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Kiss Facebook Emoticon

Kiss emoticon for facebook
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Shortcut code: :*

Girl sending a kiss and a wink. Romantic and love related emoticons are very common in just about every chat service and Facebook is no exception. Many couples use Facebook as an easy way to keep in touch with each other, you can use this cute little smiley to send a virtual kiss over the Internet. This facebook chat emoticon uses an asterisk to represent the puckered lips. An additional keyboard shortcut is to add a nose: :-*. You may find it easiest to type this code by holding the left shift key and using your right hand to type the characters.

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User comments (100)

Anonymous said:15 Feb (22:20)

dsdsdsdsdsdsdsds :-*

Anonymous said:09 Feb (11:20)

:-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

Anonymous said:22 Jan (02:20)

Lots of Love

kissing said:18 Jan (10:55)

I think this is for a kiss face.

Anonymous said:30 Dec '14

Thanks for the help!

Anonymous said:15 Dec '14

:-* thanks for the kiss

Anonymous said:13 Dec '14

Let's try this :-)*

Anonymous said:13 Dec '14

Will this work? :-*

Anonymous said:27 Nov '14

lol I love to do emotions in fb thanks for :-*

Anonymous said:24 Nov '14

Is this a kiss?

Anonymous said:19 Nov '14

So Kiss me Kiss me;)

Anonymous said:03 Nov '14

Thanks for the :-*

Anonymous said:01 Nov '14

I can send it to a girl I like!

Anonymous said:30 Oct '14

Anonymous thanks for the symbols ...hehehe... Now I have kissing symbol so I give you my kiss :-*

Anonymous said:09 Oct '14

:-* A kiss from me to you my love!

Anonymous said:02 Oct '14

:-* thank you for the kiss honey!

Anonymous said:19 Sep '14

It's cool to be the one!

ZAIL AL JAAN said:16 Sep '14

:* :* :*
It's easy for the kiss but how can put a gun symbol?

Shelly said:15 Sep '14

:-* see ya thanks for the help

Anonymous said:08 Sep '14

:* Love it guys

Anonymous said:08 Sep '14

:* ha ha ha

Anonymous said:03 Sep '14

:* :*

newlearner said:15 Aug '14

thank you :* I am happier now that I know how to baffle the others :)

Anonymous said:12 Aug '14

:* hit me up boys. a girl right here ;)

Anonymous said:30 Jul '14

ha ha ha ha

kiss said:09 Jul '14

The ability to kiss and the pleasure we get from kissing our loved ones are among the most amazing gifts God has given us. A survival instinct u may say.

Anonymous said:29 Jun '14


Anonymous said:22 Jun '14

:$ what is that? please answer.

rz said:20 May '14

:-* :*

Anonymous said:15 May '14

here is one for u :-*

Anonymous said:14 May '14


Anonymous said:23 Apr '14

why it is called Girl sending kiss?
what about the boys...;p

Anonymous said:22 Apr '14

:* a kiss for team! LOL

hasan said:20 Apr '14

testing mmmmmm :-*

Anonymous said:18 Apr '14

I want to know how it works;) someone should kiss me!

Anonymous said:06 Apr '14

Love u loads baby!

Anonymous said:29 Mar '14

It works perfectly on facebook.

Anonymous said:24 Mar '14

It's actually good.

Anonymous said:01 Mar '14

awesome, really very nice.

qamar ali said:24 Feb '14


ravi said:21 Feb '14

That was awesome. Super. I love u!

sam said:09 Feb '14

how can put a kiss symbol?

Anonymous said:09 Feb '14

;* let's see if this works

Anonymous said:05 Feb '14

:-* does this work? Does anyone know if there is a shortcut list so I can just type it in and get the cartoon emoticons... similar to what the smiley and wink are like?

Anonymous said:03 Feb '14

:-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

john said:02 Feb '14

I need hot kiss hug naked symbols

Anonymous said:26 Jan '14

: - * lets c if it works

Anonymous said:20 Jan '14

:-* does it work lets seeee

Anonymous said:13 Jan '14

:* lets see if this works

marwa said:13 Jan '14

i want new one lips kiss sambol

marwa said:13 Jan '14

i want kiss emotion sambol 4 my fb

Anonymous said:06 Jan '14

how do you make a kissing icon on facebook

Anonymous said:31 Dec '13

can we make a kiss icon on facebook ?

Anonymous said:23 Dec '13

how do u do a blow fly kiss emoticon

Anonymous said:28 Nov '13

(kiss) (kiss) (kiss)

Anonymous said:27 Nov '13

I want new smileys on facebook.

Anonymous said:20 Nov '13

:-* want to see what this looks like

Anonymous said:11 Nov '13

How do you do a kiss?

Anonymous said:05 Nov '13

i had a comment with a smiley that was a wink with kiss lips and a small heart in the corner of the face. How do you do that?

Anonymous said:22 Oct '13

:* Hope it works out for you.

Anonymous said:22 Oct '13

♥ Hope it works out for you.

fie said:15 Oct '13

[] (kiss) hope it works

fie said:15 Oct '13

(Hand Clap) hope it works

Anonymous said:04 Oct '13


Anonymous said:02 Oct '13

:* seeing if it works

Anonymous said:29 Sep '13

How do u do a kiss for facebook emotions?

Anonymous said:24 Sep '13

:-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

Anonymous said:23 Sep '13

:* ........looks like it doesn't work from everyone else's posts

Parvez said:17 Sep '13

salam to all friends

Anonymous said:13 Sep '13

guys there are a lot of kiss faces for facebook chat and status which I found under the "text" section of this site. go there you'll find other smiley faces too. most of them are cool. Well done! but why did you place them somewhere that we can't see from here?? maybe placing a link from this page to the kiss page of text emoticons will do good. THANKS!!!

Anonymous said:05 Sep '13

:-* :* testing it out

Anonymous said:05 Sep '13

:-* trying it out

Anonymous said:28 Aug '13

:* just trying it.let's see if it'll works

Anonymous said:16 Aug '13

I didn't find the one i was expecting :'(

Anonymous said:14 Aug '13

:-* ok, so let's see if this works.

Anonymous said:14 Aug '13

How to make lips kissing?

Anonymous said:12 Aug '13

How do you make a blowing kiss?

Anonymous said:10 Aug '13

:-* (please add more text comment)

Anonymous said:30 Jul '13

hi friends! how r u all?

Anonymous said:04 Jul '13

:-* very cute. I wish there were more of these.

Anonymous said:03 Jul '13

want to know how to send a smiley on comments since there is no emotion option.

Dayana jose said:28 Jun '13

Super i love u very much

Ramya said:28 Jun '13


Anonymous said:23 Jun '13

thank you...gr8 website.

rosie said:20 Jun '13

this site is mwaaaaaah. l like it very much

Anonymous said:20 Jun '13

this site is very cool. yes it is true that facebook helps a couple or anyone to be touch with one another. this site is very cool for girls. i defenitely like this site

Anonymous said:20 Jun '13

i like this page and understood how to kiss

carona said:14 Jun '13

kiss are heavenand make me feel so happy can think of getting one now

Anonymous said:14 Jun '13

:-* so that's how it's done.

Anonymous said:14 Jun '13

:* sweet ,georgeous jpt

Anonymous said:11 Jun '13

:-* muaw...

Anonymous said:04 Jun '13

:-* thanks so much!!

Anonymous said:30 May '13


mkm said:27 May '13

:* :-* that's nice mwaaaaah

Anonymous said:24 May '13


Anonymous said:21 May '13

:-* mmmmmm mwaaaaaah

Anonymous said:19 May '13

:-* love everyone! Muwawaa

Anonymous said:04 May '13

:-* yeah... kiss keyboard emoticon face (look sideways with your head tilted to the left)

Anonymous said:28 Apr '13

:* hey i love u so much i could kiss u

secy boy said:25 Apr '13

hey i love u so much i could kiss u

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