26 Nov '13

:)))) what is the meaning of putnam?

cool guy said:21 Nov '13

All of you are noobs!
My secret emoticon is (|{[nova reaction]}|)

Anonymous said:15 Nov '13

Maybe it does not work on Facebook.

Anonymous said:15 Nov '13

Does it really work? let´s try.

Ken S. said:01 Nov '13

Yes Anonymous #39+ something. When you ask them about it, no one ever tells you. It's like they are tying to keep it secret I guess.

Anonymous said:02 Sep '13

i like the :putnam:
Hi everyone here! who knows the pouty red lips emoticon? i saw one in my facebook home but when i asked the one who posted it, i got no reply.

Anonymous said:09 Aug '13

Ian hecox said it was him on Smosh and gave a whole story about how his
mom called him her little Putnam and that's how it got the code.

Anonymous said:24 Jul '13

How about [[midfing]] or tht rock one??

Anonymous said:01 Jul '13

you can make a thumbs up by typing parentheses with a Y in the middle:
( Y )

Anonymous said:26 Jun '13

:putman: it Did work.

Anonymous said:26 Jun '13

how about a broken heart?

Anonymous said:23 Jun '13

i thought putnam is ian hecox

Anonymous said:17 Jun '13

O:) this one works...I haven't tried the rest yet though lol

Anonymous said:04 Jun '13

101% works try it only on chatting

Anonymous said:03 Jun '13

:putnam: didn't work :(

Anonymous said:15 May '13

Ian has lied to us all

Anonymous said:15 May '13

isn't it ian hecox from smosh?

Anonymous said:07 May '13

looks more like jb to me... i always do putnam next to poop and it look like jb munching poop... in case your wondering then poop is this :poop:

vickey said:24 Apr '13

how i use putnam on facebook

Anonymous said:11 Apr '13

going to use this as my "over my head" emoticon...

Anonymous said:01 Apr '13

everyone except my one direction is putnam

someone new said:18 Mar '13

Justin Bieber is much better than 1D so putnam should be 1D

someone said:18 Mar '13

thats mean to Justin Bieber because im a JB fan

Anonymous said:09 Mar '13

:poop: [[midfing]] :poop: [[midfing]] :poop: [[midfing]]

Anonymous said:19 Feb '13

how to show the robot emoticon?

321654987 said:18 Feb '13

it is ugly emotions and its just for fun? 3:)

Helllo! said:16 Feb '13

some people like to steal comments! have your own for goodness sake!

Anonymous said:29 Jan '13

u r great :putnam: ...!!!!!

Afridi said:20 Jan '13

vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy nice.

Anonymous said:20 Jan '13

very nice, gooooooooooood.

Anonymous said:11 Jan '13

You forgot this one -> :poop:

Neia said:01 Jan '13

:poop: [[midfing]] legal!!

Anonymous said:23 Dec '12

:|] robots r cool..........................

Hussein B| said:07 Dec '12

thnx for your help, it really helped me

Beilever said:19 Nov '12

Did you know Jesus Christ died for you?

Md Obaidur Rahman said:17 Nov '12

After visiting your website i came to know how to use symbol.

Anonymous said:15 Nov '12

these are just a few is there more like longer codes??

aguspuryanto said:09 Nov '12

Get ready and play the match

Anonymous said:01 Nov '12

wow...!!! these are awesome

Anonymous said:25 Oct '12

it's actually Ian hecox from smosh

Anonymous said:19 Oct '12

you people wow... IT MEANS [ PUT SOME ONES NAME ]

Anonymous said:13 Oct '12

Putnam is :putnam: Semicolon+putnam+semicolon

GHYDO said:20 Sep '12

If someone sends you putnam smiley what does it means?

Anonymous said:20 Sep '12

Putnam is given because of the famous youtube channel smosh his producer: Ian Hecox paid a quantity of $60,000 to facebook people to put his face in an emoticon

clohe said:06 Sep '12

it may mean that you are a nerd or geek because he is an computer engineer working for facebook! but a lot of people think that putnam facebook smiley is justin beiber smiley face!! seriously.

Anonymous said:06 Sep '12

If someone sends you putnam smiley what does it means?

Anonymous said:24 Aug '12

people putnam does work it's just :putnam:

askar munir said:23 Aug '12

putnam dont work please give me some more smileys.

Anonymous said:06 Aug '12

Cool we are Putnams too! Not working in wall posts only in messages :(

Christi Blaine said:06 Aug '12

u r ryt...it :putnam doesn't work!!!

Anonymous said:27 Jul '12

put nam is ian's face he even said so on ian is bored

MrAnonymous said:13 Jul '12

Someone told me it was Ian Hecox's face.

Anonymous said:15 May '12


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