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Shark Facebook Emoticon

Shark emoticon for facebook
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Shortcut code: (^^^)

Shark with sharp teeth out. This cool emoticon was added to Facebook in May 2009, and shows a massive shark on the hunt. One of the cool things about this emote is that it looks just like shark from the JAWS movie poster, making it very recognizable to lots of people. This cool icon has one of the longest keyboard codes with 5 characters. There is only one shortcut to use this emoticon in facebook chat. Maybe you can use it to show people that you want to bite them? This might just be Mike Tyson's favorite smiley!

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User comments (91)

Anonymous said:01 Aug '19

No work on this shark emoji has been done for long ... Please fix it.

Anonymous said:25 Jun '19

(^^^) let's see if this mojie works...

Anonymous said:02 Jun '17

It works for me. It's fine.

Luci said:01 May '17

Seriously, still not working...

Anonymous said:18 Mar '17

( ^ ^ ^ ) (^^^) not working still

Anonymous said:01 Mar '17

Not working anymore!

Anonymous said:08 Feb '17

Not working fix it :(

ava said:11 Dec '16

Beware of the Sharks! There are plenty around.

Anonymous said:14 Aug '16

OK everyone you have to put the ()'s around like this(^^^) and you will get the shark emoji. FYI only.

Anonymous said:08 Aug '16

Used to work. Now it doesn't.

Anonymous said:01 Aug '16

Kill all the sharks but leave the shark emojis alone!

Anonymous said:27 May '16

(^ ^ ^) hahahaha
Does it work?

Anonymous said:24 Apr '16

Look at my sharp teeth!

Anonymous said:17 Mar '16

(^^^) WORK QAQ

Anonymous said:17 Feb '16

(^^^) plz help!

person said:05 Jan '16

Shark not working for me. Why?

Facebook Shark Emoji said:28 Sep '15

Thanks for sharing your article and for giving us the chance to read it. It is very helpful and encouraging.

Anonymous said:12 Sep '15

Love the shark. It so works.

Anonymous said:18 Aug '15

(^^^) Is this supposed to be a shark emoji?

Gguvvug said:20 Jul '15

:Putnam: is the best one

DEEZA said:08 Jul '15

(^^^) lolololol these emojis are nuts!

Anonymous said:20 May '15

(^^^) Da dah
coolest facebook shark emoji

Anonymous said:20 Apr '15

(^^^) still don't know what does this mean :/

Anonymous said:25 Feb '15

(^^^) Who is not afraid of shark emojis?!

Bob said:08 Jan '15

(^^^) Sharkasm! (^^^)

Anonymous said:08 Jan '15

Shark! bite my pride!

Anonymous said:22 Dec '14

(^^^) ?? Shark where ya at?!

Anonymous said:17 Dec '14

(^^^) interesting one! he he he he....

Anonymous said:13 Dec '14

(^^^) It does work hahaha

Anonymous said:29 Oct '14

(^^^) jaws

Anonymous said:22 Oct '14

(^^^) and other cute stuff:
(0.o) (=*_*=) (^.^)

Anonymous said:16 Oct '14

Hold shift down and type 96660 for shark (^^^)

Anonymous said:22 Aug '14

(^^^) it is so confusing

Anonymous said:11 Aug '14

(^^^) it won't work for me, do you have to add spaces?

Anonymous said:10 Aug '14

(^^^) ( ^ ^ ^ ) I want to see a shark

Anonymous said:09 Aug '14

(^^^) ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said:01 Aug '14

(^^^) It doesn't work for me, so any ideas to make it work?

anonymous said:18 Jul '14

Why* is it saying it's too short

Anonymous said:18 Jul '14

ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said:27 May '14

(^^^)here i come vroommm

Anonymous said:01 May '14

(^^^) Shark ... My comment is too short, so I am typing more to reach the required length.

Anonymous said:29 Mar '14

Shark Mania

Pam said:21 Mar '14

Do they also work just on FB when you make a comment on a post?

Anonymous said:07 Feb '14

(y) Hehehehe ... not sure

Parviz said:26 Jan '14

What does the shark emoji mean?

Anonymous said:18 Jan '14


Anonymous said:06 Jan '14

Currently my status! Surrounded by them!

Anonymous said:25 Dec '13

Ha ha I am Sharky. Lords and Knights.

FBIM said:11 Dec '13

So what's your comment Chi?!

Chi said:11 Dec '13

(^^^) keep telling me that my comment is short... is it long enough now?!

Anonymous said:09 Dec '13


Anonymous said:03 Dec '13

Does it work for Yahoo?

Anonymous said:24 Oct '13

(^^^) sharky loves me

Sharky said:10 Oct '13

Shark In Water

mimi said:28 Sep '13

Oh I see!!! LMAO..I click on the icon...DUH :/

Absaar khan said:15 Sep '13

[[hellokitty]] try this in ur fb.

Absaar khan said:15 Sep '13

My favorite is hello kitty.

dd said:27 Jul '13

:midfing: is a fav!!!

Anonymous said:23 Jul '13

Hello! I'm a shark (^^^)

Anonymous said:02 Jun '13


Anonymous said:09 May '13

how to post an animated shark on fb chat?

Anonymous said:05 May '13

(^^^) is that it?

Anonymous said:28 Apr '13

it works when u hit enter after u typed it

Anonymous said:18 Apr '13

shark didn't work! Just showed up as it was typed

Anonymous said:18 Mar '13

( ^^^ ) is this it??

Anonymous said:25 Feb '13

(^^^) is so awesome:)

Anonymous said:31 Dec '12

How to do poop on facebook chat? :poop: type it!!

Anonymous said:23 Nov '12

This doesn't make any sense. Doesn't the shark supposed to mean something not very nice like "Leave me alone or else?"

Anonymous said:03 Nov '12

i want a zombie one!

Anonymous said:12 Oct '12

What about a shark eating a penguin?

Anonymous said:29 May '12

i'm so bored, any there?

trololololo said:06 May '12

what about rawr emoticon?! >_<

ah sheng said:05 May '12

what is the meaning??

kumisn said:03 May '12

and then (Y) emotion

ruchi said:03 Apr '12

what does this penguin means?

bonjour said:12 Nov '11

How do you do the shark eating the penguin?

Anonymous said:01 Oct '11

*bob* (^ ^ ^ ) don't know if this will show up as a bite emoticon

thingymabob said:24 Jul '11

hmmmm... it's nice chatting with friends.

zeldafanatic123 said:21 Jul '11

haha shark *rawr i eat you!* (^^^)

zeldafanatic123 said:20 Apr '11

haha shark *rawr i eat u!* (^^^)

DJ PAZ said:26 Mar '11

i know all the emotions i need to show to all my friends :D

Anonymous said:16 Jan '11

:42: is to make a number 42, and for putnam, u gotta put colons before and after the name

Anonymous said:16 Nov '10

great I like this :*

Anonymous said:23 Aug '10

i cant do the :putnam it dosent work on mine, and yet it works on my cuzi computer!

Anonymous said:19 Aug '10

There all cool and they work brilliantly ! ;)

Anonymous said:17 Jul '10

I tested this shark emote on facebook and it works.thanks. please add :42: as well. by typing in that code in your facebook the number 42 will appear in a red circle. the number itself will appear in white and the background in red. don't ask me what's the meaning of this 42 emoticon because I'm not quite sure about it. it has something to do with a concept about the life take from a book which author makes a reference to number 42. actually I'll try to find out more about it and will post my findings here for you guys. hopefully by then the :42: emoticon is already added to this site!

Anonymous said:11 Jun '10

how can you all do that? nice work

riddler_26nice said:11 May '10

its great!!!.....nice work dude....those emoticons are cool

Anonymous said:07 May '10

None of them work..I've tried them.

Anonymous said:30 Mar '10

do you know the house one

Anonymous said:29 Mar '10

you forget the :42: one

Details for shark

Suggested shortcut: (^^^)
Tags: Shark, Jaws, Bite, Fish
Filename: shark.gif

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  • Shark icon file size: 1.01 kB (1035)

Its a GIF image measuring 16 by 16 pixels and has 138 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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