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Crying Facebook Emoticon

Crying emoticon for facebook
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Shortcut code: :'(

Crying emoticon with tears. Here come the waterworks, this smiley is sad and shedding some tears. Since this icon is not animated, we can't tell if he's teary-eyed or really crying. Use this when you're extremely sad and upset. It is only accessible in Facebook chat via the one shortcut.

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User comments (60)

Anonymous said:03 Jul '17

Anonymous if you want crying face with two eyes (straight face) go to text emoticon pages. I saw plenty of crying text emojis under text emoticons of this website.

sasa said:22 Nov '16

: ' (

Anonymous said:11 Nov '16

How to write crying sign with two eyes?

Sasha said:03 Oct '16

How to write Crying emoji with two eyes?

Anonymous said:30 Sep '16

Kill yourself, it'll help.

Anonymous said:10 Mar '16

| |
| |
{ }

Crying emoji said:07 Dec '15

Good crying emoji shortcut

Anonymous said:12 Oct '15

Dear Libby - please talk to your school counselor!! I assume you were on here looking for a 'crying' emoticon (like I was). No one here will know how to help you, so you will need to find help through people you know. Again, please talk to your school counselor about this. Sorry about your situation. You asked for help and you need help. You can look up 'helpline' for your area as well, or 'crisis line' or 'teen line' or something like that, to talk to someone by phone who can give you advice about how to get help. All the best to you...

Crying Emoji said:11 Oct '15

One night, at twelve o’clock, I was still up, along with my other siblings, I was fighting with my little bro, and Dad held me down and beat me! He kept calling me names like, “As#, shi#, and some other cra# too. I cried till morning that night. the next day I asked my friends on facebook if they had similar experiences at home. They said No. At first I felt bad about crying, but not after I shared my experience with my facebook friends. Now I know it's not normal to get such treatment from your father at home.

Dear Libby said:11 Oct '15

P.S. - - - - - - I'm 12. But I won't really commit suicide, I say that to HER sometimes, but if I really did, which I won't, I bet THEN she'd think about it.

Dear Libby said:11 Oct '15

Please help me, my Dad is a mean, disgusting brute, and he is very abusive to mainly ME. I'm making a list on my laptop of how many things HE'S done to me. And I'd rather commit suicide than live with him! I told my Mom who also is grossly mean a lot of the time, and she says, like she means it, "Good," She is nasty, she pushes me a bunch, and she hits my 7 - almost 8 year old - brother all of the time! And she ALWAYS takes my siblings side.

I said:31 May '15

How do you make the emoticon crying that is also smiling "mouth open"?

Thia said:29 May '15

How do you do the emoji face that is happily crying?

Anonymous said:28 Feb '15

I google smilie tears facebook. Not many websites publish a lot of similes under tears, none here with a single tear :-(

] said:24 Feb '15

I am crying:'(

Cry Baby said:07 Jan '15

That line is the tears on that cry face. A tearing sad face.

Anonymous said:07 Jan '15

:_( plzz tell me what is this

Anonymous said:31 Dec '14

Unfortunately there is so much demand for crying smileys these days:(

Anonymous said:17 Dec '14

:`{) Crying with an open mouth

Anonymous said:04 Nov '14

:{) does i work? I hope so. Otherwise what else can it be?

Anonymous said:03 Oct '14

:'( its for facebook comments, chat, mailbox and so on

Anonymous said:10 Sep '14

:'( i just try it this is not a symbol

Anonymous said:04 Sep '14


Anonymous said:21 Aug '14

:'( ....

Anonymous said:12 Aug '14

:'( just trying it out

Anonymous said:11 Aug '14

It doesn't work; it's just symbol and not the emoticon.

Anonymous said:10 Aug '14

:'( is this how u make it??

Anonymous said:29 Jul '14

:') Testing it :P But it's asking me to add more and more text :P

matt said:18 Jul '14

:'( just testin real quick

ANKUR said:19 May '14


Anonymous said:14 May '14

How u make the one thats like super crying? More than one tear like an anime? Like waterfalls out of both eyes?

Anonymous said:14 May '14

How do you make the laughing tears on both sides

Anonymous said:11 May '14

How to make Cry smiley face?

Anonymous said:06 May '14

: ' ( ...................

Anonymous said:30 Apr '14

: ' ( does it work...............

Anonymous said:22 Jan '14

:'( does it cry? It actually cries.

Ariyadasa said:17 Jan '14

Does anyone know how to type an emoji smiley with bushy eyebrows on Facebook?

Tearful Emoji said:23 Dec '13

What about a tearful smile emoji?

Anonymous said:01 Dec '13

:'( ''''

Anonymous said:29 Oct '13

:'( '''' crying and tears emoticon

lexis said:28 Oct '13

;) too crazy :(:):)(A)

Chippy Destor said:10 Oct '13

:'( feeling so sad

Anonymous said:09 Oct '13


Anonymous said:28 Sep '13

still trying to get the basic code?

Anonymous said:23 Sep '13

That is the quick version keyboard characters smiley face emoticon for crying that you type fast on your computer keyboard.

Anonymous said:23 Sep '13

I'm moved by this, this is so cool seriously.

yep said:01 Sep '13

; ' ( i like it

kimber said:16 Jul '13

I am heart broken every day if i do not have a friend in my life.

Anonymous said:01 Jun '13

I'm Broken Hearted!! :'(( Huhuhuhu ..

zs said:29 Mar '13

: ' ( feel so sad.....huhuhuhuhh

Anonymous said:16 Nov '12

:'( '''' crying and tears emoticon

xhinee said:22 May '12

crying smiley with keyboard symbols:

:'( wwwwww

campstar said:02 Apr '12

Haha its so cool.........

Anonymous said:28 Oct '11


amir said:21 Jul '11

marvelous... how cool! yes yes!

lka said:21 Jul '11

so i'll kill you :P no...thanks

amir said:21 Jul '11

now can you count numbers? deserve it.

amir said:11 Mar '11

now it's your deserve it biatch...!

lka said:24 Feb '11

super!!!! i'm happy!!!! :D

Anonymous said:04 Jan '11

so kewl this is really great...thanks

Details for crying

Suggested shortcut: :'(
Tags: Cry, Tear, Crying, Sad, Upset, Depressed, Disappointed
Filename: cry.png

  • The Crying emoticon is Static
  • Crying icon file size: 726 Bytes (726)

Its a PNG image measuring 16 by 16 pixels and is a true color icon (full colors), it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Crying

To use the Crying icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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