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Nerd Facebook Emoticon

Nerd emoticon for facebook
Shortcut code: B)

Nerdy smiley with glasses. This is a happy smiley face that is wearing his prescription glasses to correct his vision. One thing is for sure, this looks like one smart smiley dude. You can use this emoticon when you're studying or doing some work. Facebook also accept 3 other variations of the shortcut while chatting. You can also use the number 8 instead of the letter B such as 8) and 8-), or you may include a nose like this B-).

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User comments (27)

Anonymous said:08 Aug '17

Facebook copy paste emojis are really easy.

~MyDogsRock~ said:04 Oct '16

I'm using my Samsung Galaxy S3, did screenshot & will try these on my ipad+KF tablet.
I'll be keeping my fingers crossed 😉
Thanks for all of these fabulous animated emoticons & emojis... I 💖 them all!!

Paul said:04 Oct '16

Welcome to the Nerds club!

Anonymous said:06 Sep '16

I like the keyboard emojis for its ease of use and availability. It also encourages our memorizing skills.

Nerdy Emoji said:16 Nov '15

B-) my brother is a nerd and I like this nerd emoji bcs of him!

Anonymous said:31 Jul '15

I am proud to be the sister of a ture nerd!

Asif said:17 Jul '15

8-) Nerd face text emoji for facebook

Anonymous said:30 Jan '15

Some don't work for me either.

Koja said:16 Nov '14

I'm sure it works. It works for me.

Anonymous said:15 Nov '14

B) 8) B-). does this even work

Anonymous said:25 Oct '14

Does is work?

Anonymous said:20 Oct '14

B-) for geeks and nerds of the net

FARZAN said:28 Jul '14

B) its right or not?

Anonymous said:23 May '14


Anonymous said:09 Apr '14

Nerds are the ones who make use of technology easy for us. So my hat goes off to them!

Oakley sunglasses said:05 Mar '14

Great blog, thanks for sharing! Great job, thanks for caring!

Anonymous said:04 Mar '14

B) I am a nerd myself!!

Anonymous said:28 Feb '14

[[midfing]] hope it works, it will come in handy!!

Anonymous said:31 Dec '13

Nerd emoji is as cool as a true nerd.

Anonymous said:27 Nov '13

How do u do a middle finger emoticon..... LOL!

Anonymous said:21 Aug '13

How do you make a shot glass?

Anonymous said:11 Apr '13

B) .................. me too

Lola said:31 Mar '13

8) i dont know what else to write just wanted to see if it worked

ME said:21 Mar '13


[[pennisse]] said:21 Mar '13

hello friend I LOVE YOU :-)

Anonymous said:25 Jan '13

This looks like me :)

Robbie said:19 Oct '12


Details for nerd

Suggested shortcut: B)
Tags: Nerd, Glasses, Geek
Filename: glasses.png

  • The Nerd emoticon is Static
  • Nerd icon file size: 706 Bytes (706)

Its a PNG image measuring 16 by 16 pixels and is a true color icon (full colors), it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Nerd

To use the Nerd icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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