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Angel Facebook Emoticon

Angel emoticon for facebook
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Shortcut code: O:)

A blushing angel with a halo. Use this smiley face when you've been really good and have behaved yourself. You can even use when you feel embarrassed. Facebook chat uses the capital letter O to represent the halo over the angel's head. This icon also has an additional shortcut where you can type a dash for the nose, like so: O:-). A great emoticon to show how innocent and pure you really are!

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User comments (24)

Anonymous said:22 Dec '16

Enjoy a good relationship with your angel... but know that you have to first get one. Not everyone has an angel. You have to work hard for it. So stop wasting time and start working on your self-development and self-growth. Stay clear from wrong-doings. Securing an angel doesn't come easy. They don't become friends with wrong people!

Anonymous said:26 Jan '16

O:) hi

Anonymous said:26 Jan '16

O:) hi halo hi halo hi halo

Anonymous said:26 Jan '16

o : ) halo

Angel said:14 Apr '15

O:) Hoping she's always very happy :)

Anonymous said:28 Mar '15

O:)I'm no Angel, but I want to become one!

Anonymous said:19 Mar '15

O:-) O:) tried to do the angel emoji emoticon on fb but it won't do it.

Anonymous said:19 Oct '14

How about a blushing emoticon.. I'm sorely in need of one!

Anonymous said:15 Oct '14

123 o:)

Anonymous said:25 Aug '14

Where's the angel? You have a devil!

1d said:31 Oct '13

You should make a halloween emoticon.

Anonymous said:07 Jun '13

we need to combine the cool with angel

Anonymous said:22 May '13

What??? No Ducks?? We need a Ducks emoticon!

vvc said:17 Mar '13

:'( nnnnnn

cat=sooo cute said:03 Nov '12

omg! that cat is so cute. Add more!

Anonymous said:24 Oct '12

please don´t add anything.

SKILLET 4 LYFE said:31 Mar '12

can you add an embarrassed emotion?

said: said:21 Jul '11

add more emoticons pls...

O:) said:21 Jul '11

O:-) love it please add more

Anonymous said:29 Mar '11

is there Embarrassed?

Anonymous said:25 Mar '11

0:-) love it please add more

Anonymous said:22 Jan '11

i lovvve the emotions but can u put more emotions plz

facebook lover said:16 Jul '10

could you please add some more emoticons for facebook. :)

Anonymous said:20 Feb '10

add more emoticons pls...

Details for angel

Suggested shortcut: O:)
Tags: Angel, Blush, Embarrassed, Sweet, Cute
Filename: angel.png

  • The Angel emoticon is Static
  • Angel icon file size: 712 Bytes (712)

Its a PNG image measuring 16 by 16 pixels and is a true color icon (full colors), it also supports a transparent background.

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