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Cool Facebook Emoticon

Cool emoticon for facebook
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Shortcut code: B|

Cool smiley wearing sunglasses. This emoticon has his sunglasses on and is looking very cool, calm and confident. The chat shortcuts for this are the same as the glasses wearing smiley, except you change the parenthesis with a bar character. For example 8| or B-| will show this graphic.

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User comments (25)

Dirkje said:15 Jun '15

Wow, after trying a couple of times B| worked fine. Haha, this looks so cool.

Anonymous said:07 May '15

Thanks for info , very easy to undestand ...

df said:10 Apr '15

8| er ery ey hhtjsle kpd dg

Anonymous said:14 Jan '15

Coolest of the all

Anonymous said:07 Dec '14

B| hummm..

Anonymous said:19 Nov '13

Use B then "shift" and the backslash above the enter key

Anonymous said:26 Oct '13

How do you get the one with sun glasses?

Anonymous said:09 Apr '13

B| they're not working anymore for me!

Anonymous said:21 Mar '13

Really nice one.

Anonymous said:01 Mar '13

who is putnam it said i had to add more words so i just did this

Anonymous said:23 Dec '12

B-| This isn't working for me! :(

Lollypop said:26 Nov '12

if you guys make diffrent smillys then people would be flodding your website!!! know what i mean

Lollypop said:26 Nov '12

I don't know what to say.....unknown is right i'm looking for different flirty ones to send to my boy friend or crushes.

unknown said:26 Nov '12

I know all of those i want to find more cooler ones!!

Anonymous said:10 Mar '12

B| :))))))))))))) so you do like this....let's see

lizzie said:12 Feb '12

:Putnam: he hehehehehee

Maddie Rose said:21 Jul '11

this is so very easy

Maddie Rose said:26 Jun '11

how do you do that??

?????????Nameless said:09 May '11

this is so very easy

Anonymous said:20 Mar '11

to make the line y do this but u do it withn shift on

Jose said:30 Jan '11

the line is a "pipe" character, it should be above your enter key (you need to hold shift too).

Anonymous said:30 Jan '11

How do you make the line

Anonymous said:26 Jan '11


123me said:12 Nov '10

cool words and text emoticons. I wish there were more of them posted here.

Anonymous said:23 Oct '10

Ivan it's my best friend.

Details for cool

Suggested shortcut: B|
Tags: Cool, Sunglasses
Filename: sunglasses.png

  • The Cool emoticon is Static
  • Cool icon file size: 663 Bytes (663)

Its a PNG image measuring 16 by 16 pixels and is a true color icon (full colors), it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Cool

To use the Cool icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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