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Keke Facebook Emoticon

Keke emoticon for facebook
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Shortcut code: ^_^

Kekeke happy emoticon. This smiley is inspired by the Asian style ^_^ emoticon, which is a happy face. It is often accompanied by the text "keke" which is the Korean representation of laughter. This is probably why some people refer to it as the kiki smiley. This emote only has one facebook chat shortcut, making it really easy to remember.

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User comments (19)

Anonymous said:17 Apr '17

KEKE is a cute Japanese laughing gesture.

Anonymous said:26 Aug '16

Hehe hehe emojis...

Missy said:30 Jul '16

Keke emojis for facebook messages

Anonymous said:01 Jul '16

Very good keke emoji keyboard shorcuts for facebook.

Anonymous said:04 May '16

I'm trying to get them on my Facebook pages. Do you have to pay for them? It's the smiley faces l want.

khalifa messenger said:10 Apr '16

:* kisses and hugs

nutmeg said:24 Dec '14

^_^ ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said:15 Jun '14

^D^ like it...

condo said:29 Apr '14

i like it.

Soan said:24 Feb '14

:* i like it but how to create red kiss (only lips) in facebook?

Natasha said:26 Jan '14

You have to thank God for everything that u get, because there are some people who don't get anything, and they wish to get even food only.

goody said:15 Nov '13

^_^ good! i like it......

yola said:10 Nov '13

this icons are totally awesome!

LuDOV1KA said:13 Sep '12


LOVELY said:16 Oct '11

they r all amazing , i like them soo much muwahhh :*

MoKO_AZak|| said:22 Jul '11

Haha these are realy Helpfull

Anonymous said:08 May '11

pagi yg menyenangkan..

Anonymous said:06 Apr '11

^ _^ ♥ do you have squint

MoKO_AZaK||♥♥♥ said:27 Jun '10

Haha these are really Helpfull

Details for keke

Suggested shortcut: ^_^
Tags: Keke, Kiki, Asian
Filename: kiki.png

  • The Keke emoticon is Static
  • Keke icon file size: 714 Bytes (714)

Its a PNG image measuring 16 by 16 pixels and is a true color icon (full colors), it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Keke

To use the Keke icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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