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These emoticons are all playing games of some kind: videogames, card games or even board games. We hope you enjoy these free graphics and animations as much as the smiley faces are enjoying playing!

running mario smiley
Running Mario
ninja  smiley
video game smiley
Video Game
video games smiley
Video Games
super mario smiley
Super Mario
gamer smiley
poker face smiley
Poker Face
poker smiley
old people playing chess smiley
Old People Playing Chess
chess smiley
playing a game of pool smiley
Playing a Game of Pool
music playing smiley
Music Playing

There are 12 emoticons in the Games Emoticons pack.

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in chess on 26 Aug, 2017

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in super mario on 31 Dec, 2016

Can I use this video game emoji on facebook?

in video games on 30 Jul, 2016

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