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Animal animations and clip art

Animals are the main characters of scores of cartoons, books, movies, magazines which have been created for children and adults alike. Even ancient civilizations had a flare for connection with animals. For instance the Chinese lunar calendar consists of 12 animal signs. The same goes for animations and smiley face clip art, we have tons of them about animals! We hope you like these graphics.

kitten exclaim smiley
Kitten Exclaim
kitten lick smiley
Kitten Lick
kitten sorry smiley
Kitten Sorry
cat chasing tail smiley
Cat chasing tail
super cute kitten smiley
Super cute kitten
sleeping kitten smiley
Sleeping kitten
cat attack smiley
Cat attack
climbing cat smiley
Climbing cat
cat and penguins smiley
Cat and penguins
sad crying kitty smiley
Sad crying kitty
funny kitten smiley
Funny kitten
laughing kitty smiley
Laughing kitty
cat licking smiley
Cat Licking
colorful cat smiley
Colorful cat
black cat smiley
Black cat
black and white cat smiley
Black and White cat
brown cat smiley
Brown cat
cat hug and love smiley
Cat hug and love
purring cat smiley
Purring cat
meow smiley
cute purple glittering cat smiley
Cute Purple Glittering Cat
crazy eyed gray glitter cat smiley
Crazy Eyed Gray Glitter Cat
silver glitter kitty smiley
Silver Glitter Kitty
brown glitter kitty smiley
Brown Glitter Kitty
pink cat smiley
Pink Cat
kitty nap smiley
Kitty Nap
sweet kitty smiley
Sweet Kitty
female cat smiley
Female Cat
cat nap smiley
Cat Nap
fluffy white cat waving smiley
Fluffy White Cat waving
cute black cat waving smiley
Cute Black Cat waving
pink kitty purring hug smiley
Pink Kitty Purring Hug
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