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Angry Facebook Emoticon

Angry emoticon for facebook
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Shortcut code: >:O

Upset, angry or shouting emoticon. This smiley is really mad. Something has upset him terribly and he is blowing off some steam. It looks like the emote is shouting at the top of his lungs. It's not good to criticize, berate or shout at people; but sometimes you need to yell a little bit to get your point across. Besides the main shortcut, there are 3 other distinct codes you can use in facebook chat to get this icon to show up. You can include the nose like this >:-O or use lowercase variations like >:o and >:-o. Due to the way it has been designed, it bears a resemblance to the laughing XD emoticon that many people love to use.

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User comments (83)

Lucky said:13 Jun '18

Does anyone know of a pissed off or dirty look emoji where the emoji is looking up and down?

Anonymous said:07 Jan '17

Any emoticons and emojis or symbols for people in need of Anger Management strategies and skills?

Anonymous said:03 Jan '17

Loving it

Anonymous said:10 Jul '16

How do you do a red angry face emoji on facebook?

Anonymous said:10 Mar '16


Anonymous said:10 Feb '16

Anyone knows what this is used for? Facebook, yahoo, skype, whatsapp, etc...?

Anonymous said:06 Jan '16


Nice creative work done using keyboard only.

Facebook emojis said:06 Dec '15

Angry emoji on facebook looks great. very good.

Facebook Angry Emoji said:09 Nov '15

Good emojis

FB emojis said:22 Oct '15

*>.<* Universally good text emojis

NS said:03 Sep '15

Good one

das said:30 Jun '15

Penguin Penguin Penguin Penguin Penguin

Anonymous said:29 Jun '15

>:O >:-O ohhhhh hiiiiiiii

Anonymous said:18 Jun '15

>:O Coolest text angry emoji on the internet.

Anony said:29 May '15

>:O hello you again?!

Linneypooh said:20 May '15

I wanted to say something about this facebook angry emoji but It said my comment was to short and I'm just like >:-0 LOL

Anonymous said:05 May '15

I'm testing new facebook angry emoji.

Anonymous said:08 Apr '15

:-x I'm so angry and my blood pressure is up!

Anonymous said:14 Feb '15

What does a yelling smiley face mean?

Anonymous said:03 Feb '15

>:-O I want an angry face with "WTF" caption.

Anonymous said:18 Jan '15

(1/1) What does this mean?

Anonymous said:13 Oct '14

>:o >:-0 >:0 >:o

Mubbi said:26 Sep '14

how to make the red faced angry emoticon like we used :@ to do it before .... anyone pls?

Anonymous said:10 Sep '14


Anonymous said:23 Jun '14

I always do this >_<

Anonymous said:04 Jun '14

:24: ( :twentyfour: )

Marisa said:01 Jun '14

>:-) hoo ho great emoticon

Anonymous said:21 May '14

>:O didn't work. Let's try >:-0

Anonymous said:21 May '14


Anonymous said:03 May '14

>:o this emote is saying F U......

Anonymous said:27 Apr '14

>:-O an emoticon face for people in need of anger management skills!

Anonymous said:14 Apr '14

This is a really funny emoticon.

Anonymous said:11 Apr '14

(-!-)+{•;•} How does this look like?

Anonymous said:02 Apr '14


Anonymous said:18 Mar '14

How are you guys?

Anonymous said:29 Jan '14

(-!-) {•;•}
The way we were!

Anonymous said:11 Jan '14

>:-o Cool

Anonymous said:15 Dec '13

(y) does this work? :) :( :D

Anonymous said:29 Oct '13


rax said:23 Oct '13


bgnhfnh said:09 Oct '13


Anonymous said:15 Sep '13


DIARY NG PANGET#1FAN said:09 Sep '13

This works >:( that worked for me... Wohoo

hela said:03 Sep '13

>:o >:-0 -_- this dont work

Johnybalaz said:05 Jul '13

8=D try this one xDDD

LOLx said:18 Jun '13

Muahaha This is not angry enough lolx

Anonymous said:01 Jun '13

Wild and Furious!

said:15 May '13

It's really hard to control your emotions when you are wildly angry at someone or something.

Anonymous said:10 May '13

>:-O lets see how this looks

mathew said:04 May '13

That does not mean angry face...that means laughing face!

Britt said:01 May '13

>:o trying my best and see what it will be

Sunny said:29 Apr '13

[[midfing]] try this one

Anonymous said:09 Apr '13

>:-( >:-(

maria said:24 Mar '13


emotions said:26 Feb '13


MYName said:10 Feb '13

if you don't like smileys why are you here then?!

Anonymous said:09 Feb '13

[[ixlike]] don't like smileys

karbie said:26 Jan '13

>:O this is a really angry smiley face keyboard emoticon

Anonymous said:19 Jan '13

>:( X( =/ =X >:) X(

Anonymous said:14 Jan '13


how can we make an angry face?

Anonymous said:22 Dec '12

>:-O just testing hey how are you

ssss said:21 Dec '12

>:-o mad smiley face emoticon for as text or keyboard creation.

sdsds said:24 Nov '12

>:o @#%^&

Anonymous said:20 Nov '12

>:O ............ testing

Anonymous said:15 Nov '12

i thought the >:o was the same as xD

Anonymous said:10 Nov '12

>:o nice dear. want more

Anonymous said:29 Oct '12

Upset too.

Unwanted said:08 Aug '12

It shuld hav been kinda red like the devil one

s said:08 Jun '12

>:O this seems really cool

Anonymous said:08 Jun '12

i really want angry ones!!

keval said:07 Jun '12

hmmmmmmm good. but is it the best? lolz he he he

Anonymous said:05 May '12

when i'm angry i'm like: i hate you all, i hate you,....! and then i need this angry smiley to show my emotions!

archie said:13 Apr '12

cool. i know more than u!

Anonymous said:28 Mar '12

how come u can do it >.< like this and it show that emotion whe it's suppose to be >:-O tho ??

Anonymous said:29 Feb '12

>:-O I think this is a great smiley. Thanks

Anonymous said:03 Dec '11

>:O is an angry face :L it looks like kinda excited as well though...

Anonymous said:22 Sep '11

how can v make an angry face?

Anonymous said:31 Aug '11

Angry smiley did make it to the not-so-serene land of unhappy people.

Anonymous said:27 Jul '11


haba said:28 Mar '11

these r furious faces.

Anonymous said:26 Feb '11


BIGFACE said:13 Feb '11

this is an awesome emoticon, I'll write it on my IM.

Anonymous said:22 Oct '10

These Facebook Emoticons are soo cool i use them all the time now >:O

Details for angry

Suggested shortcut: >:O
Tags: Angry, Upset, Mad, Pissed Off, Shout, Scream, Furious, Annoyed, Enraged, Rage, Temper
Filename: upset.png

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