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All the graphics relating to religion, spirituality and zen are in this section. We hope you like these animated emoticons and smileys. All the clipart graphics are free to download. Enjoy and have fun!

angelic smiley
angel with wings smiley
Angel with wings
angel with halo bowing down smiley
Angel with halo bowing down
angel with halo smiley
Angel with halo
jumping angel smiley
Jumping Angel
angel praying smiley
Angel Praying
angel smiley smiley
Angel Smiley
angel smiley smiley
Angel Smiley
winking devil smiley
Winking Devil
devil wiggling eyebrows smiley
Devil wiggling eyebrows
angry devil smiley
Angry Devil
fiery devil smiley
Fiery Devil
laughing devil smiley
Laughing Devil
little devil smiley
Little Devil
nun smiley
bethlehem star smiley
Bethlehem star
priest performing baptism smiley
Priest Performing Baptism
mother praying with daughter in bed smiley
Mother Praying with Daughter in Bed
flying nun smiley
Flying Nun
crucifix glowing smiley
Crucifix Glowing
gleaming silver jesus fish smiley
Gleaming Silver Jesus Fish
christian glowing cross smiley
Christian Glowing Cross
jesus leading flock of sheep smiley
Jesus Leading Flock of Sheep
gold cross smiley
Gold Cross
he is risen! smiley
He is Risen!
gold jesus fish smiley
Gold Jesus Fish
10 commandments smiley
10 Commandments
revolving cross smiley
Revolving Cross
angel 1 smiley
Angel 1
angel 2 smiley
Angel 2
angel 3 smiley
Angel 3
christmas angel smiley
Christmas Angel
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To let people no about God

in gold cross on 03 Nov, 2018

Ahhhhhh, I've had "Yoga Meditate" as part of my signature line on my emails...

in meditate on 11 Oct, 2018

Love the praying emoji section. Prayer ...

in jumping angel on 18 Sep, 2018

God bless

in angel praying on 24 Aug, 2018

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