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Devil Facebook Emoticon

Devil emoticon for facebook
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Shortcut code: 3:)

Laughing devil emoticon. Feeling a little evil or devilish today? Use this cool emoticon of the devil to express yourself when you've got an evil scheme brewing. This emote could also be used for some flirting fun. Facebook cleverly uses the number 3 in the chat shortcut to represent the horns on his head. Another shortcut option is to include the nose like this 3:-).

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User comments (98)

Meaning said:16 Jul '17

I found lots of ascii devil emojis on this page:
Very good text emoticons with keyboard symbols.

Meaning said:16 Jul '17

Does this devil emoji work for Snapchat too? HTC?

Oliver said:08 Jul '17

Will there always be a fight between good and evil? or there will a day that good will overcome the evil once and for all? What's your opinion guys?

Anonymous said:09 Mar '17

3:) Real demon Hahaha...
I want to use this on my apple phone.

Apps said:24 Jan '17

3:) sending devil emoji right now to some evil friends of mine on FB! LOL... I think this is a very good ascii emoticon if typed on keyboard only.

Anonymous said:22 Jan '17

Good Text Art devil emoticon. Are their special codes for Australia?

D for Demon said:16 Jan '17

Is devil horn ASCII only good for use on Facebook?

Icons said:12 Jan '17

FB messenger doesn't allow animated devil emoticons. Does it?

Ideas said:09 Jan '17

How can we add a devil's hand to it? I have lots of ideas for making devil emojis but don't know how to implement them:( Got to sit for some basic graphic design courses...

Anonymous said:06 Jan '17

I want to make an avatar with it, so I need a big devil emoji.

Devil vs Angels said:06 Jan '17

Some people wear their Devil hat before leaving home in the morning! and they make sure it matches the Angel Mask they're wearing!

Bolt said:31 Dec '16

All good on FB messenger

Anonymous said:24 Dec '16

In the world of emojis the Good will overcome the Evil too!

Anonymous said:20 Dec '16

Devil is happy now that there's one emoticon for him on facebook!

Angelica said:13 Dec '16

Let's kick Devil and his Evil associates out of this world!

Cheat the Devil said:02 Dec '16

What does devil emoji mean? When is it appropriate to use?

Anonymous said:06 Nov '16

Devil's horn emoji on fb

Anonymous said:31 Oct '16

This equivalents a monster emoji...

James said:22 Oct '16

Hahaha...see the funny devil text emojis on the text emoticons here(with tail, pitchfork, etc).

Anonymous said:30 Sep '16

Fight your inner demons...

Frown said:09 Aug '16

3:-) Kick the Devil's butt emoji!

Jose said:20 Jul '16

An error of judgment on his behalf...

Symbols said:07 Jul '16

👿 bawhhahaha...
Will send it on gchat...

Android said:07 Jul '16

Does this Devil emoji work on android phones?

Anonymous said:08 Jun '16

I reckon it's good for email text as well.

Angel said:14 Apr '16

Any animated devil emojis? I prefer animated ones.

Anonymous said:01 Apr '16

I'd love to type it in whatsapp messenger as well as facebook posts.

Anonymous said:15 Mar '16

It's a good idea to make a devil emoji wallpaper with this.

Facebook Emojis said:06 Feb '16

BTW I got all this info from this site here's the link:

jpeg said:06 Feb '16

Here's a description if it is not showing for you the Laughing devil emoticon: You have to make it with the right keyboard symbols and letters.

Fried Egg said:24 Jan '16

Coolness forever! I'm looking for a female version of this - a she devil.

Twitt it said:01 Dec '15

Love to use it on twitter. Although this is a commonly misunderstood emoji in social media circles.

Anonymous said:03 Nov '15

Do you see it in red? I mean is it a red devil?

Anonymous said:29 Jul '15

Large pictures are good too since facebook doesn't let animated graphics work on their pages.

Anonymous said:15 Jul '15

I wish we could get large devil emojis and emoticons.

Chris said:22 Jun '15

Easy keyboard shortcut letters for facebook

Anonymous said:05 May '15

ಊ(╰◣▂ ◢╯)Ψ
Devil is coming after you!! Don't panic, the Devil Emoji on facebook only!! LOL

Tina said:22 Jan '15

Isn't there an angry devil? These aren't quite mad enough:

Patrick said:04 Jan '15

Does it work on Outlook?

Michael said:14 Nov '14

Where to get some cool devil emoticon images for facebook?

Anonymous said:10 Oct '14

3:-) some people are covering their faces with angelic masks. Be aware!

All Ears said:20 Sep '14

>:-| For Iphone and Ipad tablets, IOS

Anonymous said:10 Sep '14

3:-) How to make a devil emoji compatible with gmail and google chat?

CJ said:22 Aug '14

You just need to know how to type the codes. If you type the facebook shortcuts and symbols correctly it will work.

Bella said:09 Aug '14

Anonymous yes it does, I have just copy pasted it on my facebook and it works fine.

Scotty said:17 Jul '14

Gifs are cool too.

Anonymous said:11 Jul '14

Satan 3:-) check this out

gchat said:09 Jul '14

Trying it out on gchat...
I'm going to use this devil character emoticon a lot. I just love it! Not that I'm evil! Others are!!

Anonymous said:15 Jun '14

How can I download devil emojis?

Anonymous said:23 May '14

What is the definition of the devil emoji?

Jay said:19 May '14

Some Devil Emoji cliparts and drawings will be welcomed here! It will be a good addition to this site.

Code said:14 May '14

3:) The shortcut codes for Facebook devil emoticon definitely works. Just needs to be copy pasted.

Anonymous said:09 May '14

3:-) I love to see this as black and white devil emoticon.

Devilish Background said:07 Apr '14

Can someone help me to make a Devil emoji background for an art project? preferably a black background. Thanks!

Anonymous said:05 Apr '14

I need a Japanese Ogre emoji.

Anonymous said:25 Mar '14

3:) Hello there! hahaha... This is gay!!

Girl said:07 Mar '14

3:-) Devilishly Cool! Grinning!

Green said:03 Mar '14

3:)Cool Devil emoji text

Copy and Paste said:26 Feb '14

>:-( Just copy and paste the text devil emoji into your facebook messages or posts.

Anonymous said:14 Feb '14

Is this Devil emoji PNG?

Tail Emoji said:14 Feb '14

It works great:)

Lighning said:11 Feb '14

3:-) Bwahaha ...
Is this how to make a devil emoji face?

Anonymous said:23 Jan '14

3:-) Devil emoji meaning is ... you fill the blank yourself!

Anonymous said:03 Jan '14

So funny

Anonymous said:28 Dec '13

How can I get custom emojis for facebook on my phone?

Purple said:21 Dec '13

Wow! New stuff!

Anonymous said:18 Dec '13

3) Freaking wow! Oh come on man! Make a devil emoji pillow out of this and sleep on it! That way you will have devil under control!!

Anonymous said:02 Nov '13

Bearded devil

Eyes said:02 Nov '13


Circle said:18 Oct '13

I thought that was a pig, lol...

Bride said:28 Sep '13

Just checking these emojis
>;)Winking Devil

City said:23 Sep '13

3:-) Devil is a happy guy today because he has been made famous on facebook!

Anonymous said:20 Jul '13

How do you make that smiley face? Plz tell the code of that too.

Anonymous said:01 Jul '13

Add a tiny evil face emoji emoticon while typing a comment on facebook. I like to see it in red though.

Cat said:21 Jun '13

3:) HE HE...
Can someone make a devil emoji saying goodbye? Waving bye? I would love to see one created!

Anonymous said:12 Jun '13

Is this how you do it to get the devil emoji on facebook posts or fb messenger?

Anonymous said:18 Apr '13

This is a good add for my coloring pages>;)
Needs a crown.

Iphone said:03 Apr '13


Anonymous said:28 Mar '13

You don't need the nose.

Anonymous said:21 Mar '13

number 3 is the Devil's horn.

Grin said:08 Mar '13

I'm going to test it.

Anonymous said:23 Feb '13

Look sideways at this evil emo face. This is another one:
The smaller character is actually the eyes and eyebrows in this one. Angry evil eyes are hidden below the eyebrows.

Head and Heart said:09 Feb '13

lol love this for my fb comments. You got to remember how to write this emoji in your text.

Devil Horns said:30 Jan '13

3:-] haha LoL
Does it work for you?

Anonymous said:31 Dec '12

It works on fb comments but why not on facebook status?

Anonymous said:25 Nov '12

3:-] Text devil smiley face for FB

cool said:07 Nov '12

Evil emoji icons:


Cool symbol emoticons. It's really cool.

Anonymous said:24 Oct '12

I'm going to try it.

Pitchfork said:21 Aug '12

Great emotions to use. Are you looking for other emojis for Facebook?

Facebook said:01 Jun '12

Thanks so much! Finally! I like the Frowning devil emoji more. Angry!

Evil Intentions said:30 May '12

Really great but is missing its famous ears!

PC said:29 May '12

3:-)HAHA! I THINK IT IS GREAT. I like the eyes!

Escape said:19 May '12

3:-) What's the devil emoji etiquette? In order not to send the wrong signal.

FB emojis said:26 Nov '11

I hate the devil but this fb emoji is cool; right?

Fork said:30 Jan '11

Very good expression for FB chat and comments.

FB Devil said:02 Oct '10

I reckon the laughing devil emoji is so cute and I'm one of them!!! lol luv them!!

Anonymous said:24 Jun '10


Anti Devil said:22 Mar '10

Love this new devil emoji on facebook 3:-)

Details for devil

Suggested shortcut: 3:)
Tags: Devil, Evil, Naughty
Filename: devil.png

  • The Devil emoticon is Static
  • Devil icon file size: 660 Bytes (660)

Its a PNG image measuring 16 by 16 pixels and is a true color icon (full colors), it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Devil

To use the Devil icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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