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Gingerbread man Emoticon

Gingerbread man animated emoticon

This gingerbread man emoticon is an animated cute little Christmas icon which is unmistakably a symbol of the festivities of the Holiday season. This ginger smiley has the typical brown color and is decorated with candies and chocolates. It winks while tilting his head to the side and moves its hand to wave hi. Baking gingerbread biscuits and soft cakes is a tradition practiced by most Christians both in Europe and North America during the Holy season. Here is a ginger bread fact for you: According to the Guinness Book of records of 2009, the biggest gingerbread ever was made by Smithville Area Chamber of Commerce on December 02, 2006 in Smithville, Texas in United States of America, during the annual Festival of Lights Celebration!

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User comments (5)

Anonymous said:24 Dec '23

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

zCrimsy said:23 Dec '17

Vanessa, you can download these emotes if you are on a browser, simply right click on an emote, and then choose the 'Open Image in New Tab' option, I hope this helped you!

Vanessa said:27 Jun '17

Would Like to download these holiday emojis but don't know how.

Anonymous said:21 Jul '16

Where to get the Gingerbread men emojis from?

Anonymous said:25 Dec '13

Merry Christmas! I hope Santa was good to you! As good as this lovely gingerbread emoji! Yummy!

Details for gingerbread man

Suggested shortcut: ;ginger
Tags: Gingerbread, Ginger, Christmas, Xmas, Food
Filename: gingerbread.gif

  • The Gingerbread man emoticon is Animated
  • Gingerbread man icon file size: 17.40 kB (17816)
  • Added on 15 December, 2010
  • Last commented on 24 December, 2023
  • Emoticon category: Holiday Emoticons

'Gingerbread man' is animated in 13 frames, the animation is 1.3 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 83 by 94 pixels and has 255 colors.

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