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Free Christmas smiley faces

Our collection of Christmas smiley faces keeps growing and now we have added even more! Check out this latest batch that has has been added. All of it is free for everyone to use, so browse around and find the perfect emoticon. We now have hundreds of animated xmas emoticons and we hope you like them!

robbing santa emoticon
Robbing Santa
joy to the world emoticon
Joy to the world
christmas angel emoticon
Christmas Angel
milk and cookies emoticon
Milk and Cookies
caroling emoticon
happy santa emoticon
Happy Santa
santa penguin emoticon
Santa Penguin
gingerbread emoticon
smiley with xmas tree emoticon
Smiley with Xmas Tree
santa in chimney emoticon
Santa in chimney
angry santa baby emoticon
Angry Santa Baby
santas cheer emoticon
Santas Cheer
little reindeer emoticon
Little reindeer
tis the season emoticon
Tis the Season
santa's mail emoticon
Santa's mail
giving christmas present emoticon
Giving Christmas Present
happy reindeer emoticon
Happy Reindeer
smiley snowman emoticon
Smiley snowman
joy to the world elf emoticon
Joy To The World Elf
blown fuse emoticon
Blown Fuse
photo with santa emoticon
Photo with Santa
presents under xmas tree emoticon
Presents under Xmas tree
stacked presents emoticon
Stacked Presents
north pole emoticon
North pole
bad gift emoticon
Bad Gift
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Recent Comments:

Was Santa nice to you this Christmas?!

in 3d santa claus on 23 Jan, 2022

I'll never be on my own all year round I've got you lot to make me smile and...

in santa... on 11 Dec, 2021

Happy Holidays to Kuka’s CMM Guys! Happy Holidays 😆 May the New Year Be...

in rude santa... on 04 Dec, 2021

These Christmas Lights emojis are lovely! Is there a way to make these...

in christmas... on 02 Dec, 2021

oh no santa you not me here .

in santa claus on 30 May, 2021
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