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Jesus Leading Flock of Sheep Emoticon

Jesus Leading Flock of Sheep animated emoticon
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Where do you go for a favourable leading smiley? No other webpage than this one! Have you got any questions about this sheep smiley? you can ask about it in the comments below. Hopefully another visitor will get back to you!

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User comments (15)

Anonymous said:13 Jul '19

Hi, after making an emoji what is the best format to save an emoji? As png or any other format? And how can I add it on my phone?

Anonymous said:12 Apr '19

Can someone answer the questions about how to get them on FB posts please?

Cindy said:19 Jun '18

Spiritual Emoticons and Emojis
I have an Apple IPAD and don't understand what I need to do to copy these onto my keyboard. Duh!! A major rookie. Could you please tell me??? Thank you.

Anonymous said:23 Feb '18

How do I post this to my friends?

Dale said:01 Dec '17

I enjoy having Santa and all the imaginary stuff that goes along with Christmas. But, the holiday is CHRISTmas. I believe the two can co-exist during this special season. But, personally, I emphasize the birth of Jesus more and millions of other people do also. So, maybe you can create a suitable emoticon. Thanks!

Mark Tthompson said:24 Aug '17

That's very good to see good emoji faces about God and Jesus and religion.

Christian Emoji said:27 Jul '17

How does one download these super Christian emojis please?

Anonymous said:14 Mar '17

How do I get these religious emojis to my computer? Do I have to pay a fee or is this free? Thank you for your service.

Diane said:14 Feb '17

How do I get the Jesus-Sheep to my facebook posts?

Diane said:14 Feb '17

Please tell me how to add this to my emoticons.

Anonymous said:18 Sep '16

God and his son Jesus are Awesome!

David said:18 Aug '16

I would like these added to my emojis.

Anonymous said:08 Jun '16

A baby Jesus emoji is needed. Thanks!

Rosie said:27 May '16

making a flip sided Jesus/Satan

Would it be possible to make a Jesus imaged face that either flips or rotates to a Satan image? Would so love one of those for my 'Fake-Faithful' preaching hard-wired religious folks to enjoy!

Anonymous said:09 Jun '14

I really like these! great!!!

Details for jesus leading flock of sheep

Suggested shortcut: ;jesus
Tags: leading, sheep, jesus, christianity, religious
Filename: jesus-leading-flock-of-sheep-smiley-emoticon.gif

  • The Jesus Leading Flock of Sheep emoticon is Animated
  • Jesus Leading Flock of Sheep icon file size: 51.34 kB (52570)
  • Added on 12 February, 2014
  • Last commented on 13 July, 2019
  • Emoticon category: Religion and Spirituality emoticons

'Jesus Leading Flock of Sheep' is animated in 10 frames, the animation is 1.5 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 150 by 101 pixels and has 231 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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Codes for Jesus Leading Flock of Sheep

To use the Jesus Leading Flock of Sheep icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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