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Facial Expression emoticons

These smiley faces and emoticons are useful for expressing yourself. They can communicate what you feel or mean just using their facial expressions!

puking on screen smiley
Puking on screen
nose picking smiley
Nose Picking
shaking head smiley
Shaking Head
startled smiley
confused shrug smiley
Confused shrug
nodding head smiley
Nodding Head
sexy lip bite smiley
Sexy Lip Bite
happy birthday you! smiley
Happy Birthday You!
rastafarian smiley
doctor with stethoscope smiley
Doctor with Stethoscope
dollar signs on eyes smiley
Dollar Signs on Eyes
dumb look smiley
Dumb Look
about to puke smiley
About To Puke
easter egg smiley
Easter Egg
inside a washing machine smiley
Inside a Washing machine
bunny smiley
gesturing nun smiley
Gesturing Nun
i can't look! smiley
I Can't Look!
opening a love letter smiley
Opening a Love Letter
writing a love letter smiley
Writing a Love Letter
karate smiley
blowing a kazoo smiley
Blowing a Kazoo
hot sun smiley
Hot Sun
sweet love smiley
Sweet Love
wishing a happy birthday smiley
Wishing a Happy Birthday
blushing smiley
surprised snake smiley
Surprised Snake
using shaving cream and razor smiley
Using Shaving cream and Razor
cute kitten smiling smiley
Cute Kitten Smiling
i don't know smiley
I Don't Know
eager smiley
wondering smiley
argh! smiley
pig smiley
the big boss smiley
The Big Boss
longing to find love smiley
Longing to Find Love
drawing the love sign smiley
Drawing the Love Sign
the world cup smiley
The World Cup
music on st patrick's day smiley
Music on St Patrick's Day
surprised smiley
autumn season smiley
Autumn Season
be my valentine smiley
Be My Valentine
shocked smiley
weight lifting smiley
Weight Lifting
munching smiley
bowling smiley
opening birthday gift smiley
Opening Birthday Gift
proposal ring smiley
Proposal Ring
riding a donkey smiley
Riding a Donkey
happy valentine's smiley
Happy Valentine's
sipping smiley
making a snow man smiley
Making a Snow Man
yikes! smiley
love bubbles smiley
Love Bubbles
oh well smiley
Oh Well
shy girl smiley
Shy Girl
firefighter smiley
green frog smiley
Green Frog
voodoo smiley
winter period smiley
Winter Period
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in poland fan on 02 Dec, 2021

It looks like Kirby xd

in eager on 02 Dec, 2021

i can feel the world crumbling around me

in sexy lip bite on 15 Sep, 2021

Why you gotta be such a Sussy little Baka?

in sexy lip bite on 30 Jun, 2021

So adorable! i just want to squeeze it!

in cute kitten... on 19 May, 2021
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