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Flying Bat Emoticon

Flying Bat animated emoticon

Here is a smiley of a bat flying around. Did you know that most bats have no eyes and are blind? Emoticon bats are an exception, they have big eyes!

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User comments (12)

Steve said:17 Aug '14

All bats can see as you and I can see. You're mixed up with politicians who can't see anything that they dont agree with! WOW

Batcatcher said:03 Aug '14

Note: caught the bat gently using a tupperware container to get it out of house. Bats in this area are known to have rabies so touching is to be avoided at all costs. They can even bite through leather gloves.

Batcatcher said:03 Aug '14

Hey, I just caught a bat not 2 hours ago. They have eyes and they can see. In fact, bats see nearly as well as humans. As primarily nocturnal hunters, however, they use their sonar system to hunt and to avoid hitting things in flight.

Blind as a bat is a misnomer. If bats come out in full sunlight, it takes them a long time to accustom themselves to being able to see. Humans have the same problem if in the dark for a long time.

Anonymous said:21 Apr '14

Did you know that all bats have eyes and only a few are blind, most bats can see better than humans!

Anonymous said:08 May '13

The saying 'blind as a bat' is a misconception. Bats eyesight is fine. Since they are nocturnal hunters they use SOnar to help navigate and find prey.

pokeluva34 said:16 Jul '12

why would people say 'blind as a bat' if bats had eyes? try reading a book before posting on the net and making fools of yourselves anonymous

Anonymous said:16 Jul '12

have you not heard of blind as a bat??? moron

pokeluva34 said:16 Jul '12

if bats have eyes, then howcome zubats have no eyes? check. mate.

Anonymous said:16 Jul '12

Actually what anonymous said is true, no bats have eyes. people saying otherwise are totally misinformed and should try reading the bible, it helps :)

thecat said:17 May '12

That's not true anonymous. bats are of two types. some are blind and some aren't. just for your information!

Anonymous said:16 May '12

Like all mammals, bats have eyes. You could have said something informed & true like 'bats are the only mammal capable of free flight'.

Anonymous said:31 Dec '11

Sorry to disappoint you... but ALL bats HAVE eyes and can see with them! There is no such thing as a blind bat! Fruit eating bats have very large eyes... like your emoticon versions!

Details for flying bat

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Tags: holidays, halloween, bat
Filename: flying-bat.gif

  • The Flying Bat emoticon is Animated
  • Flying Bat icon file size: 22.93 kB (23485)
  • Added on 08 October, 2011
  • Last commented on 17 August, 2014
  • Emoticon category: Holiday Emoticons

'Flying Bat' is animated in 16 frames, the animation is 1.92 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 107 by 68 pixels and has 252 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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