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Sexy Lip Bite Emoticon

Sexy Lip Bite emoticon

The image is of an individual biting the lower lip. The person is expressing a feeling of enjoyment, that is sexual in nature. "Oh I love how that feels baby!".

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User comments (8)

anthony said:11 Mar 2024 (08:36)

I felt the world around me split in seconds; The sun, the air, and god, and me, harrowed by the swarm, picked away like pupils in the dark
But every night as every eyelid dies, they grasp at silken moonlight filtered though the blinds, holding on to that which burns within an aching life
This is only a left hook, headlights peering in
This is a breath without lungs
I walk a street lit by lightning bugs as the sun starts to curve toward a forest of fireworks beyond the expanse of night
I hold this all in my hands
I hold this all in my hands

Anonymous said:15 Sep '21

i can feel the world crumbling around me

Anonymous said:30 Jun '21

Why you gotta be such a Sussy little Baka?

Anonymous said:07 Feb '21

It's awesome emoji!

Sexy blue emoji fan said:22 Jan '21

Saw this and made me ..... I wanna ....!

Anonymous said:21 Jan '21

God! That's a hot as hell sexy emoji!

computer said:01 Nov '20

just nutted in da potato salad

ms heartstringsā¤ļæ said:01 Aug '14

It's sort of dirty...what if a 4 year-old saw it?

Details for sexy lip bite

Suggested shortcut: ;lip
Tags: lower, steamy, titillating, erotic, racy, lip, sexual, bite, facial expression, sexy, hot
Filename: sexy-lip-bite-smiley-emoticon.png

  • The Sexy Lip Bite emoticon is Static
  • Sexy Lip Bite icon file size: 13.89 kB (14223)
  • Added on 02 February, 2014
  • Last commented on 11 March, 2024
  • Emoticon category: Emoticon sets

It's a PNG image measuring 97 by 106 pixels and is a true color icon (full colors), it also supports a transparent background.

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