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Animated Christmas emoticons

Looking for some cool smileys and Christmas animations this Holiday season? Take a look at the free graphics we have got on this page. We truly hope that these animated emoticons will bring cheer to your holiday season. Enjoy!

opening present emoticon
Opening present
xmas drummer emoticon
Xmas drummer
running reindeer emoticon
Running Reindeer
santa emoticon
santa playing the sax emoticon
Santa Playing the Sax
holiday in the sun emoticon
Holiday in the Sun
kissing under the mistletoe emoticon
Kissing Under The Mistletoe
present giving emoticon
Present giving
christmas candy emoticon
Christmas Candy
snowman smiley emoticon
Snowman smiley
xmas wave emoticon
Xmas wave
santa claus sleeping emoticon
Santa Claus Sleeping
wreath emoticon
santa wave emoticon
Santa Wave
santa sneaking emoticon
Santa sneaking
3d elf emoticon
3D Elf
santa eating cookies emoticon
Santa eating cookies
santa stuck in chimney emoticon
Santa stuck in chimney
jumping santa emoticon
Jumping Santa
seasons greetings emoticon
Seasons Greetings
gingerbread man emoticon
Gingerbread man
santa flying sled emoticon
Santa flying sled
reindeer emoticon
opening christmas gift emoticon
Opening Christmas gift
christmas carol emoticon
Christmas Carol
big santa hat emoticon
Big Santa hat
fireplace emoticon
mistletoe hat emoticon
Mistletoe hat
christmas snowman emoticon
Christmas Snowman
smiley with snowman emoticon
Smiley with snowman
elf with gifts emoticon
Elf with gifts
christmas kisses emoticon
Christmas kisses
evil snowman emoticon
Evil snowman
christmas wreath emoticon
Christmas Wreath
smiley says happy holidays emoticon
Smiley says Happy Holidays
xmas smiley emoticon
Xmas smiley
reindeer smiley face emoticon
Reindeer smiley face
santa present emoticon
Santa Present
crazy santa emoticon
Crazy Santa
glittering christmas fruitcake emoticon
Glittering Christmas Fruitcake
jolly present emoticon
Jolly Present
chimney emoticon
santa babe emoticon
Santa Babe
cool santa emoticon
Cool Santa
bad christmas present emoticon
Bad Christmas Present
noel emoticon
plugging in xmas tree emoticon
Plugging in xmas tree
christmas kiss emoticon
Christmas kiss
sweet stocking emoticon
Sweet Stocking
3d santa emoticon
3D Santa
xmas gift emoticon
xmas gift
north pole sign emoticon
North Pole sign
santas sack of presents emoticon
Santas Sack Of Presents
have you been good? emoticon
Have you been good?
jump in emoticon
Jump In
santa buddy icon emoticon
Santa Buddy Icon
wearing santa hat emoticon
Wearing Santa hat
santa jumping emoticon
Santa Jumping
santa cookies emoticon
Santa Cookies
gingerbread bite emoticon
Gingerbread Bite
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Recent Comments:

Lol you are so funny

in reindeer on 31 Oct, 2018

Be aware of those people who are covering their faces with angelic masks!

in angel on 02 Jun, 2018

Can these Holiday emojis and emoticons be made larger?

in reindeer sleigh on 28 May, 2018

love the Xmas emojis! Cannot figure out how to get them... I am on an iPad ....

in rude santa... on 28 May, 2018

“Old(er) lady" needs help!! Guys your Christmas emojis and emoticons are...

in merry xmas on 24 May, 2018
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