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Winter Emoticons

The snow can be a lot of fun, show how much you love it using these free graphics. We hope you enjoy using these animations and clipart.

peeing in the snow smiley
Peeing In The Snow
freezing cold smiley
Freezing Cold
sick in bed smiley
Sick In Bed
fever and sick smiley
Fever And Sick
winter cold smiley
Winter Cold
hot coffee smiley
Hot coffee
knitting smiley
messy sneeze smiley
Messy Sneeze
making snow angel smiley
Making Snow Angel
winter clothing smiley
Winter Clothing
dripping nose smiley
Dripping Nose
skiing smiley
skier smiley
snowball fight smiley
Snowball Fight
frozen in ice smiley
Frozen in Ice
air fan smiley
Air Fan
ice skater smiley
Ice Skater
making a snow man smiley
Making a Snow Man
winter period smiley
Winter Period
snow day smiley
Snow Day
snowboarding smiley
ski girl smiley
Ski Girl
sledding smiley
curling smiley
catching snowflakes smiley
Catching Snowflakes
cool skater smiley
Cool Skater
window smiley
hanging decorations smiley
Hanging Decorations
diving into water penguin smiley
Diving into Water Penguin
cold smiley
snow smiley
snow flake smiley
Snow Flake
snow flake 2 smiley
Snow Flake 2
snow flake 4 smiley
Snow Flake 4
snow flake 3 smiley
Snow Flake 3
snow flake 5 smiley
Snow Flake 5

There are 36 emoticons in the Winter Emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

snow day is number 1655.

in snow day on 18 Nov, 2021

Please make more ice skating emoticons like this - it's great!!

in ice skater on 04 Sep, 2020

Maybe you can also create a knitting emoji for chats. Any reason why I can't...

in knitting on 19 Sep, 2018


in peeing in... on 05 Jan, 2018

I enjoyed your emoticons; They made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

in knitting on 20 Aug, 2017
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