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Evil and cruel emoticons

Show your evil and mean side with these emoticons and smileys! These animations depict some really cruel intentions and behaviors, but we hope that you find them expressive or even funny.

evil penguin slap smiley
Evil Penguin Slap
throat cut smiley
Throat cut
mr burns evil laugh smiley
Mr Burns Evil Laugh
whipping smiley
laughing devil smiley
Laughing Devil
evil smiley smiley
Evil Smiley
devil troll smiley
Devil Troll
spraying graffiti smiley
Spraying Graffiti
scornful smiley
slapping penguin smiley
Slapping Penguin
evil grin smiley
Evil Grin
evil penguin smiley
Evil Penguin
throwing darts smiley
Throwing Darts
bully smiley
chainsaw smiley
devil man rage attack smiley
Devil Man Rage Attack
bully smiley
voodoo smiley
sneaky smiley
little devil smiley
Little Devil
mean devil smiley
Mean Devil
slap penguin smiley
Slap Penguin
evil baby fire eyes smiley
Evil Baby Fire Eyes
ninja  smiley
mean smiley
feeling evil smiley
Feeling Evil
black heart smiley
Black Heart
turkey revenge smiley
Turkey Revenge
devil roasting smiley
Devil Roasting
flattered look smiley
Flattered Look
drooling in anticipation smiley
Drooling in Anticipation
wicked tomato waving smiley
Wicked Tomato Waving
evil hockey player smiley
Evil Hockey Player
egg slicer smiley
Egg Slicer
fiery devil smiley
Fiery Devil
impressed devil smiley
Impressed Devil
villainous smiley
pulling a wedgie smiley
Pulling a Wedgie
what? smiley
i'm gonna get you! smiley
I'm Gonna Get You!

There are 40 emoticons in the Evil and cruel emoticons pack.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone

in turkey revenge on 25 Nov, 2021

1) Control + click on the emoticon (Mac). 2) Select 'save image as'....

in mr burns... on 04 May, 2021

Penguin 1: bro you seen my 20 dollar bill? Penguin 2: yeah I spent it on...

in evil penguin... on 23 Apr, 2021

Miss Tillie Did It !!!!!

in spraying... on 15 Mar, 2021

wow that is great ha ha

in feeling evil on 23 Oct, 2020
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