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Black Emoticons

These emoticons are very different to the other ones we have: they are made from a black color! Smileys usually come in yellow, but they can be diverse too.

startled smiley
dollar signs on eyes smiley
Dollar Signs on Eyes
scornful smiley
love is in the air smiley
Love Is In The Air
black heart smiley
Black Heart
after boom smiley
After Boom
superhero smiley
drooling in anticipation smiley
Drooling in Anticipation
nothing to say smiley
Nothing To Say
sorry smiley
super outraged smiley
Super Outraged
silly look smiley
Silly Look
big surprise smiley
Big Surprise
electrocuted smiley
crying out smiley
Crying Out
big horror smiley
Big Horror
rapper smiley
black and shocked smiley
Black and Shocked
asking smiley
unimpressed smiley
bright smiley
never mind smiley
Never Mind
not happy smiley
Not Happy
battered smiley
eyes dropped smiley
Eyes Dropped

There are 25 emoticons in the Black Emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

Is it free for me to use this Silly face emoji?

in silly look on 10 Jun, 2018

Oh great. What's wrong?

in crying out on 08 Apr, 2017

Nice one and have a good day everyone!

in black heart on 19 Dec, 2016

I love black hearts. OMG!

in black heart on 11 May, 2016

How do I download these love emojis?

in love is in... on 03 Nov, 2015

Black smiley faces

We should note that the color of these smileys has nothing to do with skin color or race. Emoticons are usually race neutral and come in a variety of colors, but predominantly in yellow. We do have some other sets in blue and khaki, if you want to try different colors.

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