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Bored Facebook Emoticon

Bored emoticon for facebook
Shortcut code: -_-

Annoyed, sighing or bored. This smiley face has its eyes closed and is sporting a very small grin. Use this emoticon to show someone that they've done something silly or that you're feeling bored. Depending on the context, it could also convey the feeling of indifference or even disgust. There is only one shortcut for inserting this emote, and it's pretty easy to type and remember since you only use one key to do it.

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User comments (20)

I like someone said:14 Apr '16

(_8-(|) lol my comment was too short so I added more text

I'm Bored Emoji said:02 Oct '15

I am feeling bored and I don't know how to amuse myself!

Bored Emoji said:02 Oct '15

What can I do when I feel bored?

Anonymous said:30 May '15

I came here because I was bored and now this bored emoji is my new friend!

Anonymous said:10 Jul '14

(-_-) Is that the sad smiley??

Anonymous said:13 Mar '14

Does (-_-) have the same meaning?

anonymous6 said:28 Oct '13

This is bored guys:

Anonymous said:28 Oct '13

Yes me too. I'm looking for bored.

Anonymous said:07 Oct '13

I need one for bored. How to get this?

Anonymous said:24 Sep '13

With so many things to do on the internet these days it's not easy to feel the boredom in our life.

Dana said:07 Jul '13

I'm looking for bored. Where is it?

Anonymous said:29 May '13

Does -.- have the same meaning?

Anonymous said:15 Feb '13

i know how to flick off ppl

NoName said:10 Feb '13

seriously how can one get bored on the internet these days? there is so much to do that your problem would be more "lack of time" than boredom!

Anonymous said:09 Feb '13

A "disgust" icon would be very convenient considering most of internet is trash!

Anonymous said:17 Dec '12

there is a bored face -_-

Anonymous said:02 Dec '12

i wonder what else you can do :)

AliGrayy said:21 Feb '12

i wish they had a bord face

Anime Smile said:07 Oct '11

hey i have more

Anonymous said:04 Feb '11

do u have any more? love the penguin < ( " )

Details for bored

Suggested shortcut: -_-
Tags: Annoyed, Bored, Squint, Apathetic, Indifferent
Filename: squint.png

  • The Bored emoticon is Static
  • Bored icon file size: 712 Bytes (712)

Its a PNG image measuring 16 by 16 pixels and is a true color icon (full colors), it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Bored

To use the Bored icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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