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Confused Facebook Emoticon

Confused emoticon for facebook
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Shortcut code: o.O

Confused or WTF emoticon. This smiley face is used to show shock or disbelief. It's similar to a raised eyebrow expression for when you're not sure about something or can't believe what you're hearing. Send this emote to your friends when they tell you something baffling. There is a second variation to the shortcut where you can raise the other eyebrow, like this O.o.

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User comments (28)

Dad said:21 Sep '17

o.O What? the sad man lol

Anonymous said:26 Feb '16

More text please

Anonymous said:24 Aug '15

These r the emos for confusion:
:? :) ?)

Anonymous said:11 Nov '14

o.O I like this one!

Anonymous said:07 May '14

O.o does this work? i need to find out.

Anonymous said:24 Apr '14

o.O Arggg!

Anonymous said:10 Mar '14

o.O Aren't there more than these many icons?

Anonymous said:02 Nov '13

o.O arrr

Anonymous said:19 Sep '13


Anonymous said:22 Aug '13

I can't make these work. Why???

AAFRDEJ said:04 Jul '13

o.O ah...OK...

Anonymous said:12 Jun '13

(o.O) hmmmmmmm !!! (o.O)

mostafa said:30 May '13

[[]] i wanna cake code

Anonymous said:22 May '13

are codes working for facebook?

Anonymous said:04 May '13

* #:-)

AS said:10 Apr '13


Anonymous said:03 Mar '13

O.o xx

goodie said:11 Feb '13

(o.O) if you place it inside a pair of parentheses it will be more clear and easier to view and understand.

Anonymous said:11 Feb '13

o.O Just testing if I'm doing it right

jr-hammer said:29 Jun '12

I ment beat not eat the cyclops LOL

jr-hammer said:29 Jun '12

Thats fine :)
Anyway it's hard to eat the cyclops on play station home

Ssakies said:29 Jun '12

Hi jr-hammer i'm not into the Edo stuff anymore :)

Anonymous said:29 Jun '12

/ \ Hello that is me
[ ]

Anonymous said:04 May '12


Anonymous said:04 Feb '12

O.o good i love this

Anonymous said:03 May '11

alt+3=♥ ;)

Anonymous said:15 Jan '11

i luvv the emoticons!!!!

Anonymous said:14 Jul '10

:v this is my favorite!! pacman :v

Details for confused

Suggested shortcut: o.O
Tags: Confused, Unsure, Not Sure, Uncertain
Filename: confused.png

  • The Confused emoticon is Static
  • Confused icon file size: 663 Bytes (663)

Its a PNG image measuring 16 by 16 pixels and is a true color icon (full colors), it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Confused

To use the Confused icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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