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Cat Facebook Emoticon

Cat emoticon for facebook
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Shortcut code: :3

Cat faced smiley. This emoticon is meant to represent a cat or kitty's face. You can add it to your messages to act kinda cute and quirky. This kind of facial expression is sometimes made by cat-like characters in anime shows. It looks quite adorable too! The keyboard code for facebook chat is only 2 letters, so this one is quite easy to remember.

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User comments (37)

Anonymous said:09 Sep '16

:3 I want to see the kitty cat emoji.

ravi said:07 May '16

:3 not working
Plese solve

Sideway said:15 Dec '15

Needs ears to look like cat - this is just a mustache face. I want a cat emoji on FB Please.

Likes kitties said:02 Apr '15

I wanted to make a kitty face emoji ...

Anonymous said:17 Jan '15

Did it come out right?

Anonymous said:09 Nov '14


Anonymous said:30 Sep '14

: 3 ...... cat ?? just add some more text!

mpAnonymous said:20 Aug '14

:3 this website has helped me to learn how to make emoticons on fb so well.

a said:11 Jul '14

[[332936966718584]] the cat. This is the code for cat emoticon on the facebook.

Smithg848 said:03 May '14

I truly enjoy looking at this web site , it contains superb blog posts. Heavier than air flying machines are impossible. by Lord Kelvin.

Anonymous said:03 Apr '14

how to type a cat emoticon on Facebook?

Anonymous said:31 Jan '14


Cat Emoji Facebook said:20 Dec '13

Not sure if the facebook cat emoji will work for everyone.

Anonymous said:12 Nov '13

We got mustached!

Anonymous said:23 Oct '13

Only works on Facebook.

Anonymous said:19 Oct '13

[[332936966718584]] hello kitty

Anonymous said:09 Oct '13


Aha said:02 Sep '13

Does it work? :3 I wonder?!?!?

Anonymous said:01 Sep '13

:3 did it work? hopefully it did!!!

Xoe said:23 Jun '13

They dont work :( why?

ahaahaha said:18 May '13

:3 ahahaha, yeah! ahhaha

Anonymous said:15 May '13

lol try [[123456789]] on facebook

Anonymous said:18 Apr '13

=^.^= Cute Kitten Face

Anonymous said:07 Jan '13


does this work?

Anonymous said:03 Jan '13

Try putting in :poop:

Anonymous said:03 Jan '13

:poop: lol this one is really funny, but a bit disgusting, try it if it don't work try it on facebook :)

Anonymous said:29 Dec '12

I tried hello kitty not work

curvy_banana said:21 Nov '12

For the Hello Kitty! emoticon use this code:


kephra said:17 Oct '12

it's really cool :)

Anonymous said:18 Aug '12


for a tiger striped cat

Dee said:30 May '12

This is a kitty emoticon made by symbols also known as keyboard emoticons:

Anonymous said:27 Feb '12

i want to know how to do the kitty

Ninja Girl said:19 Sep '11

how do you do a cat?

macatol said:22 Jul '11

hello every one! what are you doing now?

Anonymous said:21 Jul '11

hi! what are you doing? ha?

Anonymous said:12 Oct '10

i would like to have those symbols as well :3

Anonymous said:16 Apr '10

don't you have symbols of music and somethings like these? ☺ ☻ ♦ ♣ ♠ ♥ ♂ ♀ ♪ ♫ ☼ ↕

Details for cat

Suggested shortcut: :3
Tags: Cat, Kitty, Kitten
Filename: colonthree.png

  • The Cat emoticon is Static
  • Cat icon file size: 693 Bytes (693)

Its a PNG image measuring 14 by 16 pixels and is a true color icon (full colors), it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Cat

To use the Cat icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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