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Christianity emoticons

All of the smileys and emoticons relating to the Christian faith are in this section. We hope you like them. Please feel free to share these free animations and clipart graphics with your friends and family.

nun smiley
good luck smiley
Good luck
jesus leading flock of sheep smiley
Jesus Leading Flock of Sheep
flying nun smiley
Flying Nun
prayer smiley
pope smiley
he is risen! smiley
He is Risen!
gesturing nun smiley
Gesturing Nun
gold jesus fish smiley
Gold Jesus Fish
cross smiley
christian glowing cross smiley
Christian Glowing Cross
gold cross smiley
Gold Cross
revolving cross smiley
Revolving Cross
gleaming silver jesus fish smiley
Gleaming Silver Jesus Fish
mother praying with daughter in bed smiley
Mother Praying with Daughter in Bed
priest performing baptism smiley
Priest Performing Baptism
crucifix glowing smiley
Crucifix Glowing
happy easter! smiley
Happy Easter!
angel 2 smiley
Angel 2
angel 3 smiley
Angel 3
christmas angel smiley
Christmas Angel
bethlehem star smiley
Bethlehem star
angel wings smiley
Angel Wings
10 commandments smiley
10 Commandments
angel 1 smiley
Angel 1
jesus fish smiley
Jesus Fish
church smiley
dove 2 smiley
Dove 2
wood cross smiley
Wood Cross
bible 1 smiley
Bible 1
gold cross 2 smiley
Gold Cross 2
fish 2 smiley
Fish 2
star smiley
small angel smiley
Small Angel
celtic cross smiley
Celtic Cross
bible 2 smiley
Bible 2
ark smiley
boy angel smiley
Boy Angel
dove 1 smiley
Dove 1
place of worship smiley
Place Of Worship
girl angel smiley
Girl Angel
i.h.s. smiley
fish 1 smiley
Fish 1
russian cross smiley
Russian Cross
silver cross smiley
Silver Cross
halo smiley
star of jacob smiley
Star Of Jacob
trinity circles smiley
Trinity Circles
chi rho smiley
Chi Rho

There are 49 emoticons in the Christianity emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

I would love to have just these as my emoticons. I would give up the rest...

in priest... on 12 Apr, 2020

I want Jesus risen emoji.

in priest... on 15 Feb, 2020

Wow, just had to delete my comments eh?

in flying nun on 14 Jan, 2020

Love the flying nun emoji!

in nun on 26 Dec, 2019

I would love to find an emoticons of an angel like the one praying; this one...

in angel 3 on 09 Sep, 2019
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