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Penguin Facebook Emoticon

Penguin emoticon for facebook
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Shortcut code: <(")

Penguin looking to the left. This emoticon was recently added to Facebook's IM feature and it features a cute and cuddly little penguin. Some quick facts: Penguins can't fly but they use their wings to swim at about 24 kilometers per hour (that's 15 mph). They live in the southern hemisphere and hunt for fish or squids. Use the shortcut to use this cool little bird in facebook chat. Be careful not to mix the penguin and shark smileys together, things will probably not end well!

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User comments (47)

Anonymous said:11 Jun '17

It works for me. No problems here.

Anonymous said:20 Jul '16

Penguin Emojis

Anna-Rose said:04 Oct '14

Love them, but how do I send then to my mail box page?

Anonymous said:22 Sep '14

Do you need to enter it using a phone/laptop or does it work for kindle? I tried but no luck.

Anonymous said:05 Jul '14

robot smiley not working

Anonymous said:09 Jun '14

any more smileys?? cuz i think there are more

Anonymous said:08 Jan '14

@(*.*)@ Just trying

Mama Kristin said:04 Jan '14

Penguin emoji does work on statuses.

none your business said:13 Dec '13

All of them work with me except the robot icon and the putnam icon.

dallas said:13 Oct '13

Nice. they work (^^^)

P Murray said:04 Oct '13

how do u do a camo one?

Anonymous said:28 May '13

Penguin works if you copy and paste the shortcut code in the yellow box above

Anonymous said:29 Mar '13

Great site.....Very useful...

carenurse said:21 Feb '13

the penguin does only work for chat not on statuses

michelle said:17 Feb '13

great site, very useful -using it alot on facebook -love it

feebs32 said:07 Feb '13

i love this site click here for more sites

Anonymous said:20 Jan '13


Anonymous said:20 Jan '13

It does work! < ( " ) with no spaces!

EksDiijAs said:21 Dec '12

LOL just like this try it with no spaces guys :) ------>

Anonymous said:14 Dec '12

The penguin shortcut code doesn't work...

Anonymous said:03 Dec '12

@(*.*)@ here's a monkey smiley face. try to uses it on fb chat or facebook status.

Birds said:29 Nov '12

(o< <º))))><

if you wanted to know how to make an emoticon eating fish on fb chat this is the one.

Anonymous said:18 Nov '12

Penguin doesn't work for me either on posts, only in private messages, no spaces, tried a few different times... still only works in messages :-(

Anonymous said:13 Oct '12

it works use no spaces

Anonymous said:13 Oct '12

penguin doesn't work, PERIOD

Hako said:09 Jun '12

for it to work in the posts as well, you have to get the codes for it. I mean html codes which you can get them by clicking its "codes" box on the same page for each smiley and emoticon.

Emma Muffin said:08 Jun '12

WoW SO MANY...............

Anonymous said:07 Jun '12

It seems it works only for IM, not in posts.

Anonymous said:09 Apr '12

if it does not work... i dunno!

Anonymous said:09 Apr '12

works for me!!! people who r having trouble do the same u r doing but wid no spaces

Anonymous said:03 Jan '12

(:x ..........llll

Pink4Babe said:22 Jul '11

There's No Space In the Penguin Btw (: x

Cameron said:21 Jul '11

lone ago there's a bla bla bla!

Cameron said:21 Jun '11

Your Not JB! Haa, && Oh Catch Me In My New Movie Bad Teacher. Sincerely!(:* Me..

SoFeA nAtHrIyZa said:21 Dec '10

please create a new face please !!!

Anonymous said:01 Aug '10

My friend said she sees the penguin, but it doesn't show on my page???

Anonymous said:01 Aug '10

Do you have to download them for them to work?

justin bieber said:25 Jul '10

its good! i know all of justin bieber. i hope you can learn all of them- thanks!

Bender said:21 Jun '10

Just go here to view the robot emote!

Anonymous said:21 Jun '10

what are the keyboard shortcuts to create a robot emoticon?

PinkчBabe said:21 May '10

Theres No Space In The Penguin Btw (: x

Chandana said:06 May '10

use it. it works.

Anonymous said:06 Apr '10

the penguin one wont work... :(

babybluee said:14 Mar '10

i know. same, i cant see it.

Anonymous said:11 Mar '10

I can't do the penguin either

Anonymous said:28 Feb '10

yes there is a penguin to do you have to do this:

Anonymous said:27 Feb '10

I can't do the penguin. Is there really a penguin to make?

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Suggested shortcut: <(")
Tags: Penguin, Bird
Filename: penguin.gif

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Its a GIF image measuring 16 by 16 pixels and has 119 colors.

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