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Angel Facebook Emoticon

Angel emoticon for facebook
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Shortcut code: O:)

A blushing angel with a halo. Use this smiley face when you've been really good and have behaved yourself. You can even use when you feel embarrassed. Facebook chat uses the capital letter O to represent the halo over the angel's head. This icon also has an additional shortcut where you can type a dash for the nose, like so: O:-). A great emoticon to show how innocent and pure you really are!

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User comments (24)

Anonymous said:22 Dec '16

O : ) enjoyHshsjkkai ahaiajB

Anonymous said:26 Jan '16

O:) hi

Anonymous said:26 Jan '16

O:) hi halo hi halo hi halo

Anonymous said:26 Jan '16

o : ) halo

Angel said:14 Apr '15

O:) Hoping she's always be happy . Yukirin :)

Anonymous said:28 Mar '15

O:)I'm no Angel, but I want to become one!

Anonymous said:19 Mar '15

O:-) O:) tried to do the angel emoticon on fb but it won't do it

Anonymous said:19 Oct '14

How about a blushing emoticon.. I'm sorely in need of one!

Anonymous said:15 Oct '14

123 o:)

Anonymous said:25 Aug '14

Where's the angel? You have a devil!

1d said:31 Oct '13

You should make a halloween emoticon.

Anonymous said:07 Jun '13

we need to combine the cool with angel

Anonymous said:22 May '13

What??? No Ducks?? We need a Ducks emoticon!

vvc said:17 Mar '13

:'( nnnnnn

cat=sooo cute said:03 Nov '12

omg! that cat is so cute. Add more!

Anonymous said:24 Oct '12

please don´t add anything.

SKILLET 4 LYFE said:31 Mar '12

can you add an embarrassed emotion?

said: said:21 Jul '11

add more emoticons pls...

O:) said:21 Jul '11

O:-) love it please add more

Anonymous said:29 Mar '11

is there Embarrassed?

Anonymous said:25 Mar '11

0:-) love it please add more

Anonymous said:22 Jan '11

i lovvve the emotions but can u put more emotions plz

facebook lover said:16 Jul '10

could you please add some more emoticons for facebook. :)

Anonymous said:20 Feb '10

add more emoticons pls...

Details for angel

Suggested shortcut: O:)
Tags: Angel, Blush, Embarrassed, Sweet, Cute
Filename: angel.png

  • The Angel emoticon is Static
  • Angel icon file size: 712 Bytes (712)

Its a PNG image measuring 16 by 16 pixels and is a true color icon (full colors), it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Angel

To use the Angel icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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