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Water Activities emoticons

These smileys love the water and are having a lot of fun swimming, surfing and diving!

diving board smiley
Diving Board
island smiley
fisherman smiley
sand castle smiley
Sand Castle
water skier smiley
Water Skier
surfer smiley
surfer dude smiley
Surfer Dude
splashing smiley
legs in water smiley
Legs in Water
surfing smiley

There are 10 emoticons in the Water Activities emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

You had a cute Smiley which I can't find on your site anymore... it was a...

in island on 13 Jan, 2020

This is also a good surfer emoji 🏄

in surfer on 29 Aug, 2016


in surfer dude on 21 Aug, 2015

Thought u & Craig could really identify with this. Keeping all in prayer....

in island on 20 Oct, 2014

Water and beach smileys

These smiley and emoticons are great for the summer! We hope you like them.

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