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Happy Facebook Emoticon

Happy emoticon for facebook
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Shortcut code: :)

A happy smiley face. This is a very common emoticon found almost everywhere, you can use it to express joy and happiness with something or someone. It is most likely the most used smiley of all time, and one of the first ever emotes to be created on the Internet in 1982. It has 3 other keyboard codes on facebook chat, they are :], =) and :-).

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User comments (29)

Anonymous said:21 May '16

How do I make the blushing smiley face?

JJ said:11 Jul '15

:) Really nice emoticons and emojis, really happy face

Anonymous said:11 Apr '15

How do I put kissing lips emoji along with the happy emoji in one message in fb?

Anonymous said:10 Nov '14

I dunno about this Ooº°˚ ˚°ºoo

Anonymous said:13 Aug '14

(^^^) Is this how to make a shark?

66 said:04 Jul '14

:-) this is happy smiley

Anonymous said:22 Feb '14

shortcuts on facebook doesn't show emoticons.

Anonymous said:04 Feb '14

What would this emoji mean??

Anonymous said:11 Jan '14

Happy, awesome, cute ...

Anonymous said:18 Dec '13


Anonymous said:10 Oct '13

:-) This is a happy comment.

Anonymous said:17 Aug '13


Anonymous said:16 Apr '13

Anonymous said:24 Mar '13

hello how r u wuts up

Anonymous said:24 Jan '13

:) help me do this, please someone help me!

Anonymous said:25 Nov '12

:-) text happy smiley

Anonymous said:14 Nov '12

why don't we use this ('-').

anonymous said said:24 Oct '12

this is test how to put smile face on face book

Anonymous said:22 Oct '12

This is Testing the code :)

Anonymous said:18 Oct '12

This is a test :)

wats up emotion said:13 Oct '12

:42: Thats a white 42 on red background.

gf said:03 Aug '12

luck :) this is how u put a smil face and then send it but it only works on chat

luck said:25 Jul '12

how do i put a smile on my facebook

Happychappie said:19 Jul '12

All I want is to put a smilie on my facebook message. How do I do that?

Anonymous said:01 Feb '12

What does this mean *:-)

Grinny said:16 Jul '11

Yeah.. we should tell FB guys about this issue. they need some adorable and special smileys to please us!! colors need to be more vibant and emotes themselves should become larger in size. currently they're too small. and did I say that they need more variety?!

Anonymous said:16 Jul '11


Anonymous said:09 Jul '11

=) :) :-) hahahahaha

Donita Rose said:04 Jul '10

awesome and so cute!!!!

Details for happy

Suggested shortcut: :)
Tags: Happy, Smiley, Smile, Joy
Filename: smile.png

  • The Happy emoticon is Static
  • Happy icon file size: 700 Bytes (700)

Its a PNG image measuring 16 by 16 pixels and is a true color icon (full colors), it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Happy

To use the Happy icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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