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Babies and Kids emoticons

All emoticons and smileys of babies or children are kept in this section. This is the right place if you're looking for graphics or animations of kids. We hope you like the icons we have provided for you!

middle finger baby smiley
Middle Finger Baby
cheerful dancing baby smiley
Cheerful Dancing Baby
baby waving bye bye smiley
Baby Waving Bye Bye
baby monkey waving smiley
Baby Monkey Waving
baby banana smiley
Baby banana
peeing baby smiley
Peeing Baby
yeah baby smiley
Yeah Baby
baby seal smiley
Baby Seal
baby pooping smiley
Baby Pooping
cute baby smiley
Cute Baby
no! no! baby smiley
NO! NO! Baby
crying baby smiley
Crying Baby
flying stork carrying a baby smiley
Flying Stork Carrying a Baby
happy 4th of july smiley
Happy 4th of July
school bus smiley
School Bus
loving family smiley
Loving Family
i love my family smiley
I Love My Family
baby pulling out long tongue flap smiley
Baby Pulling out Long Tongue Flap
little angel waves smiley
Little Angel Waves
evil baby fire eyes smiley
Evil Baby Fire Eyes
love u mom smiley
Love U Mom
i love you mom smiley
I Love You Mom
happy baby elephant smiley
Happy Baby Elephant
grandpa and child smiley
Grandpa and Child
scary painting smiley
Scary Painting
tantrum cry smiley
Tantrum Cry
baby wants milk smiley
Baby Wants Milk
baby heart valentine's day smiley
Baby Heart Valentine's Day
family smiley
feeding the baby smiley
Feeding the Baby
i want my mommy smiley
I Want My Mommy
sad baby smiley
Sad Baby
baby feeding smiley
Baby Feeding
escaping chick smiley
Escaping chick
girl smiley

There are 35 emoticons in the Babies and Kids emoticons pack.

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