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Seasons and weather emoticons

All emoticons and smileys related to the weather and seasons of the year are included here.

cool sun smiley
Cool Sun
hot sun smiley
Hot Sun
sunscreen smiley
air fan smiley
Air Fan
freezing cold smiley
Freezing Cold
making a snow man smiley
Making a Snow Man
skier smiley
making snow angel smiley
Making Snow Angel
catching snowflakes smiley
Catching Snowflakes
knitting smiley
snowball fight smiley
Snowball Fight
cool skater smiley
Cool Skater
hanging decorations smiley
Hanging Decorations
winter clothing smiley
Winter Clothing
ski girl smiley
Ski Girl
skiing smiley
frozen in ice smiley
Frozen in Ice
sledding smiley
window smiley
winter period smiley
Winter Period
singing in the rain smiley
Singing In The Rain
partly cloudy smiley
Partly Cloudy
raining smiley
appearing rainbow  smiley
Appearing Rainbow
umbrella on windy day smiley
Umbrella on Windy day
autumn season smiley
Autumn Season
rain umbrella smiley
Rain umbrella
rainy cloud smiley
Rainy Cloud
windy smiley
partly cloudy smiley
Partly Cloudy
thunderstorms smiley
rainy smiley
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Recent Comments:

I have Astraphobia, as in extreme fear of storms.

in thunderstorms on 23 Jul, 2021

Oh these sun emojis are so funny and appropriate but how to download them?

in hot sun on 20 Jan, 2020

Maybe you can also create a knitting emoji for chats. Any reason why I can't...

in knitting on 19 Sep, 2018

Why not rain cloud?

in rain cloud on 17 May, 2018

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