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Pacman Facebook Emoticon

Pacman emoticon for facebook
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Shortcut code: :v

A Pacman emoticon. This emote is a cool throwback to one of the most popular and innovative video games of the 80s. Pacman is globally recognized as one of the all-time classic games and has cemented its place in popular culture. This itself makes this a perfect candidate for a facebook chat smiley! This is one of the icons that only has a single shortcut for facebook chat, and it's really easy to remember too, so use this smiley to go retro! Just keep in mind that it's case-sensitive.

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User comments (22)

Anonymous said:08 Nov '16

What is the point to present an emote, giving its name but not the meaning in term of emotion?! :/

Emoji said:19 Jun '16

Good night sweet prince 2007-2016

Facebook vs Snapchat said:09 Jun '16

This is packman keyboard text emoji for copy pasting :v

Anonymous said:23 Jan '16

Nice. I made that! No... just kidding!!

Anonymous said:09 Jun '15

Putnam emoji is difficult to make!!

Anonymous said:02 Sep '14

Don't know what it's for?

Anonymous said:16 Aug '14

How to make colorful heart?

Anonymous said:03 Jul '14

Is it right? I am o.O

Anonymous said:06 Feb '14

:v Pacman text emoji

Anonymous said:26 Nov '13

The pacman is just a meme lOl

Tante Inge said:14 Aug '13

Nobody seems to know what the pac man emoticon is used for...

Anonymous said:06 May '13

:putnam: is the person with brown hair

me2013 said:10 Mar '13

:v Pacman text emoticon

allieoop said:24 Dec '12

great! thank you .....pacman came in handy today ;)

Anonymous said:28 Nov '12

how do u do it??????????????

Anonymous said:26 Oct '12

what does the pacman emoticon mean @ why is it used ?

Anonymous said:29 Sep '12

kool i love all of them lol

Anonymous said:10 May '12

why do we use it exactly?? plz tell!!

Alissa said:10 Jul '11

OMG i just figured out Pac-Man :D I use it A LOT now :D

Anonymous said:03 Jun '11

hallo its funny ho ho ho ho

Anonymous said:25 Jan '11

haha i love the penguin ! omg robot !

Anonymous said:25 Oct '10


Details for pacman

Suggested shortcut: :v
Tags: Pacman, Video, Game, Arcade
Filename: pacman.png

  • The Pacman emoticon is Static
  • Pacman icon file size: 690 Bytes (690)

Its a PNG image measuring 16 by 16 pixels and is a true color icon (full colors), it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Pacman

To use the Pacman icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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