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Zodiac emoticons

These are our astrological emoticons and smileys. They mainly consist of the various star signs and zodiac symbols. We hope you like these free animations and graphics.

cancer zodiac sign smiley
Cancer Zodiac Sign
zodiac cancer smiley
Zodiac Cancer
scorpio zodiac sign smiley
Scorpio Zodiac Sign
cancer smiley
leo zodiac smiley
Leo Zodiac
leo smiley
zodiac libra smiley
Zodiac Libra
aries zodiac sign smiley
Aries Zodiac Sign
aquarius smiley
pisces zodiac sign smiley
Pisces Zodiac Sign
scorpio smiley
aries smiley
sagittarius zodiac sign smiley
Sagittarius Zodiac Sign
zodiac sagittarius smiley
Zodiac Sagittarius
virgo zodiac sign smiley
Virgo Zodiac Sign
zodiac scorpio smiley
Zodiac Scorpio
leo sign smiley
Leo Sign
taurus zodiac sign smiley
Taurus Zodiac Sign
aquarius zodiac sign smiley
Aquarius Zodiac Sign
zodiac pisces smiley
Zodiac Pisces
capricorn zodiac sign smiley
Capricorn Zodiac Sign
taurus smiley
libra smiley
sagittarius smiley
capricorn smiley
gemini smiley
zodiac capricorn smiley
Zodiac Capricorn
zodiac taurus smiley
Zodiac Taurus
sagittarius sign smiley
Sagittarius Sign
libra zodiac sign smiley
Libra Zodiac Sign
taurus sign smiley
Taurus Sign
gemini zodiac sign smiley
Gemini Zodiac Sign
zodiac virgo smiley
Zodiac Virgo
cancer horoscope smiley
Cancer Horoscope
pisces horoscope smiley
Pisces Horoscope
sagittarius horoscope smiley
Sagittarius Horoscope
scorpio horoscope smiley
Scorpio Horoscope
scorpio sign smiley
Scorpio Sign
leo horoscope smiley
Leo Horoscope
virgo smiley
zodiac aquarius smiley
Zodiac Aquarius
zodiac gemini smiley
Zodiac Gemini
zodiac leo smiley
Zodiac Leo
virgo horoscope smiley
Virgo Horoscope
zodiac aries smiley
Zodiac Aries
libra horoscope smiley
Libra Horoscope
capricorn sign smiley
Capricorn Sign
pisces smiley
aquarius sign smiley
Aquarius Sign
taurus horoscope smiley
Taurus Horoscope
pisces sign smiley
Pisces Sign
aries horoscope smiley
Aries Horoscope
aquarius horoscope smiley
Aquarius Horoscope
libra sign smiley
Libra Sign
gemini horoscope smiley
Gemini Horoscope
aries sign smiley
Aries Sign
capricorn horoscope smiley
Capricorn Horoscope
cancer sign smiley
Cancer Sign
virgo sign smiley
Virgo Sign
gemini sign smiley
Gemini Sign

There are 60 emoticons in the Zodiac emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

Scorpio emoji is really nice. All other zodiac sign emojis are really good too.

in scorpio... on 06 Aug, 2017

Love the Zodiac emojis

in capricorn on 19 Jul, 2017

I love being a Capricorn! With how we are depicted and regarded!!

in capricorn on 15 Jun, 2016

I love all that. I am so glad to learn more about myself and who I am why I...

in capricorn... on 06 Feb, 2016


in pisces... on 21 Oct, 2015

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