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Islam emoticons

These are all of our Islamic emoticons and smileys. We hope you enjoy these free Muslim and Islamic animations and graphics. Have fun!

arabic symbol allahu akbar smiley
Arabic Symbol Allahu akbar
muslim smiley
arabic symbol allah smiley
Arabic Symbol Allah
arabic symbol shoukran smiley
Arabic Symbol Shoukran
arabic text smiley
Arabic text
muslim woman smiley
Muslim Woman
eid greeting smiley
Eid Greeting
word of allah smiley
Word Of Allah
muslim man smiley
Muslim Man
arabic symbol forgiveness smiley
Arabic Symbol Forgiveness
in the name of allah smiley
In The Name Of Allah
new moon smiley
New Moon
peace be upon him smiley
Peace Be Upon Him
arabic symbol hand of god smiley
Arabic Symbol Hand of God
mosque smiley
god is great smiley
God Is Great
koran smiley
in the name of allah 2 smiley
In The Name Of Allah 2
quality of allah smiley
Quality Of Allah
koran 2 smiley
Koran 2

There are 20 emoticons in the Islam emoticons pack.

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