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Robot Facebook Emoticon

Robot emoticon for facebook
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Shortcut code: :|]

Robot face. This is one of the newer emoticons to be added to Facebook chat, a robot head. It has two red eyes and antennae on his head. We're not really sure how a robot icon could come in handy while chatting to someone, but feel free to use the comment form below to tell us how you might use it. This grey robot shows very little emotion for someone who is an emoticon! It has just the one unique chat shortcut to type it in.

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User comments (100)

Anonymous said:26 Jul '18

Let's see if you can interfere in the next election too! Now people of America are aware of your sneaky ways you Russian bots(butts)!

Anonymous said:24 Jul '18

I am a Russian Robot and I interfered in your election!

Anonymous said:12 Jun '18

Loving new emojis for Facebook like the robot emoji. I always wanted to have my own robot. Maybe soon.

Anonymous said:21 Sep '17

:|] robot does not compute.

Anonymous said:01 Aug '17

Hi everyone! I'm the Facebook Robot and I'm going to get all your jobs soon!! and you can kiss my shiny bu%#!!!

Anonymous said:20 Jan '17

Working for me.

Anonymous said:27 Dec '16

Robots will soon take up all our jobs! We will be dependent on our universal income! Be ready! Save money for your future! Don't spend your hard-earned cash on concerts! Singers are making loads of money. Think about it. Take it serious. Robots invasion!

Ilham said:23 Dec '16

I like it ☺☺

chota nawabzada said:04 May '16

bot by chota nawabzada

chota nawabzada said:03 May '16

bot by chota nawabzada

Anonymous said:30 Apr '16

bot powerd by junaid khan

Anonymous said:28 Jan '16

I want to have a robot to do my dishes for me!

Anonymous said:24 Jan '16

It is so cool : | ]
robots are cool

tgt said:03 Jan '16

I got a yellow robot instead of this.

Robot Emoji said:20 Nov '15

I got a yellow robot emojis instead of it.

Anonymous said:15 Oct '15

Sorry I'm just pranking you!

Robotic Emoji said:15 Oct '15

I'm a robot. Do you want a robot friend!? No won't wash your dishes!

Anonymous said:02 Aug '15

How do I get Robot emoji on my fb?

Kirk said:28 Mar '15

:P yr bot comments!

Masyrofie said:21 Mar '15

Quite interesting

Anonymous said:11 Mar '15

Folk I need your help for real!

Anonymous said:08 Mar '15

Anybody help me? I want to use robot emoji for comment on fb status. Plz tell me, text me on my fb.

Anonymous said:05 Mar '15


Balooch said:23 Feb '15

♥♡♥♡ Love it

Facebook robot said:22 Feb '15

And I'm more of an Asian man's wife kind of robot!

Curious said:14 Dec '14

What do you do Sharon which is so boring?

Sharon said:14 Dec '14

I am just off to do another eight hours of the most boring job in the world. :|]

fatima said:26 Nov '14

:l] is this robot made for me?

мг авнїжек said:27 Oct '14

I like them.

Anonymous said:05 Oct '14

How do you do a laughing Asian man?

Anonymous said:07 Sep '14

: l ]

Anonymous said:06 Jul '14

cool omg!

Idk who said:15 Mar '14

:X] (Adding more text because I have to)

The best said:15 Mar '14

: l ] or :l] Lol I think it works.

Anonymous said:14 Mar '14

(^^^) love this emoji right here!!

Army said:21 Feb '14

hi. I'm the Best ADC!
Are you ok?

Anonymous said:27 Jan '14

:(|) makes a monkey on fb

Anonymous said:27 Jan '14

:pooh: makes a pooh pile on fb

Anonymous said:12 Jan '14

:|] Robot emojis are cool!

Bubbles said:08 Jan '14

:|] Great robot emoji!

Anonymous said:01 Nov '13

The line is on my keyboard's backslash key, whilst pressing shift.

Anonymous said:17 Oct '13

Woodchucks can't chuck wood. So zero!

Woodchuck said:14 Oct '13

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

schmoe said:14 Oct '13

Nice. Very nice.

Cute said:07 Oct '13


bashsjsgamagMAHAMS said:26 Sep '13

| = the one next to z while pressing shift

Anonymous said:22 Sep '13

:putnam: just trying..

Anonymous said:19 Sep '13

: | ] : putnam : .........nothing happen?

Anonymous said:01 Sep '13

my keyboard doesnt have it either

Anonymous said:22 Jul '13

for robot what is in the middle?

Anonymous said:21 Jun '13

: l ] just wanna see if it works

Anonymous said:11 Jun '13

:|] i would use it like this and show a friend.

Anonymous said:31 May '13

:|] .

Anonymous said:06 May '13

My keyboard has no line!

Anonymous said:10 Apr '13


Anonymous said:09 Feb '13

its the one next to z while pressing shift :|]

gwapa said:23 Jan '13

love Putnam and the shark.

Anonymous said:23 Jan '13

i love putnam omg very coooooooooool

sammich said:09 Jan '13

:poop: makes a piece of poop...

Nichole said:08 Jan '13

the symbol above the forward slash... I don't know why they deleted the symbol.

Anonymous said:08 Jan '13

It's not the letter l. It's the symbol above the on my computer. It does work if you use the right one. But remember they're only for chat, or use in the comments. Not the original post.

Anonymous said:04 Jan '13

:poop: makes a lump of poop lol :) Only works in reply :)

Anonymous said:03 Jan '13

:l] it works.....?????

Anonymous said:31 Dec '12

shift + =| lol took me forever to learn

Anonymous said:01 Dec '12

robot = :| ] minus the space. Hope it helps! :)

Anonymous said:05 Nov '12

Remember it only works in chat!!

Anonymous said:01 Nov '12

how do you do robot?

Anonymous said:17 Oct '12

It doesn't work. Even when I copy and robot

Anonymous said:17 Oct '12

: | ] why am I not seeing any robots?

anonymous said:09 Sep '12

:|] thank u for the help

John rei=) said:20 Aug '12

The line symbol is in the left side of letter z so to make a line press shift and then click the symbol at the left side of letter z then it is a line, note:the letter l is not a line.

kyleigh said:26 Jul '12

The line character is above the enter button and bellow the backspace button. You also have to press shift.

coconut said:25 Jun '12

._. is adorable, it's like an innocent face.

Boss said:22 Jun '12

:|] Lovin the robot !!!! :|]

Anonymous said:21 Jun '12

THANK YOU, hahahhahaha :) appreciated

Anonymous said:25 May '12

:|] Very nice robot emoji

Anonymous said:21 May '12

this is the robot :|] and putnam -> :putnam:

Kiwi said:04 May '12

HOW DO YOU DO THE LINE!!!???!?!?!?

Anonymous said:07 Apr '12

How do u do the line? Xx

Haley said:17 Feb '12

how do you do the robot?

Anonymous said:21 Jan '12

is this how you do the robot :|] ?

Anonymous said:14 Nov '11

i found this awesome...well today i use it to woke up my partner and said knock knock and put the robot emoticon :|] as like the robot has come to woke him up:)

Alissa said:10 Jul '11

I love the little robot head :D I think they're trendy because I'm thinking about getting a Robot Head Necklace from Rue 21 :D

Anonymous said:26 Jun '11

copy and paste it thats hoe=w i got it to work

vamsi said:07 May '11

robot smiley is not working

zeldafanatic123 said:22 Apr '11

my robot doesnt wrk! plz help

great said:21 Mar '11

try this ctrl + w says awesome

Anonymous said:26 Feb '11

they dont have a robot

Fiona Google said:24 Nov '10

the button right above the "enter" or return on the far right

Anonymous said:31 Oct '10

the robot can be used when you're neutral or when something or someone is fake...

justin bieber said:25 Jul '10

hi facebook lover... what's your true name? i think you're cute

Anonymous said:06 Jun '10

the button right above the "enter" or return on the far right

Anonymous said:06 Jun '10

the line on the keyboard: hold shift and press

wapak.. said:27 Apr '10

Luv it... hehehehe!!

Just My Name said:25 Apr '10

I Love it! Thanks!!

Anonymous said:15 Apr '10

where's the line on the keyboard?

facebook lover said:13 Apr '10

@ameliaa lovess bradd: u can get it at microsoft word

ameliaa lovess bradd said:02 Apr '10


Anonymous said:20 Mar '10

: | ] that is it! lol i like all these facebook emotions. haven't seen half of them before ha ha ha!!!

Anonymous said:08 Mar '10

is that a robot? a facebook robot smiley or emoticon?

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