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Devil Facebook Emoticon

Devil emoticon for facebook
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Shortcut code: 3:)

Laughing devil emoticon. Feeling a little evil or devilish today? Use this cool emoticon of the devil to express yourself when you've got an evil scheme brewing. This emote could also be used for some flirting fun. Facebook cleverly uses the number 3 in the chat shortcut to represent the horns on his head. Another shortcut option is to include the nose like this 3:-).

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User comments (76)

Anonymous said:09 Mar (13:58)

3:) real demon Ha haha

sggs said:24 Jan (18:14)

3:) testing emoji
Right now

Anonymous said:22 Jan (08:30)

3:) 3:-) lklkjbuhbnjnlijnvb h h

D for De... said:16 Jan (23:37)

It's for use on Facebook.

Anonymous said:12 Jan (23:48)

3:) sadas das dasd asd ds as

Anonymous said:09 Jan (18:53)

3:) blah blah blah blah

Anonymous said:31 Dec '16

3:) test test test test

Anonymous said:24 Dec '16

3:) 3:-) testing emoji

j said:13 Dec '16

3:-) testing emoji seme krvavo

Anonymous said:06 Nov '16

3:) ds f f sffdssdfsdfsdfsdfsfsdf

Anonymous said:22 Oct '16

3:) asdasdasdasda asdas das das das da

Anonymous said:30 Sep '16

3:) testing the sign

Anonymous said:09 Aug '16


as if said:20 Jul '16

3:-) Bwah Hahahahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said:07 Jul '16

👿 blah blah blah blah

Anonymous said:08 Jun '16

>3:) asda

Anonymous said:01 Apr '16


Anonymous said:15 Mar '16


Anonymous said lol said:06 Feb '16

btw i got all this info from this site heres the link

Anonymous said lol said:06 Feb '16

Here's a description if it is not showing for you the Laughing devil emoticon:

D€/IL said:24 Jan '16

Coolness forever

Anonymous said:03 Nov '15

3:) hahahahahaha devil

Anonymous said:15 Jul '15

3:-) some people are covering their faces with angelic masks. Be aware!

Anonymous said:05 May '15

3:) devil is coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tina said:22 Jan '15

Isn't there an angry devil? These aren't quite mad enough: >:-( 3:)

Michael said:14 Nov '14

It doesnt work on FB :-(

Anonymous said:10 Oct '14

3:-) some people are covering their faces with angelic masks. Be aware!

etyey said:20 Sep '14


Anonymous said:10 Sep '14


uy said:22 Aug '14

:-) symbols it works just not on here

Bella said:09 Aug '14

Anonymous yes it does i have just used it on my facebook

Anonymous said:11 Jul '14

Satan 3:-) check this out

Anonymous said:09 Jul '14

trying it out...3:-)
I'm going to use this devil character emoticon a lot. I just love it! Not that I'm evil! Others are!!

Anonymous said:15 Jun '14

it works just not on here

Anonymous said:23 May '14


Anonymous said:19 May '14

3:-) try if it functions

Anonymous said:14 May '14

3:) let's give it a try ... :)

Niknicute said:09 May '14

3:-) let's see if it's working...

Anonymous said:07 Apr '14

Does this stuff work?

Anonymous said:25 Mar '14

3:) hello there! hahaha

Anonymous said:07 Mar '14

3:-) Devilishly Cool

Anonymous said:03 Mar '14

3:) .... does this work?

Anonymous said:26 Feb '14

3:-) >:-(

nobody said:14 Feb '14

it works gr8.. :)

Anonymous said:11 Feb '14

3:-) bwahaha is this how to make a devil?

Anonymous said:23 Jan '14

3:-). just testing to see if it works here

Anonymous said:03 Jan '14


Anonymous said:21 Dec '13

3) wow

Anonymous said:18 Dec '13

3) freaking wow! oh come on man!

Anonymous said:02 Nov '13

3:->== 3:) 3:) 3:D

Anonymous said:02 Nov '13


Anonymous said:18 Oct '13

I thought that was a pig, lol...

Anonymous said:28 Sep '13

just checking these >;)

Anonymous said:23 Sep '13

3:-) happy

Anonymous said:20 Jul '13

How do you make that smiley? Plz tell the code of that too.

Anonymous said:21 Jun '13

3:) HE HE...

Anonymous said:12 Jun '13

is this how you do it?

Anonymous said:18 Apr '13


nkmkmk said:03 Apr '13


Anonymous said:28 Mar '13

You don't need the nose -

Anonymous said:21 Mar '13

number 3 is the Devil's horn

Anonymous said:08 Mar '13

>:-| testing and testing

Anonymous said:23 Feb '13

>:-| look sideway at this evil emo face. this another one:
>-| the the smaller than character is actually the eyes and eyebrows in this one. angry evil eyes are hidden below the eyebrows!

Anonymous said:09 Feb '13

lololololol i luv this comment

Anonymous said:30 Jan '13

3:-] haha loL does it work ?

Anonymous said:31 Dec '12

It works on fb comments but why not on facebook status?

Anonymous said:25 Nov '12

3:-] devil text smiley

cool said:07 Nov '12

evil emoticons:


cool symbol emoticons.its really cool.

Anonymous said:01 Jun '12

Thanks so much woot! Finally!

yeah said:30 May '12

3:-( really great.

Anonymous said:29 May '12


Anonymous said:19 May '12


ALEESEA said:26 Nov '11

i hate the devil but kool; right

lols said:21 Jul '11

i rek'n' the laghn devil is so cute and im one of them!!! lols luvs them!!!

lols said:02 Oct '10

i rek'n' the laghn devil is so cute and im one of them!!! lols luvs them!!!

ant said:22 Mar '10

Love u too baby xxx 3:-)

Details for devil

Suggested shortcut: 3:)
Tags: Devil, Evil, Naughty
Filename: devil.png

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  • Devil icon file size: 660 Bytes (660)

Its a PNG image measuring 16 by 16 pixels and is a true color icon (full colors), it also supports a transparent background.

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